Friday, January 30, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge - Customized

One of my New Year’s Resolution this year is to Save Money. Last year, when I was introduced to Mommy blogs, I was also able to see Kurpot Pinay’s template of the 52 Week Money Challenge. Back then, she took the 50 increment and monthly, she’s having an entry on her blog to report her progress. I was really amazed on how she managed to keep her goals. Dahil jan, peg ko na sya this 2015!


Since I am in the new phase of living my life – my own rented house, having a nanny, everyday food etc., I am trying my best to discover the world of budgeting. Before kasi, dedma lang sakin yang budget budget na yan. If I want something, go lang ng go.

So what I did early this year was to write down the things that I want to accomplish then cross them out when it’s done. Good thing meron din akong planner kaya I am reminded of the plans. It’s my first time to do all these things so come and join me in fulfilling this goal of mine!! =)

For me to save this year, I chose the 52 weeks Money Challenge in 10 peso increment. I think for our budget, it would be enough lang. At least it would be realistic and hindi ako mahihirapan when I reach the highest amount particularly in the next couple of months.

I have read, Mommy Joy of Happiness of Joy that she took this challenge too, only she started from the higher amount going to lowest.

You see, you can customize this challenge on your liking. Of course you have to consider your budgets, money and as to when do you get your pay from your employers. You have to set a challenge that you think na kaya mo naman unlike setting up a higher goal then on a later part, hirap na hirap ka naman ma fulfill at ang ending, give up ka na lang.

Let me show you my template, 

I copied the template from Kuripot Pinay’s blog and printed it out. I am actually thinking if I can reach the goal on the later part. I think I would have a hard time so I decided to jumble the template.

I actually sandwiched the small amounts with the bigger ones so I won’t be that stressed with the amount that I’ll save. In my case, I get paid every 2 weeks so biweekly, I can manage to at least get the required amount for me to save. I actually got the first month of January covered since small amount pa lang so I did the sandwich approach to the months of February – November. I left the December as it is because I would have my 13th month pay to cover that month. It might look confusing to you but what I did was, I had the small amounts increasing every week while the huge amounts are decreasing. It would appear that I will pay Php530 biweekly.

As I mentioned, I got the January covered that’s why hindi ko na sya sinali sa arrangement along with December. So far, I had Php100 as per tracker.

I think this template would work if you:

* are too excited to see your savings grow. I admit that my previous goals in saving money wasn’t successful because I get so bored waiting for it to grow. I want to see it doubled or tripled but since minimum amount lang, mejo mabagal ang pag grow ng money which in the end, tinatamad na lang ako. With this template, there were weeks that you would save a bigger amount which would build up fast din.

* are being paid biweekly or twice a month (15th and 30th). Most employees get paid twice a month only so it would be a burden if you would have to save for the weeks that you don’t get your salary. I actually encountered this last year where I was only able to complete a month. Aside from the fact that my goal was unrealistic with what I can save every week,  I had a hard time saving for the weeks na wala akong sweldo. I learned from so I customized it to give way for those weeks in the middle of payday to save a minimal amount. With this template, I would save Php530 biweekly. In this way, I am aware of this certain amount that I have to save on my salary every now and then. Say for example, the week of Feb 1 – Feb 7 and Feb 8 – Feb 14 would be a total of Php530. That same goes to other weeks.

* don’t want to get bothered on how much your next two weeks would be since you would only pay a certain amount. Using the regular template, there were weeks that you have to pay Php210 and Php220 which would be a total of Php430 then the next two weeks after that would be Php470. Although it would be couple of tens higher, it would be a lot harder for the months of July, August and September onwards.

I took up this challenge so I’ll be able to fulfill one of my New Year’s Resolution for 2015. I customized it the way that it would be fun and easy considering my budget and my salary. Who knows? If I can ace it by the end of the year, I may be able to go up to 20 increment right? =) #positivebivelang

San ko ba gagamitin ang pera?

