Sunday, August 10, 2014


Happy Sunday night guys! 

I hope you are all had a blast. :) 

May good news ako!! I.A.officially.back.....

Hahahaha! I'll try my best to have all my backlogs posted this week ha? Thank you all sa inyong patience :).

Our Daddy hasn't arrived this weekend because of basketball league na sinalihan nya.As much as possible, ayaw ko na lang na pigilan sya sa sports na hilig nya kasi I want him to support me in my blogging too. Hehe :)

Also, He might have been tired too because the past week was quite handful for the both of us so he also has to unwind thru his favorite sports. Nevertheless, our James has gotten better after his confinement which I'll share with you early this coming week when I get back to work. Wait lang kayo ha? Makakabalik din ako. Hehehe.

It was me and James riding a bus going to Southmall. I had him sitting in the bus too. I posted the photo in facebook and got 30+ likes for it :) They may really like my James hehe. :)

See y'all soon!! =)

I have just notice na iba yung font ng post na to. I have been trying to fix it pero ayaw nya mag paayos hehe. =)

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