Monday, December 29, 2014

A Week Full of Story

Happy Holidays Guys!!

I know most of you are busy nowadays because of the never ending kainan and chismax with friends and relatives that we don’t get to see every day. Ako, I am busy with my mag-Ama. Teka, I haven’t told you that Daryl and I are living together na diba? I’ll tell you more about it on the next post.

Anyway, our Christmas was celebrated at Daryl’s side of the family. Obviously kasi, my family or me personally doesn’t celebrate Christmas talaga. I am not Catholic kasi so we don’t have Christmas Day. Don’t be sad for me, I am used to it. Since birth I never had the chance to do all Christians does every December 25th. I am just home, normal day kungbaga. I remembered when I was at an age of 7-10 I think? Nanay would bring me and my younger brother to her relative somewhere in Pasay who sells toys. She would make us mano and then her relative would ask us to choose na lang on her paninda of which toy we want as her pamasko to us. That’s how my December 25th went like. That didn’t take too long though because we stopped going there sometime after.

It’s actually the first year that James had the time to celebrate Christmas at Daryl’s side of the family. Last year kasi, we were just home. Daryl went to our house on Christmas Day lang and I think the three of us went out. Now that James is a year older and can understand things a little better than last year, we were able to enjoy the time spent on that day.

On the 24th, I went halfday off work kasi wala naman ginagawa sa office. I took advantage of the Voluntary Time off as we call it on BPOs. Mine was unpaid because I don’t have leave credits left. It was fine, I think 2 hours off of my salary wouldn’t hurt much. At 6pm, we went to Daryl’s mom and all together, off we went to Daryl’s Auntie for Noche Buena. Just before it hit 12 midnight, we’re back home to Daryl’s Mom’s house. James was so tired because he played the whole night there with his cousin. He enjoys a company of a bigger kid kasi rather than of his age.

Sorry, I can't make the pictures any larger. Mobile phone kasi ang gamit and it was really malabo pa. By the way, that was Tita Beth (Daryl's Aunt), his Mom, Me, James, Daryl, Angelo (at the back) and Dada (Daryl's Cousin). Sayang din I don't have a photo of my outfit of the night. Ang ganda pa naman ng long dress ko. Feeling ko kasi ang payat ko jan kaya I bought it from my officemate for 300pesos. For a person who sells clothing and getting stuff directly from the suppliers in a wholesale price, I found it expensive pero I like the fit of the dress on me kasi. =)

One thing that I noticed with James is that he wasn’t sociable enough. When we got there, natuwa  sa kanya his cousins, lolos and lolas but he doesn’t want to be carried by them. He wants me or Daryl only. He cries kapag kinarga sya ng iba and won’t stop unless I or Daryl get him. I think it was just normal for a toddler to be anti-social at times. I have read some mommy blogs that their kids did the same. Although I know I have to do something about it soon.

25th – was a normal day I think. We spent the whole afternoon at Daryl’s Mom’s house. Some people came. They were Daryl’s relatives and kapitbahays who were there, namamasko. Daryl’s mom openly expressed Christmas by giving money to every individual that came.

Sana ako din naambunan..

Pero loss ang beauty ko at ang kagwapuhan ni Daryl kasi si James lang ang binigyan! Hahaha.

Christmas is for kids lang daw.. Bawal ang kids at heart. Hmp!

All day long, we ate and ate and ate.. Welcome fat! Lagi na lang New Year’s Resolution ko ang pumayat! Hayy.. We also went to Mall of Asia because Daryl's Mom thought we are going home at night kaya she asked us to buy her a dozen of Krispy Kreme. Mall of Asia is just a kembot away from their place kaya off we go pero sobrang traffic at daming tao grabe! OA talaga as in.

Tried Krispy Kreme's Kruffin. It was nice specially with that whip cream inside - 40++pesos/ea
 I didn't realize that there was a Hello Kitty parada until I saw Hello Kitty waving to people. Daryl carried James on his shoulders so he can see better. He was starstruck!!  I thought, sayang I wasn't able to attend the VIP viewing nung Hello Kitty Parade thru Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

At night, we were just playing around. I am chatting with officemates online, sending wacky photos of myself until I noticed this two. They were busy watching Pororo on mobile.