Emergency Fund. I wanted to have what they call “Emergency Fund”. This would be used only for emergency purposes like hospitalization, calamity, or unemployment. They said that Emergency Fund should be 6x of your monthly salary. I won’t go to that yet kasi it would be really hard for me so I would start with this. I am looking to put this on a savings account for the mean time. I am also considering the amount of Php13,780 to open an account and play a game with stock markets but I don’t want to go that far yet. I don’t know anything about stocks so ngayon, savings muna ako. Who knows? Magka idea ako in stocks before the year ends. =)

What I was planning to do as well is, instead of saving Php530 pesos bi-weekly, I would make it up to Php600 so there would be an extra Php70 which will become a total of  Php1,540 if my calculation is correct. (52 weeks – weeks of January and December (8) = 44 divided by 2 (biweekly) multiplied by Php70). Tell me if I calculated it wrongly ha?! So with these, I would end up having a total of Php15,320 by the end of this year.

Anyone can actually make this 52 weeks money challenge. You just have to make sure that you customized it based on your capability. I hope I could stay on focus in reaching the goal! So help me God! =)

How about you muthers?! How do you plan to save money?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Yaya Failed Me

Hi Muthers!!

I feel low today. I am really sad that my yaya failed me. She really did. Sabi ko pa naman on my last post na sana magtagal sya dahil ok naman ang pagaalaga nya kay James. I am fine din naman sa mga klase ng trabaho nya sa bahay kahit mejo hindi Pulido, napagtatyagaan naman. In the first place, hindi naman ganon ka kalat ang apartment namin.

Ok, Here’s what happened.

Last Friday, before I went to work, I did some shopping especially yung mga necessity talaga like rice grains, eggs, sugar etc. Yung bang kailangan na kailangan talaga sa bahay at hindi na makakapag hintay ng weekend.

Anyway, I bought 5kgs of rice grains nga. I placed it on our storage and noticed na hindi napuno so I said, kulang pala ang 5kgs sa storage na to sa I planned to buy another  5kgs tomorrow (Friday) para mapuno ko. They said that it brings luck din sa household if laging puno ang bigas on your storage. For me, wala naman masamang maniwala dun kasi it’s a necessity naman (bigas) and it would feel secure na may kakainin kami in the next couple of weeks diba?

Eto na nga, As the week passes by, napapansin kong kumokonti ang bigas. Our usual consumption of rice is only 3 takal a day. May tira na yun ha? Until earlier today when I woke up, I noticed na parang ¼ na lang ng storage ang bigas (transparent kasi yung storage). So nagtaka talaga ako ng bonggang bongga mga ateng! I asked her to go to wet market to buy our lunch na lang. I gave her Php500. I requested for a porkchop to fry.

While she’s away, hindi talaga ako mapakali kakaisip sa rice grains kung san napupunta. I seldom get home naman with tirang rice. My instinct was telling me to check her bag. The last time I saw it, it was hanging near our door tapos parang walang laman. When I looked at it, mejo bulky na sya. I know what I did was bad pero I didn’t bother, I saw a paper bag on her bag na natatakpan ng 3 pcs of clothes. The paper bag was sealed with a packaging tape and it seems that it was hard to open. Kinapa ko lang to feel ang laman, I thought it was apple kasi I was telling her since Monday na may apple sa ref and she and James may eat it. Binuhat ko na yung supot from her bag and felt rice grains. I touched to identify what’s on top but I can’t tell. I placed everything back to her bag and gave myself a little time to think. I was telling myself na baka naman someone gave her that paper bag with rice grains inside. I thought I’ll check what’s inside the paper bag and re-seal it with our packing tape. Oh! Great idea! However, I can’t find the tape from where I placed it. I gave up pero hindi talaga mapakali ang instinct ko. I took the paper bag again and cut the tape that seals it. I made sure na hindi masyadong obvious na binuksan. I finally opened it! I was so nervous, it seems like I can’t feel my hands. I was so shocked to see what’s inside.

*  I saw my old shirt and a sleepwear dress -  the shirt was old na pero maayos naman. I actually gave it to my niece pero I wore it once pauwi when we slept over. The sleepwear dress I bought in tiangge when I was pregnant with James to comfortably sleep.

*  Rice Grains – I saw and I confirmed that it was my rice grain. I touched it kasi and since ako ang bumili, alam kong that’s from our storage. It was sold kasi only in the wet market for Php52 a kilo and it was not available on any near store around our house. Okay, that explains kung bakit biglang naglalaho ang bigas ko.

