Monday, August 11, 2014

Acute Gastroenteritis with Mild Dehydration

Last month, James started to poop more than twice a day. I wasn't that worried kasi the poop looks fine and Nanay said that it could have been that James is teething. Yes, he has a tooth now. Finally!! Hahaha. I'll blog about it on a different post because it is surely one of those milestones that are worth remembering right?
So going back, I didn't worry myself much about him pooping frequently.

As I have mentioned here, he got sick again with terrible coughs diba? At that same time, I mentioned to Dra. Alarcio that he was pooping couple of times a day so we were asked to have his stool examined then to give him hydrite every time he poops. I brought him back to the same clinic with Dra.Syquia to check his poop again because he has been defecating 4-5 times a day. That, and he has been vomiting too.. When he was checked, the docky said that he wasn't dehydrated pa naman and was ultimately active so we can give him hydrite muna while waiting for the result of his stool exam. In case he has acquired bacteria, then she will prescribe an antibiotic for it. Another day has passed after our visit to docky, nothing has changed. James has continued to poop and vomit almost everything that he consumed plus he became so clingy to me that I was not able to go to work. This is the moment every moms encounter where they have to weigh the situation - going to work to earn money or to be with your sick son and make sure he's well. I have chosen the second one. I am working my ass out for him so there's no way I am going to work while he was this sick. I am guilty of leaving him for work everyday while he's healthy, what more guilt will it be if I go to work while he was very sick? So wednesday night, I have decided to bring him straight to ER because he obviously lost so much weight for 5 days of smelly poops and endless vomiting. Sobrang naawa na ako sa kanya so I have decided that night to bring him to ER at 1am. I brought him to Alabang Medical Center Talon Branch since Dra. Syquia can look after him. After we have been confined,docky was notified of our arrival in the E.R and luckily the next day, she visited us to see what happened.

Docky said that I brought James in the hospital at the right time because he was starting to get dehydrated. Of course doc! Mommy instinct it is with the help of my sister, James' Tita Grace. I want him kasi na ma dextrose na sya because I will feel safe with it. Regardless kung magsuka or mag poop sya, as long as may dextrose sya, he will not get dehydrated basta diba? Also, I told to his Daddy that I can no longer take it seeing him vomiting. Sobrang nakakaawa..

We submitted another stool sample and urine too. Stool went out a little bad because they found red blood cells so James had to take antibiotic although urine went out fine.

The first attempt on making James take his medicine orally was quite a hassle, sumuka kasi sya minutes after nya mainom yung gamot eh. We have to rest for a little while and reduce his milk intake from 6oz to 2oz only. The next 2 days were lighter because he can tolerate his medicine already so on our fourth day, we were able to take him home. He gained back almost all of his weight again along wtih his kakulitan. It was really a good sign to see him happy and active again.

James is now doing great. He returned to his normal self - makulit at palangiti, along with that, the consistency of his poop is slowly going back to normal. I am one happy Mama to see him all well. =)

Also, we were told na it wasn't diarrhea daw. It was Acute Gastroenteritis with Mild Dehydration that he had. Docky also confirmed that he had an infectious bacteria in his tummy that caused him vomiting and pooping. 

 Anyway, I just want to share with you this:

I made asikaso everything that I need for Philhealth claim but I was told that what James' had was not covered daw because it was mild lang. It should be moderate to severe before it is covered or else you should pay everything. I got a little disappointed kasi it should be included specially for hospitalization kasi kaya nga sila insurance diba?? Nakakalokang tunay!! hay.. James' HMO fromour company is not effective until September so I really have to wait. I am crossing my fingers that he will no longer get sick.

Currently, I am trying to get him back to his usual 6oz milk intake. As soon as we got out, I increased it back to 4oz then now to 5oz. Hopefully in the next 2 days, it can be at 6oz ulit. I don't want na mabigla kasi yung tyan nya tapos magsuka ulit diba? =)

Thank you all for your concerns. Good thing James has recovered quite fast.


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  1. mabui nadala mo kagad sya sa hospital mommy jen. lumalaki na si baby james, nag iiba na yung itsura nya, maaga sya tinubuan ng tooth a. nakakatuwa makita diba?

    di kita matulungan sa instagram kasi wala ako nyan, same with twitter. hihi! =)

    1. Oo nga Joy eh, Thankful ako at naging ok na sya. Tingin ko nga mejo late na sya nagkaron ng tooth kasi meron kami nakasabay sa MRT na ka edad nya pero 4 na yung teeth eh. Hehe. Malaki na talaga sya joy sobrang likot na din to the max!!

      Ok lang Joy, malay mo someday magka instagram ka na din hehe,. =)

  2. ang cutiepie naman ni baby Dwayne. pampapawi talaga ng stress

    1. Thanks Donna. =) Sobrang anti stress ko yan hehe.


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