 Daryl’s kumpare asked us to go to their house so they can uwind a bit. James and I came along to play with little Karl, his kumapre’s younger son while I do some chismax with the mudrakel.

26th – I suppose to go to work pero the night before, I SMS my boss to see if we have an available slot for another time off. Daryl requested kasi for another night stay at his Mom’s house. Since approved naman  ni boss, go ahead. This time, we slept naman all afternoon while Daryl’s away. Not literally away, nag dodota lang with friends. Grabe parang bata pa din! Hayy.. In the afternoon, we headed to Metropoint for some reason. Sumama lang talaga kami ni James sa lakad ni Daryl. Hehehe. We played at Timezone. We bought a card for 100pesos so we can play with their machines. Sayang lang walang playground for kids. I'll blog about it on a separate post. We went home the night of 26th since Daryl have to work on a Satuday. Booo!!

27th – James and I stayed all day at home. We spent our time at Nanay’s house watching Hell’s Kitchen of Gordon Ramsay. Younger brother bought a DVD copy kasi of Season 8 so DVD marathon kami until Yaya has to go home early at 4:30p because maglalaba pa daw sya sa house nila. Okay, ang lenient ko ha. Movie marathon stopped. James and I went na lang to Puregold to do some grocery. I realized the last time I went, I was alone. Kaya pala hirap na hirap ako that time, may kasama akong makulit na bata. He was sitting on the basket while I push the small cart. I overheard a family saying “Hala! Tingnan mo yung bata oh! Ang taba!” I felt flattered kasi somehow, Thank Goodness, hindi sickly and bagets ngayon! Yipeeee!! Oppps, wag sana mausog!! =)

28th – Spent the whole day at home pa din. James and I in the morning played with his toys. He has a Dinosaurs toy. I thought about showing him how to play with it. I lined the Dinosaurs up while moving them one by one to his house puzzle while roaring. I noticed him watching me and doing roars too.. I think I had his imagination working somehow. I also taught him his age. I would ask “How old are you?” then he would have a finger sign “1”.. We showed this to Daddy and he was proud! Good job James and Mommy!! =)

Daryl went home really late then left really early because of a basketball game. He arrived around 11am na. Lenient me part 2. Instead of the nagging portion, I kept myself shut when he arrived and true enough, silent treatment works!! Hahaha.. he said he’s sorry and will make bawi na lang. Ok fine.. ok pala yung ganon no?! Less talk, less stress, less drama.. Whew! The night of the 28th was spent like this:

Me -  went to palengke ; Daddy – hugas pwet ni James because of poop
Me – cooking ; Daddy – nagkakabit ng lock ng pinto and hugas pwet again because James poop the second time. 

Hahahahaha.. third time actually. Real first time was in the morning and I have to do it then bathe him after. =)

Last night was cuddling time before we slept.

Being together is great no?! I felt contented kahit we don’t spend our weekends malling or going places. With traffic and the amount of people sa mga malls? I’ll choose to stay at home na lang.. Next thing to do? Plan our movie date with Daryl then our First New Year’s Eve then hopefully, making it official Mr and Mrs. =)

Enjoy the remaining days of 2014 and Let's welcome 2015 with a BANG!

From De Castros and Ms. Alipio 

Monday, December 22, 2014


When I found out that I am pregnant with my boy, I didn't anticipate the "drastic change" in my life. I feel so blessed and curios everyday as to what is going on inside. I am scared whenever I am told of some old wives tale about pregnancy so I am trying my best to be careful as much as possible. I remembered bringing a clove of garlic on my pocket when we went to Pangasinan's beach. Although it was my boyfriend's hometown, I am scared that there'll be mangkukulam or aswang that would eat my baby. You know, in movies? Hehehe. That's why I bought garlic kasi diba it was panlaban daw sa aswang?! Hahahahaha. It was so funny whenever I remember it but that time, all I am thinking was there should be no harm for my baby kahit magmukang tanga pa ako.
Do you Mom had the same stories? or ako lang talaga ang uto-uto? Hehehe. =)
Anyway, just sharing with you what has changed after giving birth to my lovely baby boy. I think most Moms and Moms-to-be had this change in their lives when our little bundle of joy arrived.