* Canned Sardines and instant noodle – I saw my canned Ligo na nakapatong on top of the grains along with 1 pack of instant noodle.

Yung totoo te!! Parang relief goods lang ang peg!! Juice colored!! She could have asked me for those things na lang diba? I’ll be very glad to hand her some. NKKLK.

I didn’t get anything from the paper bag. I put back the tape and placed it everything inside her bag from how I took it out. When I was putting it all back, I saw merong umbok sa may bulsa sa loob ng bag so I opened it too.. I was shocked even more.

* Peanut Butter – Hindi din nya pinalusot ang peanut butter. Isinalin nya sa mallit na garapon ng cheese whiz.

* Medicine – James was sick couple of days ago as I said here. I was told na yung medicine nya for cough was enough na daw and ubos na, sakto lang sa dosage and days na required syang uminom. I found it inside her bag more than halfway full.

* Old phone – I had this old phone that won’t open. It’s placed only sa underwear drawer namin. Well, she also wants to the old phone.

Geez!! I don’t know what to do at that moment! I told Daryl what I saw and he said na paalisin na lang daw. I was having a second thought up to now because I need her. My life was so convenient having her, James is at ease with her, He even wants to go with her na than mine sometimes. She knew James’ behavior in a short span of time. I have trusted her, everyone did. And now this?

I was thinking that she badly needs these things to get to their everyday life. Maybe walang -  wala sila at kapos na kapos sa araw – araw but she could have told me that she’s badly in need. I could have given her her money until the 15th of February.

Last Saturday, She was asking for Php1,500 advance. I gave her the amount she’s asking without any hesitation. Hours have passed, she’s asking for another Php200 because she needs daw as panggastos dahil they used the Php1,500 to rent a house. I didn’t give her the Php200 because I assume she’s fine. Hindi na kasi sya nagsabi after that text message when she came back on Monday. I assumed that she’s fine. Now, I am thinking that wala talaga syang panggastos that’s why she took some things from our house.

Earlier today, she sent a text message saying that she has to go home because she’s not feeling well. She said na meron syang cough and colds at baka mahawaan pa si Jami. She was even asking for money to buy medicines daw.

As of this moment, she went home na. She said na nilalamig daw sya at masakit ang ulo so she really has to go home. Kakalipat lang daw nila sa bagong house so she’s worried na baka maligaw sya if sobrang gabi na sya uuwi. Daryl and I goes home kasi at 11pm na so she can’t wait for us any longer. She suggested that she’ll James to my sister na lang who lives just walking distance away from home. I agreed and I told my sister na kinin na lang si James at hayaan na ang yaya na ipuslit ang mga kinuha nya. Kunsensya naman nya ang magdadala nyan at hindi ako.

I am just really sad. I am a Mom too and I understand that she has to provide for her son pero she could have asked me na lang, nasaan naman baa ng kunsensya ko kung alam kong kailangang – kailangan pala tapos I won’t give her anything diba? Lalo na kung meron naman ako.

I didn’t make a confrontation earlier, I wanted to process what’s going on and to balance everything. I need her for my son although other people said na hindi ko na dapat pinagkatiwala si James sa kanya dahil sa small things nga hindi mapagkatiwalaan eh, sa anak ko pa kaya? I worried to much knowing na baka ibenta nya pa ang anak ko, or pabayaan if I confronted her and pinalayas sya right then and there. I don’t want to tell her naman na nakita ko sa bag nya all those things kasi it would turn out na pakialamera ako (which I did naman talaga) pero I want to come out here as the victim at gusto kong maintindihan nya na mali ang ginawa nya. All she needs is to ask me, magbibigay naman ako. I was trying to come up with something na hindi naman masisira ang relationship namin. I was thinking of giving her a chance thinking na she get really well with James. Pero now, I am having a second thought. She left my son which was her responsibility until I go home.

I don’t know if she’s done this before but I saw her carrying her bag/paper bag twice this month this month. Ok naman ang pakikitungo naman sa kanya, even my brothers ok din sa kanya. Tomorrow, Nanay will be back from Ilo-ilo and she’s aware of the situation. She said she’ll talk to her daw although I want Nanay and I to talk before they/us three do. I don’t know if I still want her.

