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Review | The Goodbox PH Meals

When I was younger, I have always been the healthy one, okay! I mean chubby. I have reached high school being the "mataba" and shapeless. I got sick for a week when I was in sophomore so I loose quite enough weight until I graduated from secondary school.

I noticed that I lost more weight after high school when I started to have a boyfriend and lost another kilo when I went in college. I had Volleyball, Tennis, Aerobics and Gymnastics class for our Physical Education subject which I would say made me fit the entire time. I didn't realize I was that sexy na back then.

I started working in December 2008 where graveyard shift and innocence in the new environment made me eat only hotdog sandwich on my lunch breaks. Later on, as I stayed in the same industry, I never realized I have started to gain pounds little by little because of everyday snacks and meals from fast food chains around the office. Given that I only sit and face my computer for 8 and a half hours a day made me gain so much weight. Although I still find myself manageable wearing Medium size clothes and size 28 jeans, I continued my very unhealthy lifestyle. Since I stayed in graveyard for almost 4 years, my body clock has changed completely to the point that it no longer recognize the right time to eat. There were times that I won't eat and there were these times that I eat on a time where everybody is asleep. It kind of made my body and metabolism weird resulting to a noticeable belly.

Months before I got pregnant with James, I still eat unhealthy food though I started doing aerobics at home, alone. I was thinking that I might loose some significant weight given that I am working out from time to time. Before I found out that I had James, I ate a lot. I didn't realize I was craving for food because I was pregnant. I said to myself that as soon as I get my period, I'll start my aerobics again to lessen the carbs that I gained. Luckily, my period never came but a beautiful creature that changed my life upside down.

Now, at 9 months post partum, I still feel me being 4 months pregnant. Ang laki pa rin kasi ng tyan ko eh. =( I hold on to the plan of going to the gym because I want to focus my expenses with James first aside from the fact that I have plenty of time to get back to my old body. I have read somewhere that we should give credits to our body as it did a great job in supplying nutrition and became our baby's first home from the time we were pregnant so it also needs ample time to go back to it's pre-pregnancy state. But I guess, it is on a case to case basis. There were some Mommies who were able to go back to their pre-pregnancy state months after giving birth while some really have to exert more effort on it. Unfortunately, I was one of those na hindi masyadong mapalad na ipinanganak na sexy hehehe. =)

It's not new to you guys that I am one picky - eater and mostly anti veggie if I may say so it is really hard for me to go on a diet. Aside from the fact that I don't know how to make a healthy food, I also don't know how much calories intake I have everyday. It was quite tricky to find out where to start and what to do honestly so I always give up on thinking about how my body looks like now.

Heaven sent, Mommy Bloggers Philippines asked interested Mommies to sign up for a sampler in collaboration with The Goodbox Ph, I didn't waste a singleminute, I signed myself up. I was so excited to give it a try as this will be a new milestone for me. Hehe. Imagine how I really wanted to get fit and loose those pregnancy fats everywhere? At the same time, I would like to experiment more on food. I like to try varieties now which I regret to do so when I was younger. Before I share my experience with The Goodbox, let me share to you some things you should now about them.

So why The Goodbox?

Healthy, nutritious food in the meal plan of your choice is available at your convenience, 5 days a week (Monday - Friday). Our meal plans consist of 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 and 2700 calorie menus; each meticulously planned with proper proportions of fat, carb and protein by our in-house nutritionist and chefs for a balanced meal. We also make sure that every meal has the nutrients your body needs to keep itself fueled throughout the day. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain it, or even gain some, there is just no excuse to not eat healthy! - from their website.

Why do I need to Count my Calories?

While physical activity is a vital part of weight control, so is controlling the number of calories you eat. If you consume more calories than you use through normal daily activities and physical activity, you will still gain weight. - Under their website's FAQ'.

Ayun naman pala!!  

I was sent a 1200kcal meal for the day. It arrived Thursday night to make sure that your food will stay as fresh as possible although they do offer 2 delivery schedule whichever is convenient for you. You definitely have to put it in the fridge for the night then have your meal started the next morning. I was so giddy to see the meal I was sent though I am quite nervous of it as this would be my very first time to try these kinds of food. As all you know, I rely on my comfort food. 

Since James and I were still in the hospital (read here), I wasn't able to eat it the next day as I was not aware that it arrived. My sister was quite forgetful, pardon the age. Hehe. I kept it refrigerated and have it consumed the next day. I was expecting for it to spoil but to my surprise it didn't. Thank God. =)

So here it is.

Actually, it is sent with a blue ecobag but my sister removed it so she can place it on the fridge. It was doubled by this biodegradable plastic bag. Oh! You also have the option to return the ecobag to the delivery man for your next delivery! Go green!! =)

This paper was attached on the ecobag as your guide for your healthy meal. There's another copy inside the plastic bag in case this one got lost. Your meals are being placed on a microwavable/reusable plastic containers for your convenience in re-heating the food. On each food, there's a label where it indicates if you have to heat or chill the food that will serve as your guide before eating them.  

Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich

I started my breakfast at around 8am. I really liked the sandwich! It has cheese and mixed vegetable inside. I can surely taste the crunchiness of the veggies but I can't stop biting because for me it was really good. Coming from a picky eater/anti-veggie, I felt it's for a record - a new milestone! Lol. The fruit was great too. It says on the label to keep it cool which I did because I want fruits that are cold.

