Tuesday, August 5, 2014

James is Sick Again + Mommy Fleur Items Received =)

Hi guyss!!

I am still alive and kicking! Di pa po magco close ang blog na ito. I know i mentioned last time na I'll have my regular programming na however things are getting a little handful nowadays.

James is sick again!! He's vomiting and pooping several times a day. Mostly yung mga dinedede nya, isusuka lang nya. Nakakaawa sya pumayat na at gumaan na ng bongga. =(

The other night, I think Sunday night when his Daddy arrived and slept with us, I had a good cry. I feel bad because he was sick. I knew how he feels. I even talked to James again and told him na "bigay mo na lang kay Mama yung sakit mo ha? Baka ikapayat ko pa yun eh natuwa pa ako." Us mommies never wanted our babies getting sick to a point we, somehow wish na pwede na lang natin kunin yung sakit nila para lang ma spare sila sa kahit anong sickness. =(

I brought him to his pedia to have him checked. Prior to that, I had his stool examined and found that it was normal. I told his pedia what is going on with James, like he usually consume 6oz every 2 hours but now, I had him only 2-3oz frequently. Same as what his docky advised of small frequent feeding, still he was vomiting. It started on Saturday that he has been in this condition although he was pooping 3 times a day prior to the weekend that past. I feel really sad thinking that what I am doing isn't enough to keep him safe and away from any sickness. I have been thinking on having him confined but the docky said na painumin lang muna ng hydrite. James remained a happy baby specially when he wakes up after a good nap though from time to time, he becomes irritated after awhile. Sabi ni docky hindi naman daw sya dehydrated so there's no need for him to be hospitalized. I even bought a generic brand of hydrite because the Mercury Drug that I asked about the brand the docky was referring to was not available. James didn't like it so I raised it up with docky and I was explained that most of the babies like the Glucolite brand so I roamed around in the area and finally was able to get one. Surprisingly, he liked it very well and even drink it often. Aside from keeping him hydrated, I was asked to give him zinc sulfate but when I gave him 1ml, nagsuka lang sya Mommies!!

Grabe I am so windang na I don't know what to do na talaga. I think it is diarrhea he is having. I even asked if it was about him teething pero the docky said na hindi naman lahat pareho ng sitwasyon. We have to repeat his stool exam to find out of its a virus kasi if it was then it will eventually get out of his body but if its bacteria then we have to give him antibiotics.

I have also read in Mommy Center:

It’s the Bacteria, Baby!
Dr. Tayag says that when a baby is teething, “the gums become very itchy and sometimes even sore or painful.” Relief comes with biting or chewing on something like a teether. In the absence of one, he settles for his hands.
Consider too that the first tooth comes out on a baby’s sixth month. This is the stage when he is exploring the world with his mouth as doing so gives him information like taste and texture. The problem with all this exploration is that his toys and hands might be dirty and could be carrying unwanted bacteria.
Bacteria, which enter the body easily through the mouth, cause infection that may manifest as a fever, diarrhea, or some other teething symptoms. As teething can be painful, the child may become irritable too. In such cases, Dr. Tayag says paracetamol, which is also prescribed for fever, may be taken to ease the pain.
Keeping Baby’s Things Clean
Now that we know the real enemy, it is time to be proactive and keep everything that is within our child’s reach very clean.  When my children were still small, I had a rag that was just used for sanitizing their toys. I would spray it with a vinegar-and-baking-soda solution and swipe the bacteria away.
I was also ready with a hand sanitizer and some wipes every time we would go out. Cleaning a restaurant table or a grocery cart brought some dirty looks in our direction, but as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I reflected that during those days bago pa sya magsuka, he'll get everything in his mouth. It might be it na naka consume sya ng bacteria. Hmm.. 

I hope he'll get better soon Mommies!

Anyway, on a lighter note, I have received na the Mommy Fleur blog 5th Anniversary Giveaway.

I had it sent in my sister house and she posted a photo on her instagram with a comment :

"We have received your delivery Dhyen. Sorry we got curious and open your package . Anyway, that's all of it and we did not take any!"

Ang dami ng nakapilang umaarbor nito pero sabi ko shut up! hahaha. You know Mommies? Blogging has making me happy and forget what I am going through as of the moment kaya kahit 2 days ako ulit absent sa work, I went to my sister's office to blog this. Hehe. Baka makalimutan nyo na ako eh. Sa mga may utang akong blog comment, pasensya na. I'll read your posts as soon as James get better. =) Miss you all!!!!


  1. oh, kawawa naman si baby james. siguro bacteria nga yun sa mga kung anu anong sinusubo nya. ganun kasi talaga yung ganyang age kaya palagi talaga tayo attentive sa kanila. good thing clear naman yung labtest nya.

    nakakatuwa naman yung napanalunan mo, with letter pa from mommy fleur a! that's really sweet.=)

    1. Naku Joy, now na nakauwi kami sa house kelangan monitored na kahit kamay nya di pwede isubo hanggat maari. =)

  2. This is one of those days in our Mommyhood. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Aba at isa ka pala sa winners ng Mommy Fleur giveaways. Congrats! Sumali rin ako sa isa doon pero di pinalad. Enjoy your loot. At sana gumaling na si Baby James nyo! :)

    1. Thanks Edel. Oo nag join ako na shock nga ako ng bongga.. Hehehe. Thank God gumaling na si James. =)

  4. Get well soon mommy jen.. Uso talaga sakit ngayon, si Rhian may sipon.. Huhu

    1. Naku kelangan na natin doblehin ang pag iingat. Kawawa mga bata eh no?


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