I’ll give you an update tomorrow of what we’ll do to her of if she still has the guts to come back. Or maybe she just has to go home tonight to bring the stuff home or she’s aware that I know what she did.


Review | Cabalen

January 20th marked our first year Anniversary in the company we are working for. I am really grateful that our batch was able to make it this far. We may have lost one along the way but still, all of us remained strong.

Being in this company is different from what I have encountered in other BPO that I worked for. I am happier, I sleep with James at night, I enjoy weekends with my loved ones, I can get a Holiday offs. You know, those are the things that you sacrifice to get a higher pay. I am not saying that’s bad pero there were things in life naman na makapagpapasaya sayo na hindi kayang bilhin ng pera mo. I am not against those who were like me before, I have been there. I know how it feels like and we had the same agenda before – to provide better future for our family. Although I have been lucky being here, I am sure what you are doing are great! I have just chosen a different path. =) Oh, I am not saying na malaki sahod ko ha! Maybe just enough. And I know sooner or later, my expenses would change and would probably look into going back on graveyard. But for now, I’ll enjoy what I have.

Anyhow, my batch were trying to find a different way to celebrate our batch however, we  had trouble with our previous pay leaving a budget for necessities only. So we have decided to eat out na lang. We wanted sana sa Buffet 101 or Vikings pero hindi abot ng budget kaya I suggested to try na lang Cabalen.

Cabalen was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho who won the best Kare – kare amongst other restaurants. Although it is unofficial naman, I still wanted to see what they offer on their buffet set up. So far, our batch or me, personally have only tried Dad’s Kamayan, Saisaki (merienda buffet only). I wanted to try other buffet restaurant too so I suggested the next one that I think was a little cheap. Saka na yang mga Buffet 101 at Vikings. Hehehe.

Well, mejo nagtampo pa nga si Daryl kasi we should try Cabalen together daw along with other restos that I listed down kaya lang nauna na ako. Sorry Bebe.. =(

Anyhow, Cabalen’s All day Buffet costs Php398. Sounds cheap compared to other famous buffet diba?

Since it’s an all-day buffet, their menu changes every now and then. I want to say every hour pero hindi naman consistent.

By the way, I tagged along James on our batch – date because my Yaya went home that day. Travelling with James is getting easier as he gets old kasi hindi na kailangan kargahin ng matagal and hindi na masyadong maarte kasi nalilibang na din sya sa environment.

We arrived at 11:30am and I want to say that there were quite amount of people around. Syempre lunch break na so mejo madami na ang kumakain. I checked the buffet area to see what it has to offer. I left James to my friends (for the sake of the food! I was hungry! Hahaha!) while I get my food. I was a little sad kasi most ng mga ulam, hindi ko gusto. I am not a fan of vegetables kasi along with other type of ulam na meron (I don’t know the names!) but I would say it’s very Filipino. I took those food that I think I’ll eat then had James eat too. Since hindi sya mahilig magkanin, yung Pansit Bihon na lang ang kinain nya. The biko, gelatin and Halo – halo were good. They have Lechon, Tocino, Ensaladang Fish (I think), Sushi etc. 


Those plates above were Franz's choices, not mine, Promise!!! =)




We were quite disappointed to know that the Php398 doesn’t include the drinks. You have to pay Php60 for sodas or teas (I forgot if it was the amount of bottomless drinks or not). My friends had water na lang while I had the Halo – halo’s sabaw. Hehehe! 

Habang nagpapababa ng kinain, Franz took this cute photos of James. =)

He was holding a stick with a Marshmallow dipped in Chocolate Fondue. Big boy na talaga ang baby ko!! =)

*photo credit to Franz Lopez 

3rd Fl Bldg B, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review | Austin Land, SM Southmall

Last weekend, I was planning to bring James to Fun Ranch in Alabang so we could try their playdium. From the time I saw Fun Ranch back in 2013, I was 2 months pregnant by then, I wanted to bring James na there so he can play there. Actually nyan, pati ako gusto kong itry! Hahahaha! Toddlers 3 years old and below requires an adult companion with an extra charge so I want to take advantage of it. Hindi kasi ako nakapaglaro sa ganyan nung bata pa ako eh! Hahaha.. Playground lang kasi talaga sa park ang napuntahan ko with matching kakalawangin na slide. Hahaha! #90sbaby

That Saturday afternoon, My sister, Tita Grace went to our house along with her kids. I told her of my plan pero sabi nya, she’s too lazy daw to go there tapos mainit pa daw. Ayaw nya mag loose ng pound or two, kaloka sya! She said, since they are going to SM Southmall daw, I can have James to try the Austin Land inside Timezone, it’s a lot cheaper pa daw. It’s around 3pm na so I think it won’t be very useful to go there. Sobrang hapon na kasi given that we have to commute pa going there. Malapit lang naman but the traffic would require more time pa.