I felt really full after consuming the whole breakfast. It's as if I ate rice with viand. I have realized that I can even eat this during lunch kasi sobrang nakakabusog. My eyes tricked me, I thought kasi baka maghanap pa ako ng makakain after. I'm truly wrong. I only drink half of the coffee kasi I am really not a coffee person. It upsets my tummy kasi eh but for sure for those who likes coffee would absolutely enjoy this. =)

Is it obvious with the big bite? Hehe. Can you spot Mr. Makulit? He's having his breakfast too.. The remote control. Hahaha. I just notice that now.

Needs Improvement:
I don't prefer coffee as it upsets my stomach. I like juices more but I'll definitely give them this as you have the option to add special requests/comments/suggestions upon booking of your meal by clicking the orange "Make Contact" Tab.

AM Snack:
Fresh Homemade Smoothie

This homemade smootie I think was lychee though I am not quite sure. It tastes like the lychee jelly ace that I tasted eh. I drank just half because I am still full from the brekky. I had it around 10:30am.

Needs Improvement: There should be a label as to what fruit it was. It only written as Fresh Homemade Smoothie. It could give a better impression knowing the content of the drink. 

Nutty Chicken Penne

Now, Lunch was really a challenge for me because of the salad. Hahaha. I found the meal not appealing because I don't eat this kind of food eh. However, I thought of it as a challenge of getting fit and healthy so I gave it a try. I was surprised that the Pasta tastes bland but not bad. I thought it would be salty or creamy, you know like those that are in the restos? Well, It's most likely because there were no preservatives - means all organic. The chicken tastes great though. I felt my tummy is full eating half of the plate pa lang. I also tasted the salad which has a vinaigrette, I think? Sorry. Not really familiar with food. Hehe. I wasn't able to finish the salad anymore because my tummy can no longer accept anymore food.

Baby sitting while having my lunch. Can you Spot James?
Needs Improvement: Nothing in particular

PM Snack:
Oat Cookies 

I felt hungry around 2pm-ish. I carried James from our house to RFC in Las Pinas then back to SM Southmall. That was our usual pasyal to the mall kasi. The food I ate in lunch might have been turned to energy carrying a 10kgs baby. Good thing, I brought the PM Snack with me so while James is having a nap, I ate the oat cookies. There were 2 of them in one plastic. I felt surprise that the oat cookies tastes good. I am not a fan of oats kasi. It wasn't too sweet nor too bland but very fulfilling compare to my usual afternoon snack of burgers etc.

Needs Improvement: None in particular

Tofu Tacos
Vegetable Sticks

I have never tried tacos with tofu before so this one was quite interesting. Inside the tacos were slices of tofu, veggies and mayo I think? It doesn't taste anything except it has a Salsa dip included. I forgot about the salsa and remembered it after I only have one bite left. Why? because I liked the vegetable sticks specially the dip. Winner talaga yung dip, I even put some inside the tacos which I think gave it a much better taste. Hehe.

I have come to like it too.. Although I felt a little bitin with dinner. Maybe it suppose to be like that as you don't have to eat heavy before bed time diba? I was wondering why I felt bitin in dinner even it has the same calorie content with lunch? Hmm.. Oh I know, maybe because I got so tired after malling with James? You think?

Needs Improvement: None for this meal.

So do I recommend The Goodbox?

Yes. Definitely yes! Come to think of it, You don't have to worry about your healthy meals for 5 days. All you have to do is to choose the calorie amount you prefer, submit and pay your order. What's left? Wait for your food to arrive on your most suitable time. Now how's that?

Wait, did I mention the price?

MEAL PROGRAMS: 5 meals a day, 5 days a week
1200 Calorie Menu – Php 2,750
1500 Calorie Menu – Php 3,000
1800 Calorie Menu – Php 3,250
2100 Calorie Menu – Php 3,500
2400 Calorie Menu – Php 3,750
2700 Calorie Menu – Php 4,000
South Beach Diet - Php 3,000
Special Diet (Diabetic, Gout, Hypertensive, etc) - Calorie price + Php 250

So thinking about having a 1200kcal meal plan like what I had would cost you 550 pesos each day, for a whole day healthy meal. Not bad!!! They also offer a special meal plan to those who want to go diet for Medical Conditions and 5 day Juice Cleanse.

Aside from knowing the right meal program for you, you may check the Average Calorie Requirement by Age, Gender and Activity level Chart here. 

Thank you The Goodbox for sharing this healthy meal. =)

The Goodbox Ph
Address: 105 Hawaii St., Pasig Greenpark, Pasig City 1612
Contact : 0917 - 7111732
Email :


  1. interesting... bagay talaga sa mga plan na magpapa payat tulad natin mommy jen.mukhang masasarap yung food nila and healthy din. gusto ko dyan yung penne and salad tsaka yung tofu tacos. yum!yum!yum! =)

    1. Masarap Joy.. Nakakabusog as in. Hehe. =) Pag tinuloy tuloy ko siguro yan, papayat na ako, Hehe

  2. o db ang sarap nung food nila plus healthy pa. yun nga lang medyo pricey talaga sya, cguro pag meron na tayong maraming budget pwede sa atin to kahit every week pa.. Hehe

    1. Oo nga Rackell. Mahal na nga talaga ang magpapayat. Hehehe. Magastos pa kasi dahil baby pa ang mga kiddos natin. Kapag tumagal tagal siguro maa afford na natin to hehe =)


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