Thursday, November 27, 2014

Batch 4's 10th Monthsarry Celebration

November 20, 2014 marks our 10th month stay here on the company I am working with along with the not-so-very-best-but-almost-there people that I have met when I started here. They were actually my batchmates.

As usual, we started as strangers but came friends to close friends along the way. I am very glad to be having them at this point of my life because they teaches me how to become independent in some ways. =)

I don't know where it started but we celebrate our monthsarry every 20th of the month. Although at some point, we opt to celebrate it passed the 20th, especially on a Friday after the 20th.

This time, we had it on a Monday.

Wala lang. Trip lang namin. Hahahaha. Hindi lang consistent talaga ang celebrations, honestly. Kung kelan lang maisipan and as long as applicable to everybody. What I love about these people? We make sacrifices for each other. Usually kasi, hindi kami sabay - sabay ng breaks/lunch so what we do is compromise. Diba that's the meaning of friendship naman?! Completely different people, different personalities pero you compromise so your friendship are all worth it. This is the advantage we have amongst the other batch in the office.

So since our monthsarries are celebrated like a baby before it turned a year old, we decided to have ambagan ulit so we can buy food to feast. I was in charged of the Pancit Bihon. I'll tell you about it on a different post. Then Sokey's in charge of Hotdogs, Ulam (Adobong Baboy), Loaf Bread and Juice. Hahahaha! Oo, sya lahat nagdala nyan. Meron pa ngang rice na dala eh.

As always, it's remembered in a very simple way - kainan lang sa pantry. More laughters, more fun and especially more months to celebrate. Lapit na first year anniversary namin so I'm hoping we could throw a mejo grand celebration. Heheh. =)

We're not complete in the photo. Well, disregard those two.. May kanya - kanya kasi silang drama sa buhay. Nonetheless, I am very, very happy we still get to eat like this together. I just hope na those other 2 doesn't take small things personally. You know, they have their own personal issues and hindi mo naman mapilit na makisama. They're good friends din, don't get me wrong. Mejo nagmama asim lang talaga sila that time. hahahaha! =)

I'll tell you about the Pansit in another post kasi I think, it deserves one. =)


  1. Happy 10th monthsary at work! More to come! Na-intriga ako sa pansit na yun ah, kahit na nga hindi ako mahilig sa pancit masyado. :)

    1. Thanks Edel!! Hahah! I'll let you know about the pansit. I really like it kasi =)

  2. It's nice talaga to spend some time with our friends. kahit simpleng kainan lang ok na, importante dyan yung kwentuhan ng bongga! hehe! =)

    1. Korek!!! Tawanan habang kainan lang talaga kami jan. Ang saya lang. Hoping na sana sabay sabay kami ng shift para mas marami pang kainan. =)

  3. I agree! I used to work at the call center and we're the pioneering batch,people with different personalities but we ended up with good friendship until now we're connected (through FB). The sad thing about it is when someone is leaving.

    1. That's one of the saddest thing talaga. When you have to go separate ways specially if someone is leaving. It's hard to keep in touch din kasi with our busy lives.


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