Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Little Driver

Mga bakla!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you na talaga! And I miss blogging. =)

I have been really insecure na to some Mommy Bloggers like me who were able to blog while taking care of their kids, managing their households, and for some, business pa nga. Hayy.. Now I understand those Mommies I know who always hope that there’ll be extra hours per day instead na 24 hours lang. Ang dami kasing ginagawa eh no?! Hahah.

Anyway, I have read Mommy Rackell’s post about her daughter Rhian turning 10 months old. I am so happy for the both of them. She’s able to track Rhian’s milestone.

As for me?


Haha. I don’t know. It’s like one day, I have lost all the time in the world to blog.

Yan talaga problema ko eh.. Heheheh.

Just like now, I am working while trying my best to get all my thoughts together so I can blog. Mahirap din talaga but I guess I have to start working on time management no?! Can anyone give me an idea how your usual day works? Do you have a list of things that you have to do? Or do you just memorize them? Hehehe. I tend to be forgetful at times pa naman.

Oh sha! Let’s chika time! =)

James’ Lola (Daryl’s Mom) was able to buy a brand new car days after his birthday. It was a good thing because we no longer have to ride a cab going home. James became really handful especially while we are on the road. He would do whatever he likes then he will get dizzy and of course, magsusuka. It was heaven sent that Daryl’s mom has a car so nakakapag hatid sundo na kami everytime we were going to their house. Not just that, there were times that I will be picked up from work too. Oh diba tipid na ako sa pamasahe?! Hahahaha..

I took this photo last weekend. We were going to Mall of Asia to finally meet my long lost sister, Lara. She has been my best bud at work for almost 3 years. We just got separated when I have to move from one company to the other because I find it very hard to travel from Las Pinas to Ortigas every day.

Daryl doesn’t have a driver’s license pa so while waiting for their neighbor who will drive for us, I had James sitting on the driver’s seat. He looks pro while sitting there, holding the manibela. It’s as if he was really driving. He was soooo cuttteee!!!! Maybe he got that from Tatay (my Dad) who was an FX Driver. He was a professional driver, worked abroad as a truck driver although he finished one contract lang kasi sobrang home sick sya, I think? That was based on my Mom’s story. Hindi pa kasi ako buhay ng mga panahong yu. Hehe. =)

Concentrating!! Straight ahead daw. =)
Are we there yet, Mr. Driver? Hehehe. =)
Checking the side mirrors is a must!! =)
Turning the wheel on the right, Bwelo lang daw sya. Hahaha! =)

Brooooommm!! Harurot!! =)
 Super Adorable isn't it?! Hehe.

There were some part where he was making kalikot on buttons and levers behind the manibela that turns on the wiper. OMG. He saw his Daddy doing that for once then he knows what to do na. Hayy.. Sobrang kulit but definitely, he was irresistable. =)

I should be working on documenting James’ milestone na talaga. Sooner or later, I will forget everything so I have to jot down every single memories.

Hoping it would be a start =)

P.s Mommy Joy! I don’t know if I have replied to your email last time?! Missing our chikas! Mwuah! =)


  1. Hi Mommy Jen, namiss ko na magbasa ng blog mo. Sobrang busy ka na sa business mo ha, di na tayo makapag chickahan sa blog. Namiss ko narin mga post mo about James, pati yung 1st birthday ni James di mo pa nashare-share sa amin. Kaloka ka, wag mong ilalagay si James sa harap ha or else baka mahuli kayo, bawal ang baby sa harap (remember yung nabanga kami, thank God at nasa likod si Rhian). So hintayin ka namin sa Mommy Bloggers Page ha pati mga events sumali ka na. :)

    1. Oo nga Rackell eh. Nakita ko ang dami mo ng event na nasasalihan ha? Ikaw na,. Hehehe. Lagi lang kami sa likod ni James. One time lang yan at nakatuwaan kong picture-an. Muka din naman syang nag enjoy. Hehehe. =)

  2. Galing ng driver nyo mommy Jen a! Sabihin mo sa baby driver nyo,wag magttext kapagdi nag drive, hehe! Iba talaga ang comfort ng may sariling sasakyan kahit saan pwede pumunta. I'm planning din magpaturo mag drive e, siguro sa hubby ng sister ko. Iba kasi din yung alam mo paano mag drive diba?

    Got your message din sa email, nauna ko basahin bago ko nabasa mga posts mo. Miss our chikahan na din! =)

  3. Take it easy, Mommy Joy. And dont feel guilty about the baby milestone thing. Bawi ka na lang. Pero siguro ganyan nga kayong mga mommy noh, kulang talaga ang oras lalo na pag para kay baby beco you want a good life for them. Hehe. :)


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