Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Helpful Benefits of Using a Diaper Cloth

When I found out that I was pregnant, all I do is to go to SM Southmall's lower ground level of SM Dept Store at baby company's section to check all baby stuffs that I need for James' arrival. Since I am one excited Mama, at 5th month of pregnancy, I started to buy tie side, binders and few mittens and boots. You know? Those important stuffs. I have chosen those that doesn't have a design because I don't know the gender yet. 

Fast forward to 3 months after I gave birth, My eldest sister and I went to SM Mall of Asia for some reason. We roamed around the Baby Company section too and found these cute baby cloth diaper. I remembered my nephews having the ready made diaper cloth, I mean yung naka form na parang diaper na? Unfortunately, my Mom had a garage sale a year before I got pregnant so all of those baby stuff including those diaper clothe has been sold. My sister reiterated that I should have the cloth diaper too since it is way cheaper and of course reusable. I bought a blue patterned design and 3 cloth along with it. 

At the present time, James uses the cloth diapers on emergency cases. I am so much grateful that James seldom gets rashes. It was just recently, I figured out that he most likely to get rashes whenever I use baby wipes on him. I blogged about it here.

I forgot the brand that I bought though I bet you can see those buttons? That means they are adjustable. It even has a garter at the back for your convenience. Now let's talk about forever savings? Hehe.  

This diaper cloth was definitely helpful in times that James needed a break on his diapers especially on times that he has rashes. I remembered his baby sitter Nanay Isa telling me that he cries because of his aching rashes on his pwet daw so when I got home, I changed him to the diaper cloth and seemed to have his rashes gone fast quickly aside from the fact that the cream I put on is quite effective too (blogged about it here).

I kept his baby cloth diaper along with his everyday clothes for emergency purposes. Now I have listed down some benefits that a cloth diaper can give you.

1. Savings -  you will be spending less amount of money on diaper clothes rather than the disposable diapers right? How many disposable diapers your baby uses every day? James' approximate use are 3-4 diapers a day. Each one costs 10 pesos on retail stores while 140.00 pesos on 16 pieces per pack disposable ones. So in a month, I am approximately spends 1,000 pesos for diapers only. On the other hand, you won't feel the cost of your detergent when washing the cloth diaper since it can go along with other baby clothes. 

2. Eco - Friendly - Now this is pretty obvious. There were tons and tons of waste being thrown everyday that includes your disposed nappies. By using cloth diaper, this can be one step closer in going green. =)

3. Diaper Rash - Since these diaper cloth are made of cotton, it's 100% skin friendly. Your babies skin are most likely to breath too. Based on some studies, babies will reduce the chances of getting asthma as disposable diapers have higher amount of chemicals that causes asthma likes symptoms.

4. Potty Training - It has been said to be that babies are able to learn potty training earlier than those that are using disposable ones as these absorbs the wet for hours and would be hard for your babies to figure out that they have gone potty. This was a good point right? =)

5.  Less Inconvenience - You will spare yourself from going to the store late at night when you find out that you ran out of a disposable diaper. You have saved a gas/fare in going to the nearest store. 

Now that it has been clear, I am lucky to have a diaper cloth as I am enjoying this 5 helpful benefits. So what are you waiting for Mommies? Grab one now! You may find these on baby stores around. Go check 'em out!! =)

At this moment, James still uses a disposable diaper whenever he is with his baby sitter but for times that it was just the both of us, I prefer having him on his cloth diaper. =)

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  1. Si Rhian rin may cloth diaper, ang cute ng baby pag yun ang gamit noh.. Ang kulit ni James ha and super taba.. Pakagat nga sa hita.. :)

    1. Couple of months ago pa yang mga photos na yan Rackell. Nung mataba pa talaga sya. Ngayon nag loose ng weight dahil sa sunod sunod na sakit. =(

  2. So glad to read this.. I'm planning on using cloth diaper toooo! =D

    1. that's good to know viv!! it's a must for emergency purposes.=)

  3. curious din ako sa mga diaper cloth e. pero true cheaper nga sya than buying diapers. mukhang enjoy at comfortable naman si baby james. cute ng design a!

    1. Thanks Joy., masarap siguro sa pwet kaya comfortable sya. Kung hindi nga lang nagrereklamo sa paglalaba si Nanay eh yan na lang ang lagi nyang suot hahahaha. =)


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