Friday, August 22, 2014

On being the New SuperMom

I have already mentioned about my online business here diba? It was sort of like a "dry run" nga. I mean, trying out kung mai mamarket ko ba yung mga products or hindi. I targeted my friends on Facebook since most of them are friends of the same age, ex-officemates, current officemates and those who became my friends along the way. I know they somehow would like the items that I am selling kasi most of them are working.

Kaya naman, pagpasensyahan nyo na kung mejo busy na ako nowadays at mejo hirap ng mag blog. I am not giving up blogging ok? Here’s what really happened:

Daryl has been convincing me to try selling shoes, bags, clothes etc thru my facebook page. I was quite hesitant at first because I think I don’t have the entrepreneur skills as per Edel of Life in Manila Blog. When I was dalaga, I badly wanted to sell clothes too because that’s my forever love eh. I liked clothes more that bags and shoes. I know I can be a model din if I have the samples with me. I have also established a lookbook account pa nga to document my OOTD sa office.

Now that I became a mom, I need an extra income so I can support not just James’ everyday needs but my needs too. I haven’t been able to buy anything for myself lately because I’m busy spending them with James’ necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, I am just explaining to you what I am going through. Defensive?? Hehe.

Anyway, last Friday I finally gave in to the idea of online business. Although I know I am not prepared enough, I copied some photos of shoes that I liked then sent an email to my friends and officemates. I have received questions of how much they costs left and right. A lot of questions has been thrown to me. My officemate even said na I was nagmamadali daw kasi hindi pa nga ako prepared so now that people started asking, wala naman akong maisagot. Hehehe. Well, he was quite right but all I want to know is if people will be interested on my stuff. I was afraid kasi that when I start my own business, people would not give me a chance nor be dedma to what I am selling. I am scared to those who would say unsolicited comments and advices when everything fails. I was just thankful and overwhelmed that they liked it. The weekend that past, I was so busy copying pictures from my supplier. My facebook friends started asking too of how much are the costs of the shoes.

I am quite thankful that for the first week of my online business, I had 12 orders of shoes!! Not bad diba? I have posted the photos of clothes naman few days after/midweek of this week so I only have one order place for it. I am not in rush and trying to take things slow. I am still looking for suppliers of clothes so there will be variety for my customers. If you happen to know someone, let me know please? =) By the way, here are some of the shoes that I sell. You may be interested, just send me a message on my email

 Some items are made to order and some are ready made. My items are all pre-order so there will be waiting time before you receive the item. These are only some of them so if you will be interested, check my facebook page, send me an email or follow me through instagram @its_mommy_jen. I am online almost the whole day so I am most likely to answer all your queries. Also, I have bags and korean dresses on sale ha? Don't forget to check on my page. #todopromote hahahaha! =)

One of the things that I didn’t expect though was the change of my routine. This week, I have been so busy online that I wasn’t able to eat during lunch break since I am really sleepy at work or I am busy uploading stuffs on my facebook page for more items. It was quite funny because I am working 8 hours while managing an online business. It was really “maluwag” kasi sa office. 50% of the time is for tunganga that’s why I can discreetly manage my facebook page still. Promise! I am still doing my job here at work it’s just that I have spare time kaya nakakapag business pa. =)

So you’ll better understand the routine that I am telling you about, I’ll give you an idea of how my days went this week. You ready?

8:00am - 11:00am -- wake up to play, catch up and take care of James. This is like our bonding moment together, every day. This is something that I don't want to set aside eh so I really allot time for it. Although sometimes, when I wake up, he is so grumpy and sleepy na so we will be sleeping together na lang. I take advantage of this as my body would need more sleep.

11:00am - 1:15pm  -- I allot this as my travel time. My shift starts from 1:15pm so I have to prepare early since I live in Las Pinas. There are unexpected traffic everywhere eh.

1:15pm - 10:15pm -- This is my usual 9 hours at work with lunch break included while monitoring my facebook page for orders or inquiries or looking for possible items that I can include on my existing album. =)

10:15pm - 12:00am -- This goes again for my travel time going back home. There were times that I arrived before 12 midnight which is a plus since I can use it for another matter.

12:00am - 2:00am -- This is a new addition to my everyday tasks. Before, I immediately goes to sleep so I can have more time to rest my body but now that I have another things to do, I use this for my humble business. Here I’ll answer more queries, look for more items and review the pricing of the items. =)

2:00am – 8:00pm --  by 2 in the morning, I feel really sleepy na so I’ll go to bed to join my son to dreamland. Although last night, he was sick again so I kept on waking up just to check why he’s crying. Thankfully though, I have someone to look after him from 6am when he wakes up until 8am then my routine would start again. I wonder how this coming weekend will go? Hehehe.

I have just realized though na ang hirap pala maging WM+WAHM on weekdays then SAHM+WAHM on weekends. I am enjoying it though because I have another things to think about. Yung nalilibang ba yung isip ko sa ibang bagay.Feeling ko tuloy nag aapply akong maging SuperMom! Hehehe. =)

Teka, may sakit na naman si James eh. Nilalagnat naman ngayon. I don't know why pero he looked really happy. Last night when I came home, pinainom ko ng gamot. He was laughing at me and I realized, ang laki na pala nya talaga. I talked to him like I used to nung baby pa sya. He was smiling non-stop!! Sayang, I wasn't able to take a photo nor a video, madilim kasi eh patay na yung ilaw. 

 I posted this on instagram. It was taken days ago before he got sick. Look how mabango he looks!! Bagong ligo yan eh hehe. =)

Here's James making kulit while Mama is working online. Whew!! =)

TGIF guys!! See you soon =)


  1. I feel you. I also work full time and night shift pa, plus an online business. Hard but doable naman pagsabayin. Basta priority pa din lagi ang babies, right?

    1. I agree Paulline! anong business mo? Thanks for dropping by =)

  2. ang fresh nga tignan ni baby james! pag bagong ligo ang mga babies, ang sarap i kiss!
    magaganda din yung mga shoes mo mommy jen, i'm sure mas dadami pa ang benta mo nyan! =)

    1. Sana nga Joy, balak kong karirin eh,. Hahahah. =)

  3. Need na talaga ng extra income.. Kami naman may photobooth and cupcake business.. ^_^

    Btw, ang cute ni James, lalo na pag bagong ligo.. ^_^

    1. Ah tlaga Rackell? How nice to know. Sa inyo ba yun ni Hubby mo?


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