Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Socks and Shoe in One? Attipas It is

This post is related to what I have posted a while ago, about James' walking milestone. I am quite overwhelmed with all the kind words that you left on my previous entry. This made me feel better and realize that James will learn on his own when he's ready.

While I am really glad that he enjoys walking in the mall, with shouting and happy face around whenever I put him down to walk, holding both his hands or sometimes just one or the other to see if he can balance himself better, I am happy to report that he is getting used to his balance although after some steps, he will sit down and would not want to stand up. Maybe it means he's tired or not in the mood to walk. One thing that I have noticed is that he is getting used in making couple of more steps compared to the last time I wrote here. Yey!! =) With that, I know I am on the right track.. Although I always make sure that it won't pressure him at all. We are making it one baby step at a time. =)

Couple of weeks ago, we lost the other pair of his shoes so we have to get him a new one. We went to SM Mall of Asia after visiting his Granny in Pasay. I was looking for a nice everyday shoes that he can wear anytime of the day. Unfortunately, with the colors that I want, they have no stocks left for his size. Instead I bought the one with the sock+shoe combination. The sales lady said that it was perfect for babies who are practicing walking daw. I actually hesitated at first thinking that I'll be having one of it soon but I fell in love with it na so I bought it.

James walked with it just fine. The sole was made of rubber but still I asked if it will hurt their feet while walking on a rocky road but was told it wouln't kasi it was made of rubber nga. One thing I noticed though was the rubber sole is only up to the end of his foot so there were times that it fails to hothe fld on to oot. Natatanggal sya in short. My mom said bakit ganon daw binili ko. Maybe she wasn't used to it kasi naman nung panahon namin eh walang ganyang mga sapatos. Hehehe.

Couple of days after, Nanay came home with a plastic bag while telling me that something came in my sister's mail daw. As I checked, I realized it was the Attipas Toddler Shoes!! I was so happy knowing that it arrived na. I opened the box immediately knowing that it has been opened na. My sister checked it daw kasi. Ok that's fine.

I was so giddy opening it. I want to compare it with the one I bought days ago eh.

My bagong ligong baby with matching kain ng papers.. hayy..

I was asking him to hold the box so I can take a picture with it and him pero look at what he did. Tinitikman yung box ng shoes!! Hayy.. James talaga!

Anyway, we had a scheduled meeting with another Mommy who will bake his cake for his 1st birthday eh kaya nakabihis yan. Heheh. Looking at him, it made me think na binata na ang baby ko ha! Parang kelan lang eh.. Times flew fast, it's been a year of.. Oopps! I think the drama deserves its own entry so cut muna heheh. =)

Back to the kwento..

The next day, James tried walking with his new Attipas Toddler shoe and look, nakatingkayad. Hehehe.

Although I felt he was comfortable with it because from the looks of it, he's like walking barefoot Attipas Toddler Shoes are made of lightweight material and even have a big toe box design so his toes can still move freely. Look at the sock, it wasn't falling or rolling down. It's also is machine washable and are made of 100% non toxic materials and are non slip soles made from Silicon. Comparing it with the one I bought in the Department Store, I'll let you be the judge. =)

 Look at the selections!! Really fashionable and colorful isn't it? =)

Attipas is exclusively distributed by CKMJ Greenovation Inc. with contact number 559-5140.
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Thank you Attipas and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the wonderful opportunity that you have given James. I greatly appreciate it. =)

Get yours now Mommies!!

Attipas functional toddler shoes are available in Tarte Tatin (Rockwell and Greenbelt 5), Babyland (Shaw, Eastwood and Festival), Rustans (Shangrila, Makati and Alabang), Babyzone (Fisher Mall), Baby Steps (Festival Mall), Wellworth Department Store (Fairview Terraces), Landmark (Makati and Trinoma), Fisher Mall Department Store, Kuku Duckbill (Market Market), Baby and Kids (Festival Mall); and online through, and Lazada.


  1. Nice! Ang cute naman ni James! Mukhang comfortable naman sya sa new shoes nya ha.. I think kailangan ko narin mag order ng 1 pair for Rhian kasi for sure (hopefully) next few days makalakad narin sya.. ^_^

    1. waaaa.. ang bilis naman ni Rhian ha!! hahaha. naku si james ayun, pakonti konti pa rin ang lakad. hehe

  2. wow, bagay na bagay kay baby james a! mukhang maganda yung shoes kasi importante yung comfort at safety pagdating dun at na meet naman ng Attipas.

    Tsaka ok lang yun unti unti lang muna ang walk, makikita mo yan pagtagal tagal hahabulin mo na yan sa paglalakad! =)

  3. Nice naman, parang ang comfy isuot sa mga babies. Why so pogi, baby Dwyane James? :)

  4. I've never seen shoes like that before.I think the pink one is darn cute!


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