I remember seeing the Austin Land in Southmall before when James was months old but I didn’t pay much attention to it because James was too young to enjoy the place. Karamihan kasi ng nakikita ko dun, puro kids ages 2 and above na so feeling ko hindi pa talaga time for James. I feel timezone din kasi is too noisy and super crowded pag weekends kaya as much as possible, iniiwasan kong pumunta dun.

Anyhoo, that was changed last weekend. After our lunch at Jollibee, (which I suggested so James can see Jollibee a little longer plus, I can earn more points using my Happyplus), I inquired on their rates. Php100 on weekdays and Php150 on weekends. I hesitated a little kasi maliit lang ang place pero it would be a good start naman for James. At least he would be able to give it a try at the same time, I’ll find out on how he would react on a place like this.

I was told to sign the paper which would serve as a waiver that I let my child go inside. Austin Land requires an adult companion for toddlers for FREE which I think was great. I saved Php125 that day! They also have to take picture of James before entry. I brought socks  for me too anticipating that I’ll look after James while playing inside. With that, I saved another Php50 from buying socks from them! Yeah!

As soon as James and I came in, I have to make him sit down so I can take off his shoes but he won’t. Baka excited na din ang bagets with the new environment. I wore my socks too and soon after, I let James walk around the place. I carried him to the pool plenty of small balls as I know he would like it very much.

True enough, he started throwing all the balls with matching gigil on his face.


I captured that on video and it was really funny. Parang galit nag alit sya somewhere while throwing all the balls that he can get. I also have to look after my nephew, Andy, Tita Grace’s son. Hindi kasi pinayagan si Alex, my niece kasi she’s only 10 years old. Dapat daw kasi 18yo pataas ang mga adult companion. Hindi naman bantayin si Andy because he’s 4yo and can handle himself somehow.

OK, I’ll let the picture do the talking na lang. =)

Just got in!!

Looking at other kids playing
At this point, he got the hang of it then started throwing the ball. Good thing walang tinatamaan dahil kami lang yung tao sa place. 

I brought him to this part because I want him to try the maze and the tunnels. To my surprise, he climbed on this thing on his own!!! I am really shocked!! Looking at it, parang madulas and I am kinda scared na baka mag slip sya at malaglag pero he made it to the top!! I want to do cartwheels dun eh, hindi nga lang ako marunong mag cartwheel! Hahahah.. 

 At this point, mejo nagsisi na akong umakyat din ako sa tunnel kasi parang feeling ko di ako kasya dito!! hahaha. It looks like na kapag papasok ako jan, mabubutas yung tunnel. I was afraid na baka malaglag kami nila James and other kids and ma dismantle yung buong playdium! Alam nio ba how it looks like? Parang yung mas malaking version lang ng nasa mga kiddie land ng Jollibee sa ibang branches nila? Hahahaha., Imagine how scared I am! 

Sabi ko sa mga kasunod namin na kids, wait lang ha? Wag muna kayo susunod! =)

Encouraging them both to go through this tunnel
The second tunnel. Ayaw ni James gumapang kasi it only has that ladder eh.
Crawling down. It's still inside the tunnel.
Natuwa sya sa mga patusok na yan, pero napatid sya sa isa sa mga yan hence the photo.

At the end of the maze was the slide. I tried to slide while James is sitting down on my lap pero epic fail yung pag slide ko kasi I was wearing a pekpek shorts

Hindi dumulas yung pwet ko!! Hahahaha!!

This was moving pala in circular motion.

This naman was like a ship moving from the waves of the ocean.
James was not able to try this kasi he's too young pa.
View upon entrance. Mommies taking a rest.
This was the slide. James was trying to go up pero nadudulas sya.

