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How to Take Care of you Baby's First Tooth

At 9 months old, James started teething. It was quite funny because we always tease him that he can sit on his own, crawl fast and walk with guidance but still, no sign of a tooth ready to show up. I think I have mentioned before that there was this baby boy na nakasabay namin sa train ng MRT that is the same age of James but this baby has a total of 4 teeth -  2 up and 2 down. Nainggit ako ng slight but as I said, it doesn't matter if it will take a while. There's no pressure after all. Parang pagpapapayat ko lang yan eh, no pressure at all. Hahaha #majubispadin.

I have noticed that James' gums started to swell a bit followed by his endless biting of anything that he touches or anything that would go close to his mouth. Sometimes, even my hand and arms will do. He'll bite, bite, bite endlessly. Probably that causes him having bacteria inside his tummy that resulted to confinement ( read here ) . There were a lot of toys that he puts inside his mouth before he got sick. Since then, all toys were kept away from James. When he touches something, I let him but on his act on putting it inside his mouth, pinipigilan ko na agad.

James at Krispy Kreme store in SM Megamall during our 2nd Dad's Team eat out.
When we had our check up for his cough and cold ( read here ), I asked Dra. Alarcio if it's because he is teething kaya sya nagtatae. Well, as she said, somehow it is, kasi the gums were kind of itchy so they try to lessen it by biting then most of the time, they would acquire some sort of virus or bacteria that causes them para magtae.For sure you have heard the 'old wives tale' na nagtatae sila because of their teething which now I know isn't the case. It was the bacteria or virus that is on the things that they touches and put inside their mouth ( read here ).

Anyhoo, I just want to share with you some photos of his tooth. I just don't know if you'll be able to see it kasi whenver I try to take a photo, ihaharang nya yung tongue nya. Like this,

See what I am saying? I also have to put  a flash kasi if not, ang likot naman nya so blurred naman yung photo. 

This is the best photo that I can get. Can you see that little white tooth over there? Hehe. Small pa lang pero ang cute cute ng tingnan. I am so happy na meron ng isa kasi what my sister told me is that sunod-sunod na daw yung iba na lalabas. I can't wait to see those 4 first set of teeth. For sure mag iiba ang mukha nya because of having teeth na.Pero Mommies, di ako nawawalan ng pag - asa, I'll take another photo para mas makita nyo. I have noticed kasi earlier this morning when he was smiling na mejo mas mataas na yung tooth compared sa nasa photo na 'to. I'll show it to you soon!! =)

I am so giddy when I found out that he's having his first tooth. I am sure all moms out there will do, specially those first time Mommies. With that, we have a greater responsibility of taking care of them most specially sa teeth nila diba? You know, it was quite a challenge for me thinking on how I would make James like brushing his tooth when it grows a little more. My teeth were kind of messed up so I want to make sure that James would grow up taking care of his teeth lalo na pag permanent teeth na nya yung lalabas. Matagal pa naman yun so for now, I'll think about his baby teeth. I have been reading online on how to properly take care of their teeth which I will list down for first time Mommies like me and Moms-to-be.

1. Cleaning of teeth. It is very important to clean our baby's mouth/gums even before the tooth shows. A clean cloth or gauze can be used with water, wrap on index finger then gently rub on baby's gums. You don't need any toothpaste yet. This part has a long term goal as it will make it easier for the baby and you to transition to tooth brush later on. 

What we usually do is to clean James' tongue and gums with a cloth during bath time to remove any milk residue on his mouth. I have not seen James having those residues until now as we make sure that he drinks water every after feeding to rinse out the remaining milk.

 2. Transition to Toothbrush. There are a lot of toothbrushes that supermarkets offer, regardless of your preferred brand, you need a toothbrush that has a small head and a grip that's suitable in your hand. Use a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste. As per, you may brush their tooth/teeth twice a day. Brush the inside and outside of each of you baby's teeth as well as the tongue to remove the bacteria that causes bad breath. You don't have to rinse because you are only using a small amount of toothpaste. 

I haven't had the chance to brush his little tooth yet as it was just now that it got a little over his gums. I have seen a silicon toothbrush that you can wear on your index finger. I am sure you have seen that too when you were shopping for your baby's stuff. I have this at home too that was handed to me by my sister though I have not used it to James yet. I forgot to check the price of it, maybe this weekend. =)

3. Food while teething. Now that they are starting to grow their teeth, you have to make sure to avoid any sweets and starchy food as this can contribute to tooth decay. Also, don't put your baby to sleep with bottle of milk, juice and sweetened liquid. This feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. It can also happen to a breastfed baby that has a pooling milk around his teeth when they go to sleep. 

I was so pissed one time seeing James eating lollipop!! Imagine?? Lollipop for 9 month old baby! OMG. I was so annoyed I immediately took it from James and throw it. I had him drink his water to rinse of the taste. Since it was too sweet, James' seemed to enjoy it but I don't. As much as possible, I don't want James having sweets yet or anything like junk food. I am trying my best to avoid my relatives to give him one although it annoys me thinking that they might give one when I am at work. Arrgh!!Hope not!

4. Fluoride. This is a mineral that strengthens the tooth enamel and making our teeth resistant to acids and harmful bacteria preventing tooth decay. Your baby can have a little fluoride through their milk if the water used for it contains these. Too much of fluoride though, will cause fluorosis which causes a white spot on your baby's adult teeth so you have to make sure to use only a tiny amount of toothpaste until they learn to rinse and spit it out. 

I have seen my nephews using a specialized toothpaste for kids that are available in groceries too. I haven't had the chance to check its content. I'll let you know for sure if I'll do. =)

5. Meeting the Dentist. It is ideal to bring your child to a dentist by his first birthday to check any problem that your pediatrician can't diagnose. This will also help to identify if their tooth are coming in normally and this will surely give comfort to your baby in visiting dentists often as they will get use to seeing them.

Since James will have a health card coming from the company I am working with, I am planning to bring him to a dentist when he turns 1. I want him to get used in visiting the dentist because I didn't. You know that feeling of being shy and intimidated. Haha. I don't want him to feel that way so I'll do my best to make sure James would have a nice set of teeth. 

Honestly, I have a very limited information and experience in oral care so I really have to step up for James. I want him to learn to take care of his teeth and have a better information about it. So help me, GOD. =)

How about you Mommies? How do you take care of your babies tooth/teeth? 

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  1. Having their first tooth pop out is an exciting milestone for them and don't feel bad if you think he's kinda late on this department,they will come out like crazy.And every child is different. Our girls started having their first tooth at 5 months and have complete set before they're 2.

    1. Really? My niece had hers at 5 months too. Hehe. Anyway, I don't feel bad. I am totally fine with whatever milestones he has on whatever age he's on as long as he is doing it on his own pace. =)

  2. Wow, may first tooth na si Baby James. Another milestone worth documenting, Jen! :)

    1. Oo nga Edel, Hahaha! na excite ako ng bongaa. =)

  3. wow may first tooth na si Baby James! Clap Clap Clap.. Excited narin akong makita yung kay Rhian.. Hehe..

    1. Oo nga Rackell eh, I was really happy to find out. Sa ngayon dalawa na yung ngipin nya sa baba. I am hoping sumunod na yung sa taas without him getting sick. =)


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