Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Jo-anne + Getting Regularized at Work =)

I am happy to announce that I am now a regular employee in our company. You all probably now that I stopped working when I got pregnant with James which I somewhat a regret but hey, past is past. Hehe. So then, I am really happy that I am quite secured that I have a job and to be able to save money on James' outpatient services. One of the benefits of being a regular employee is having an HMO which can be used for outpatient and inpatient services. The only downside on this company is that I have to pay for James' benefits. He wasn't included at all unlike with those other companies I joined in years ago. Anyway, choosy pa ba ako? Eh ok naman ang trabaho ko dito plus I can blog while at work diba? San ka pa? Hehe. Pero promies ginagawa ko talaga trabaho ko ha?! Kaya wag nyo kong isumbong =)

I am really thankful that I have chosen to join this company  in January, I got to find the best officemates I could have. I mean, we definitely have our own uniqueness and age gaps (sorry sa tatamaan. Hahaha!) but we are blending very well. I found our batch really solid that we stick to each other whatever the situation in the office are. I guess pantay talaga si God in everything, He might close the door for you, but surely he left the windows and the roof open. =) I am really contented and happy that I met this people, they give me enough courage everyday and I can get to tell them my stories, they judge me? I don't know. Kunsensya na nila na i-judge ang tulad ko but I trust they don't. =)

The Batch 4 (From L-R) Ken, Jo-anne, Me, Sokey, Benj, Franz, Ate Annie and Euclid
We weren't actually complete in this photos. We were missing one, nag AWOL na kasi sya so kami na lang ang natira. It was funny because we went in the pantry kahit hindi namin break. The birthday celebrant Jo-anne doesn't know that we have a cake for her, we were waiting in the pantry while she's in the restroom, although tinawag na namin sya, sobrang tagal nya. hahaha. Nag orasyon pa kasi sa C.R. Heheh.

One of the coolest officemates I have met. Thank you guys for sticking together and chatting and laughing and chismisan and eat out and more.. I love you all =)

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*photo credits to Euclid. Thanks mah friend =)


  1. Wow, congrats Jen! God's blessing yan. :)

  2. Congratulations for being a regular employee! I know it takes effort and dedication to pass the probationary period and you're doing great for your baby James!Keep it up.

    1. It is really an effort.. a huge one hehe! Pero sulit naman, it's all for my baby eh =)


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