Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diarrhea It is =(

As of this moment, James is confined at Alabang Medical Center Talon due to diarrhea. As I have mentioned here, James has been pooping and vomitting 4-5 times a day so last night, I have decided to bring him straight to E.R. Dra. Syquia has been notified of our arrival too. I felt I have made the right decision as confirmed by docky this morning when she had her rounds. James might have been dehydrated last night. 

My little strong man! =)  
See how happy he remained? Last night he was so matamlay =( I'll soon make kwento of the details promise. Miss you all. =)

Get well soon James!!


Is it true??? No way!!!

I was browsing through my facebook page when I saw this..

May balak daw i-ban yung FSOG dito sa Philippines?

You may watch it here.

Inaabangan ko pa naman 'to =(


  1. oh,get well soon cute baby james. kaya di ka din pala nakaka pag blog mommy jen. he's so adorable pa din kahit may sakit. =)

    di naman ata nila iba ban yung FSOG, i dunno nga lang kung may part na they'll edit for viewing. hope not.

    1. Most likely editing parts or worst, rated R-18 haha, which is pasok pa rin satin. :P

    2. Chaka naman kung may editing portion!! huhu =(

    3. Oo joy di ako makapag blog dahil kay James na nasa ospital. He's fine now after 3 days na confinement. =)

  2. Hey Jen, natuloy pala ang diarrhea? Sana nothing serious. Kisses to James!
    And for the FSOG, MTRCB said they will not ban it naman. We'll have it on Feb15. :P

    1. Thanks Mayu.. Sorry di ko pa ma visit site mo mejo busy pa ako eh dahil kakalabas lang namin ni James sa hospital =)

  3. I hope your son feels better soon. Both of my kids are sick- one is being monitored for dengue. I'm still praying that it's just the flu.

    1. Oh dear! I hope your kids will get better and hindi mauwi sa dengue.. Prayers for you Kim. =)


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