Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ako si Abra, My own Version

It's been a while since my last post again.

Nilalangaw na ang blog ko ha?! Hehehe.

Can you imagine guys that it's already December? Hayy.. I can feel the coldness of the wind specially at night. Grabe!! At 5pm, the sun goes down agad. Kaya minsan feeling ko sobrang gabi na eh but looking on the clock, 5:30pm pa lang. How about you? How do you adjust with that? Ako kasi, since feeling ko na gabi na, mejo hirap na akong tapusin yung mga dapat kong gawin kasi I have to sleep early for the next day. Early morning kasi ang pasok ko this month. As you know, our shift changes every month diba? Like yesterday, I was suppose to go to another place pa pero since feeling ko ang dilim na ng paligid, I opted to go home na lang after meeting up with one of my reseller eh.

Anyhoo.. I want to show you this picture..

Do you know him guys?!

Well, for those who doesn't, he's Abra. He's a Filipino Hip-Hop Artist. OF course, somehow I know you are all familiar with fliptop battles diba? Isa sya sa mga lumalaban dun.

When I was pregnant, I remembered Daryl watching fliptop battles in youtube before we go to sleep. He would laugh at certain things after hearing punch lines thrown by contestants. At first, di ko magets kung anong nakakatawa. The place doesn't look comfortable for a battle either. Have you watched one?! You may check on youtube sobrang dami..

So yun nga, I just realized one day that I enjoyed watching fliptop battles having Abra as one of the contestant. I find him so pogi kasi eh.. hehehe. So whenever Daryl watch videos, nakikisingit din ako specially kapag andun nga si Abra.

So guys, I want you to meet Abra when he is younger...


That was James actually. I often have him wear his cap like that and remembered Abra from the way he looks! I edited the picture to delete the background kasi di masyadong maganda ang view. Chaka naman kung ipost ko dito sa blog yung picture ni James with my sister na nakabukaka sa likod diba?!Hahahahaha! 

By the way, pagtinanong nyo yan sa James kung nasaan si Abra, He'll do this..

Ako si Abra! Ako si Abra! is the chant that I make and then he will point at himself. Hehehe! Trained lang ang peg nya but I didn't. He copied Nanay kasi. Often times, Nanay would ask him, "San si Nanay?" then Nanay would point at herself saying "Ako si Nanay". So whenever you asked James san si Nanay, Mama or Abra, He would point at himself. Hehehe. 

Some people find him amazing for doing so kasi they thought kilala talaga ni James si Abra since birth. Hahaha! But it was actually Nanay who thought him to point at himself when asked. =)

It's been a month after James turned to a year old and he's continuing with his milestones. Keep it coming my love!! I love watching you grow up but not too fast please?!


  1. Hahaha! Ayvan does that a lot too. Every time I put his cap on his head, he'll turn it all the way around. And talking about milestones, jusko! hindi mo mamamalayan na nagagawa na niya pala ung mga bagay2 sa sobrang bilis. Kaya take time to observe him every now and then.. :)

    1. Hi Jen, Oo nga eh sobrang bilis ng panahon no?! Most likely, in the next couple of days magiging makulit na din to si James like your Ayvan eh.. Hopefully though he won't say "Itatapon kita sa apoy" like Ayvan. Hahahaha! I was laughing out loud when I read that on your blog sometime ago. =)

  2. Ang cute naman ni James, ang dami narin kalokohan ha. Hehe. Idol ba nya si abra?! Hihi. Naku Mommy Jen, mukhang magiging rapper si James pag laki ha.

    1. No Rackell, hindi nga nya alam kung sino si Abra. I am just asking him kung sino si Abra then would point at himself. Heheh.

  3. Naririnig ko dati yang fliptop alam ko noon pa yan e diba? Pero isa lang ang alam ko... mas pogi si baby James! Apir dyan mommy Jen! hehehe! =)

    1. Hahahahah! Thanks Joy, alam mo yan!! hahaha.
      Oo matagal na din yang fliptop parang last year sya sumikat ng todo talaga. =)

  4. Medyo familiar nga ako sa Abra na yan. Ang kulit ng baby James na yan ah, I'm sure lagi kayo pinapatawa nyan. Mabilis raw lumaki ang mga baby kaya dapat enjoyin while it lasts. :)

    1. Oo Edel, I hope I can have one video uploaded here so you could see him.. So adorable! =)


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