Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Starting Anew + Kwento

Hi everybody!!! I am bacccckkk!

I am sorry for being absent last weekend ha? I was kind of busy.

Ang totoo kasi nyan, I started an online business of re-selling shoes made from Liliw, Laguna and soon, clothes for women and kids. I was supposed to be doing this a long time ago when I was still single and ready to mingle though I don't have lakas ng loob. I don't know how I would start on my own and I am scared that people won't buy and end up bankrupt. Hehe.

Anyway, I had the items posted on my personal facebook page for the mean time because I want to market it thru my friends, families, co-workers, ex-officemates, ex-classmates and everyone who were on my friendslist can take advantage first. This is like a dry run. Tama ba? Hehehe. Sooner or later, I'll have a page na so you can check it out too. By the way, it was set to public naman so when you visit my personal page, please check the albums for the shoes.=)

On a completely different topic, I had a tiring yet fun weekend. James and I took a bath together. He actually took a bath na ahead of time but came after lunch, pawis na pawis na naman sya. I have nobody to look after him and I was kind of hesitant to leave him on his crib because for sure, magka crayola ang lolo nyo ng todo. My sister and I decided to go to SM Southmall kasi to hang out and ease the boredom.
I had an idea of taking a bath together. I thought it was easy but came the time na, I don't know how I would manage to take a bath while looking after him. He was inside the pail standing, he doesn't want to sit talaga so I have to have my foot pangharang sa pail or else, dudulas sa tiles at matutumba sya. It was hard pero it was fun all at the same time. I think he enjoyed it too because he didn't cry and seemed enjoying our time together.

I had this idea tuloy na everytime no one will be looking for him, we'll take a bath together na lang. =)

Anyhoo, Nanay Isa wants to go back to province na daw because their calamity loan will not be released without her, kesyo he can't take care of James. I don't know what's with James why they were so reklamador of him. He was in the stage na sobrang likot eh. He really likes to explore things on his surroundings, dagdagan mo pa ng nakakapagod na weight nya when you carry him. I just can't believe they can't give more patience to him. Hayy.. I don't know what to do. I don't want to give up my day job. Now is not the perfect timing.

I hope everything will be fine. 


  1. Wow, ako rin sana pag malaki laki na si Rhian sabay na kaming maligo.. Mukhang sobrang likot na talaga ni James ha, di mo mamamalayan, natakbo na pala sya.. Ang bilis ng panahon... Waaahhh...

    1. I agree Rackell! Sobrang bilis ng panahon, ubod na ng likot si James. I think, mabait si Rhian Bebe mo kasi girl eh pag boy daw kasi eh goodluck na lang sa kakulitan. HUhuhu! Pero keri lang. =)

    2. Kaya nga eh, di natin namamalayan 1 year na pala sila! Waahh,, Di pa ko ready... Sabi nga nila pag girl daw baby mo di ganon kalikot compare pag boy, pero si Rhian kasi ang gusto sa ngayon is magpaikot ikot sa kama, maniwala ka nahulog na sya sa kama namin, buti nalang wala kaming frame.. hehe

  2. Wow Jen, congrats on your online business! I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. Just be positive, pray and everything will be fine. :)

    1. Thanks Edel!! Order ka sakin ng shoes. Hehehe =)

  3. di ko pa na try yung sabay maligo, natatakot pa kasi ako baka madulas syempre diba pareho kaming may sabon. ang cute ni baby james!

    goodluck sa online business mo jen! =)


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