Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Monday everybody!!

Just wanting to share this lovely smile of my unico hijo to brighten your day too. =)

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I just have one question Mommies. When James wakes up regardless of what time of the day it is, morning nap, afternoon nap or even at night, whenever he wakes up, he cries. I can't understand why. What I usually do is give him milk maybe because he was hungry but sometimes, he will wake up crying then I have to carry him to stop then he will not sleep na. Then after couple of minutes, pag nahimasmasan na, he will be one happy kiddo naman like this photo. I was just wondering kung bakit sya naiyak.. Hmmm.. Did you have the same experience with your kids? I'll appreciate any feedback. =)


  1. hello baby james! mabuti ok na sya. ganun ata sila pag nagigising ng walang katabi, hinahanap nila yung mommy nila or yung milk. i think..hehe! =)

    1. Most likely siguro sa milk Joy no?! Pero kasi sometimes may katabi naman sya pero ganun pa din naiyak talaga sya ng bongga. Kapag kinarga naman hindi agad natigil, kelangan pang utuin hehe.

  2. Mommy Jen, I requested to follow you sa IG, pls accept ha. Hehe. :)

    1. Sige Edel, accept ko mya. Ifollow din kita hehe


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