I got really tired from the maze so we took a rest sa pool with balls (I don't know what it is called eh). I was checking all the photos when I realized that he was quite. I looked at him and found these...

He was putting the balls sa sulok ng play area until it was filled up.

Mandatory photo op
This section is for watching movies
Side Kwento: 

I saw this car na walang gumagamit. I held James and I said, "Sakay ka, Anak!" 

And then this little girl went by at inunahan si James. The little girl must be 2 yo. She went inside the car while James was halfway thru. Meaning inunahan nya to go inside. The mom was watching us closely, parang katabi ko lang halos. She was saying "No baby!" pero hindi naman nya pinipigilan si little girl. I took James away eh parang gusto na rin pala nyang sumakay, I know because nilalaban nya yung body nya when I was trying to take him out. Sabi ko na lang, "Paunahin mo na lang si Baby Girl, Anak. Ladies first!". 

I took James elsewhere na lang then later on, I saw na wala ng gumagamit. That's the time I took James in and pushed the car para umaandar sya. Hehehe! Worth the wait! =)

James tried to carry this ball pero mas malaki pa sa kanya. Hehehe!

After a while, I heard the lady saying "Time na po si James." I carried James while he was holding 2 small balls in his hand. Mukhang gusto pang iuwi! =)

Going out of the play area was breeze. We just literally went out. =)

As soon as we got out, We both tried this naman. You can usually see this in SM diba? Php10 per ride. I let James drive tapos mina maneuver ko lang pag babangga na. =)

Trying to get a nice photo of us pero ayan, nagwawala na. Tapos na kasi yung time allotted, he want to go out na.


* Austin Land is perfect for the family who were just strolling around the mall.
* The mismong place was not crowded with kids at the time we came in. 
* Great place para pagurin ang bagets. Heheh! 
* The staff were not that friendly nga lang. I was asking question pero parang may 10 seconds delay bago nila ako kausapin. 
* They said they wanted to take pictures of the baby pero ang blurry naman when I saw it tapos sabi ok na daw.. Haha!
* They were strict in terms of adult companion kasi my niece was not able to come in dahil 10yo pa lang sya. It should be 18yo and above.
* There were 2 televisions, one is not working.
* Ang konti ng plastic balls. Mas okay siguro kung mas madami.

Will I go back to Austin Land? Maybe but definitely not anytime soon kasi I still want to try Fun Ranch. =)

Austin Land
3rd floor, (Inside Timezone) 
SM Southmall, Alabang Zapote Rd
Las Pinas

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nanny 2015

One of the things that I am grateful at the start of 2015 is having a nanny for James. After so many months of struggle, looking for a nanny, it finally paid off. It was a great relief!


I had 2 of my Aunts who took care of James last year and both of them only lasted for a month. It was quite annoying kasi kelangan mag send kami ng money para makaluwas sila in Manila then after a month, they have to go home. Let me put an emphasis to “HAVE” kasi parang requirement na kapag sinabi na uuwi na sila, uuwi na talaga sila at wala ng makakapigil pa. Althoug hindi naman ako ang nagsesend ng pamasahe nila, it’s Nanay or my eldest sister, mejo hindi lang maganda ang feeling na hindi man lang sila tumatagal.

November  have passed and it was Nanay who looked after James until halfway of December where I transferred home. That was also the same time na nakahanap si Nanay ng magaalaga kay James.

Ate Lenie was quite okay naman. She takes care of James well and even plays with him at times. James can be very choosy with the people he wants to go with. He doesn’t even want to be carried by anyone else. I don’t know his criteria pero kapag lalaki ang kakarga sa kanya, he’ll go most of the time but if it would be a  girl, never! That’s why I wanted someone who can still catch up with his kakulitan and his being playful. Since ate Lenie is at 30’s, she’s able to handle James well.