1. Priorities. 

This has changed big time. I remembered being the happy-go-lucky me before I had James. I have all my not-so-hard-earned-money all by myself. Now? All my expenses are for James. That's the main reason too that I wasn't able to buy anything for myself anymore, like clothes that I can use to go to work. All my clothes kasi before no longer fits me eh. Although this doesn’t only applies for money, it also does in spending time with him and getting his things ready before mine. I have to get his things ready first before I get to take a bath. Sometimes, hindi na makapag make up because it seems like he can sense that we are leaving kaya nagpapakarga na agad. There were times na hindi ko na maayos yung kilay ko because he’s starting to cry na and sunod ng sunod sakin. Aalis na lang tuloy kaming may #kilayproblems ako. Hehehe.

2.  Body Shape.

Your body shape will change period. This is actually my problem now, I am having a hard time in going back to my old body shape. I wasn’t that sexy naman talaga before pero diba? Knowing that you can wear a tight fitting top, wear swimsuits without worrying too much na baka makita yung stretch marks, or just simply the arms na malalaki pa rin. It gets frustrating sometimes. Dagdagan mo pa ng pressure ng mga taong nasa paligid mo asking why you are still so fat diba? Nakakapagod lang ipaliwanag na “hello” magkaibang tao kaya tayo and our body doesn’t work on the same exact thing. Although it may sound as an excuse, aminin na natin na mejo ang hirap din talagang mag diet at mag work out, it’s not right to compare how great things worked for you and others didn’t. So ayun nga, your body will change not just how big or small it can get on your post pregnancy body, your body will also not the old one that you had where you can make abuso. Mine kasi before, especially when I was on the graveyard shift, hindi ako natutulog on my last day at work approaching my rest day para mas mahaba yung time ko at mas madaming magawa, now, hindi na. Konting kibot, sakit ng katawan na aabutin mo. Anyway, I want you all to remember this, I read it somewhere I just forgot where “Our body did great in bearing our child for 9 months so give it a credit that it would also take time to go back on its own.” Something like that lang po. Hindi ko maalala ang exact words but the message was like that. Oh diba? Pampalubag loob sa mga mejo majubis pa din after a year of giving birth. Hahaha. =)

3. Time. 

It would be one of the things that you hope na madagdagan every single day. It’s as if you have plenty of things to do pero you don’t have enough time to finish them all. You have to go to work, finish the laundry, cook, think about your kids and your husband and all. Ang daming nakapilang gagawin. It’s a matter of time management din, which I would say, wala sa akin. I used to be the “bahala na” type of person. After a year of being a mom, I have realized that everything requires my attention and that I have to make myself available all the time while doing something else – multitasking in short. Ang hirap din but it would all be worth it as soon as you see things done in the way that you expected them to be. Me time would be left aside, you will left behind by your friends whom can go everywhere, every time. It could be somehow nakakainggit but you won’t exchange your bonding time with your new family to anything else. It’s the matter of how you would get things organized which I would have to learn in the coming days.

4. Friends

This is one of the things that doesn’t apply naman to all Moms I think. When I gave birth to James, my mind set has changed. I prefer to talk to those who are Moms too regardless if they’re of the same age of me or not. That’s because I can adopt some things based from their experience. I became interested on their story of giving birth, on how they manage to keep themselves sane with all the things that a Mom has to do every day. I have enjoyed reading Mommy Blog than those of a fashion/lifestyle blogs that I followed during my “feeling fashionista days”. That was when I found out na Mommies can have blogs din pala. I didn’t encounter anything when I was pregnant kasi so I stopped blogging. I went back when I read one of Mommy Fleur’s blog entry (Thanks to her!) Some old friends will stay and will celebrate your new life. Yung walang halong kaplastikan, some won’t. We have to learn to accept the fact that not all “friends” are still there when you’re no longer able to go with them on a Friday night or have a slumber party every now and then. Don’t worry, those doesn’t matter when you have your little baby girl/boy.  

