Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Sitter Woes

Wala lang, magaya ko lang ang title ng isang post ni Mommy Fleur.

You know guys, I never really had a hard time looking for someone who would take care of James when I started working because Nanay was there. She did volunteer herself naman din so don't blame me although I am 99.99% sure that my son will be in good hands. I have mentioned here in my blog that Nanay went to Surigao for some offer she can't decline so I was left without a choice to look for someone who would take care of James. Instead of looking for someone else, Nanay asked her sister from Ilo-ilo to look after us while she's away. Nanay Isa was quite fine in taking care of James naman. I like her somehow but of course there were mishaps sometimes. Oh! You know what I mean muthers!! You always have a standard for taking care of our babies diba?

So here's what happened na nga.

My sister, James' Tita Grace told me that Nanay Isa has plans on leaving us. She said that she can't look after James anymore because it's tiring for her. She even said that James' baby sitter should be a little younger than her so they can catch up with his kakulitan. I know, he is very handful now. He will be everywhere, left and right with matching eating of anything he touches. Who can you blame? He's experimenting!

Going back, Dinedma ko lang ang saying ng lola nyo na she wants to go back to the province na nga because of other things she has to do. They have this monetary benefits for their children from high school and below daw and she said she has to be there for them to claim the money of P4,000 but what she said to Tita Grace - my sister, was only P2,000. Yung totoo?

Anyway, Saturday she told me that she's going home, the next day, she left. I didn't give her any money as per my Mom's advice daw because they have a different usapan ata that Nanay Isa should wait Nanay to go back here in Manila before she goes home to Ilo-ilo which anyway didn't happen na nga. So now, I am left with no choice but to get myself absent from work na naman. I am a bit hesitant because I have been absent last week for a week when James' got hospitalized nga diba? Unfortunately too, hindi nga daw ako pinayagan na mag leave from work kasi these are the time of the year din na madami kaming trabaho.

Earlier on, I exchanged message with my sister saying James have been crying. Namamaga na nga ata ang mata sa kakaiyak. I was so worried and wanted to go home pero nasasayangan talaga ako eh. I am here, I should finish the day. I know he's fine. He's not just use with tita Grace taking care of him. He's not use being taken care of someone without a familiar face. Hayyy.. I wanted to go home. =(

I am just praying na maging succesful ang online business ko para kahit i give up ko ang day job eh keri lang. Ang hirap lang kasi talaga sa pakiramdam that you are away from your son thinking that he was crying and looking for you or someone familiar. He was sick pa naman, he has cough and colds naman ngayon. Lahat na ata ng sakit kinukuha ng batang 'to. Did your babies got sickly too before they turned 1 year old?

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Nakakatuwa nga kasi dati, binabasa ko lang yung blog ni Kikay Mommy Sha tapos ngayon, friends na kami sa instagram. hahaha. =)

Here are some photos I posted on my IG recently. 

 I was so glad I captured those 2 white little teeth successfully. 

This photo was captured days ago when he was still sick. He doesn't want to smile eh kaya nag simangot na lang ako. hehe. =)

And lastly,

This was taken earlier when I was waiting for my sister to wake up so she can look after James while I am at work. I miss him. I can imagine how he looked like. Nakakaawa kasi he's sick and wants me to be there pero I am at work - working for his future. I love you James. mwuah!

Belated happy 10th month. I'll be blogging about it soon =)


  1. naku, yaya problems will always be there. parang kakabit na nating mga mommies yan. talagang haba lang ng pasensya ang kailangan.

    1. Siguro nga Mommy Nerisa. Forever ng anjan ang mga ganyang situation no?! Hayy naku!

  2. Aawww.. Super hirap nga ng walang mag aalaga sa baby natin, minsan nga si Rhian ayaw rin sumama or umiiyak ng bongang bonga pag nasa nanay at tatay ko, ako lang makakapagpatahan sa kanya. Magiging successful yang online business mo, basta sipag at tyaga lang mommy.. :)

    1. Thank you Rackell!! Hehehe! The next day,ako nagbantay sa kanya, ang bait naman nya until earlier na nasa office ako at nag drop ng ibang binebenta ko. Masama lang ata talaga pakiramdam nya nung monday. =)


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