When she started halfway of December, I have let her to be on a stay – out basis. She would come in at 7 or 8 in the morning until 6pm. I was in the morning schedule back in December so that set up was fine. Nanay actually didn’t like the idea kasi same lang din naman daw ang babayaran ko, bakit hindi ko na lang daw ipag – stay in. I told her that it’s fine since maaga naman akong umuuwi at the same time, I want James to get use to her one step at a time. Ayaw ko naman na ma shock ang bagets na iba na ang kasama nya every day. Although my and Nanay’s house is walking distance lang, I still want Ate Lenie to stay out at night. Maybe I did that for the benefit of myself. I am in the new phase of my life where I have to live on our own and I have to deal with another person that I have never known. I am not used to having a yaya so I am still in the mindset na nahihiya akong nagtatrabaho sya sa bahay, something like that. I grew up without a yaya in my entire life so I don’t know what it feels like if someone you just met would be your househelp.

Came January, I had the midshift (12pm-9pm) so I required Ate Lenie to stay in our house on weekdays. In the past weeks, she’s having 2 consecutive days off which Nanay again, disliked. She said that she shouldn’t have 2 days off weekly. One would be fine with her daw. My point naman kasi is, we’re usually not at home every weekends and there’s very minimal things to do. Hindi naman kasi kalakihan ang bahay na inuupahan ko and I wasn’t that makalat naman. At the same time, wala pa kaming cable so wala kaming mapaglibangan sa bahay kundi si James. I am about to fix the cable thingy pa kasi eh..

As of the moment, I find her very helpful to me naman. Having a nanny made me have some me time and even rest after work hours.

Our routine on weekays falls like this:

James and I wakes up at 7am while Ate Lenie is up earlier than us. Magsasaing na yan while she’ll have coffee. Us three (James, Me and Daryl) would cuddle a little until 8am where Daryl has to go get ready for work. I would then ask Ate Lenie to buy food sa palengke para makapag luto before I go to work. There’ll be times din na I will be the one to go to palengke kapag sinisipag ako. Wala pa kasi kaming ref so I can’t buy too many food na madaling mabubulok. I or She would look after James until she’s ready to cook for our lunch. That’s around 9am. If the food is cooked early, Daryl and I would get to have our breakfast together. By then, magpapainit na sya ng water so she can bathe James. By this time, Daryl has left and at 9:30, I’ll get ready na to go to work naman. By 10am, I’ll leave the house while James would play or they’ll go to Nanay’s house to watch cartoons.

Daryl and I would come home at around 10:30pm. I don’t often eat na at night. I don’t want to feel bloated before going to sleep while Daryl would sometimes eat and sometimes don’t. James and Ate Lenie are both asleep by then. Daryl and I would catch up on how our days went and would go to sleep in a while.

That’s our everyday routine on weekdays. For weekends it’s different as Ate Lenie would do the laundry while I take care of James. That I want to happen na moving forward. Last couple of weeks kasi, it was Nanay who’s doing the laundry because I don’t like Ate Lenie’s way of paglalaba at pagasasampay. However, since Nanay went to province, Ate Lenie did the laundry. I asked her to go home on a Saturday afternoon na lang kasi mostly, Friday night pa lang umuuwi na yan eh tapos Monday morning na ang balik.

One thing that I noticed was, hindi sya masyadong magalang over me. Hindi ko naman sinasabing bastos sya or anything bad. She was introduced kasi by Nanay as Ate Lenie so I got used to it. Dapat daw, I’ll call her on her first name then she’ll call me Ate as her respect over me – sabi ng sister ko. Parang kabaliktaran kasi yung nangyari. Hehehe. Anyway, ok lang naman. Hindi naman big deal masyado. Although I want to correct it somehow, parang ang hirap, I don’t know how to start. Mejo nasanay lang ako na tumatawag ng ate sa mas matanda sakin. Hayyy.. Pero hindi ko naman na gagawing big deal nga.. keri na yan for now. =) Sometimes, I get piss lang on how she sends me text messages.

At some point, She was asking if she can make bale( advance) daw. OK lang naman sakin and it wasn’t a problem kasi maliit lang naman ang hinihingi.

Me: Ok ate. Mamaya na lang yung xxx mo pag uwi ko.

Ate Lenie: Gwin mung xxx. Blik cu ung xxx s Monday..qng may pera kpa..

Speechless ako mga teng!! I don’t know I just feel na hindi ako ang amo eh. Hahahaha! I am just making fun of it na lang kasi hindi din naman nya siguro intention to sound na nang uutos diba?! Hehe.

It’s her 2nd month with us on Feb 15 and I am hoping she will last for a long time kasi ok naman talaga sya. =)