5. Love Life

This refers to your boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife stage. When your little one arrived, you would have all your time spent on changing their nappies, breast feeding, especially sleeping because you always feel that you need to take a rest. You wouldn’t notice that you weren’t able to take care of your spouse because you are adjusting to this major change. Communication is the key for a stronger relationship. Talk more and fight less. With that, you will understand each other more. You have to allot a specific time of the day for your husband to make sure that they are also getting the love they need. I know they will understand if you can’t attend to their needs as immediate as it can be because you have undergone a major change in your life, mind and body but it wouldn’t be a reason too not to lend them a hand when they need you. =)

I am not saying that this things applies to everyone as this was my own experience and how my life has changed from single to being a mother. I am sure every Moms had their own way of making through this changes because we are strong! We are strong for our family and kids.

So.. Work.It.Out.Your.Way.Moms

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review |

Deliveries.. I found it so shala. I remember when I was a kid, pag may dumadating na package yung kapitbahay, I would say, “Wow.. May ang yaman nila may nagpapadala sa kanila!”.

When I started working and have a money to support my needs and wants, I am still so scared to order online. Until I gave in to those discounted deals online. It's very convenient.

At this generation, it’s not just clothes, shoes and bags that can be ordered online. Now in the comfort of your own home or office, you can order great meals from great restos in the metro!


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Who is Food Panda?

We are a small team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers and tinkers, working around the clock to make foodpanda the most powerful online tool for food delivery in the universe. We believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun! We wanted something simpler, so we made it. 

Food Panda Food Delivery

Staying in the office for lunch? Tired of the same takeouts? No more wondering what is available near you. foodpanda has online menus from the staggering selection of delivery restaurants around you. Simply enter your post code and search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price range. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours. No online food delivery is too difficult for foodpanda! Food delivery service has never been made easier!

I was one of the lucky members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines to have the chance to try the Food Panda Ph delivery service. I was quite hesitant at first as to which restaurant to use the voucher to. They have a lot in store for you. You will be surprised that your favorite store can deliver your favorite meals thru The challenge I took was to get a 250 pesos worth of order.

My friend and I found the Okuya Food Express where we ordered some of their rice meals. It was great food, good for a hungry tummy in the ofice. Placing an order was a breeze. Their system would locate the nearest restos around your place. After I placed the order, I was sent a text message to confirm the order and an email too. Here's the simple steps on how you could get yours thru

photo grabbed from

So how does food delivery make your life easier? 

Mommy says : It goes a long way for an answer especially for all Moms out there whether they are Working Moms, WAHM or even a SAHM. Talk about the easiest way to get your comfort food delivered in just a matter of time without worrying about the gas and the traffic. With that, you can save your precious time in finishing up your workloads in the office, doing household chores or just simply spending time with your loved ones at home. Convenience pa more?! Eto na yun!! Todo na yan. Hehe. =)

So how was the experience with foodpanda?

Mommy Says : Placing an order online has never been this easy! It was a breeze! I never expected the experience to be this hassle-free.

Although I had a great experience overall, One thing that I just noticed was, there was only one drink given to us - A bottled water which we didn't even order. We actually asked for a Lemonade but nothing has arrived.  What they were telling us is that bottled water daw yung inorder namin. Looking at the screen shot I had before placing the order, this confirms I really ordered Lemonade pero when I checked my confirmation email, it became a bottled water na lang.

I don't know what happened. Maybe the Lemonade wasn't available so the system changed it to bottled water? It was a bit confusing but we let it go na lang kasi nakakaawa naman daw yung delivery man. As per my friend's report eh mukang nag commute lang daw si kuya kasi basang-basa ng ulan. Great dedication at work, Kuya! =)

One good thing that I noticed was the double confirmation they have sent me after placing my order. I received a confirmation text with a code to put in upon submitting my order and an email to notify me that my order has been submitted and now in progress. There was also a courtesy call from the store if your order isn't available. They asked if I will be willing to take any substitute meal which I did.

I wish foodpanda had/was..

Mommy Says:  All I can wish for is to see all of my favorite restos to be here. As in all in one na lang. It's very very convenient lang talaga. Nowadays, that's what you will be looking for right? The service that can go with your busy schedule. =)
Nevertheless, transaction with was a breeze!