Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet up with Ninang Lara! =)

I have mentioned on my previous post that we went to Mall of Asia last weekend to meet my long, lost sister, Lara.

James met his Ninang Lara when he was a month old then now, he was a year old when they saw each other for the second time. Ninang Lara is so busy with her work kaya we can only go out once in a while. As in,

Our original call time was 4pm, that was after her shift. We were at Daryl’s house which was 1 short ride away from Mall of Asia. As a short background, Lara has become my best bud back in the time that I was working in Ortigas Area. We have been into two companies together which made us bonded a lot more. She knows the story of boyfriend/girlfriend stage namin ni Daryl. I actually forgot kung ano bang mga naikwento ko but mostly everything naman eh. She’s become the automatic Ninang of James although he didn’t have a baptism like those in Catholic. Lara generously want to have James as her inaanak which I really appreciate because I know this lady knows me very well. Love you badeng! =)

Lara arrived in Mall of Asia at around 5pm and we came around 7pm already.


I know, I had her waiting for me for so long. It was because we don’t have a driver that night. I mean we have been looking for Rupert to drive us to the Mall. I am starting to get pissed off kasi we can commute na lang naman if wala talagang mag da drive eh. Luckily, Rupert arrived shortly after. Daryl’s Mom went with us but we did go separate ways because we will be meeting Lara in one of the restos inside Mall of Asia.

We arrived halfway through their dinner. Lara was with her boyfriend so I didn’t bother too much that I was late. Hehehe.

We ordered right away (their treat daw) and made chickahan while waiting for our food. Jonas, Lara’s boyfriend played with James most of the time. Although it was their first time to see each other, hindi nailang si James sa kanya. Maybe because I had two brothers at home.

I actually was not able to take any picture of what we ate because we were so busy making chicka with each other. You know that feeling that you have a lot to say pero hindi kasya yung time allotted? It’s getting late na din kas. We took photos of our group before saying our goodbyes. They handed James a late birthday gift because they missed his birthday. Ninang Lara wasn’t able to take a leave kasi.

One thing that we noticed was, All of the crew in that resto was very suplado and suplada. As in! I think we asked for water more than 5 times. Whenever there’s a crew passing by, we would say, “Kuya/Ate, pahingi naman po ng water.” Some would say yes, but for some, like this lady, just looked on her shoulder without even stopping nor acknowledging what we have said and never went back to our table. We made sure naman that she heard what we have said pero it’s as if the ate didn’t hear anything. Hayyy! It was a major turn off talaga.

Anyway, I so missed Lara talaga. I am hoping to have our usual girl bonding/chickahan like we used to have couple of years ago.

Picture taken from Lara's tab =)
 Looking forward to seeing you soon, Ninang Lara and hopefully, Lolo Pete. =)

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  1. ang laki na ni baby james! nakaka miss din talaga mag spend ng time with friends anoh? sa dami ng pwedeng pagkwentuhan kulang talaga ang oras, hehehe! =)


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