Friday, November 14, 2014

The Missing Mommy!

Ohhhhh!! I am still alive..

Hindi din ako makapaniwala mga mudrakels!

Sorry for not updating my blog for the longest time. I think I somehow lost my blogging mojo. Pano kasi pag nagba blog ako, ang dami kong gustong ikwento. Hahaha! I think I really got overwhelmed with all the things that are going on with my life.

Ganto pala ang maging Mommy. There are a lot of things that are going on in your mind. Ang daming dapat intindihin at dapat isipin. Hayy.. It's no longer "me, myself and I" ang peg ko eh. It should be Me, James and Daryl na. Hayy.. You know, I really want to make kwento about Daryl and I but I guess in time, I will. There's always be a perfect time for making private kwentos although I found a great mommy blogger that I got to share my stories with. I am really thankful that I somehow had someone who I can share something personal and get advices from her who totally doesn't have any idea of who I am in the first place. Hehehe!

Virtual hi Mommy Joy of Happiness of Joy!!! Missing our chikahan sa email. Talk to you soon!! hehehe. =)

I have always been thankful for all the people around me who's been keeping me sane.

Soon I'll make kwento na talaga promise!

Adios!! =)

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  1. Mommy Jen!!!! waah, ano nangyari na sayo? mis ko na chikahan natin!hehe! Huwag ka masyadong ma stress, inhale, exhale lang para ma relax. Dito lang kami ng mga readers mo. =)


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