Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Encounter with A Bully Kid

**I am not even sure if it will be called bullying. If not, leave me a message and tell me the right word for it. I'll be happy to edit the post**

The weekend that past, I asked Daryl to eat at Jollibee in Philam, Las Pinas. It was just along Alabang- Zapote Road so bumaba kami ng bus before we go to his Mom’s house. He even asked why there? I only have two answers in mind. (1) James loves Jollibee so much and (2) They have a play area. Ayaw man lolo nyo kasi mejo maiistorbo ang byahe naming ng slight, wala syang nagawa kasi yun ang sinabi ko! Heheheh. =)

You see I want to bring James to a play place like Gymboree, Fun Ranch and so on. I want to see how he would play, how would he react to other kids and find out his attitude in socializing with other kids. I am trying to find a discounted deals online however, most of the time, the place is too far away. Ayaw ko naman na byahe pa lang, pagod na agad kami diba? The closest one that we have is Fun Ranch Alabang. My first encounter with Fun Ranch was when my nephew celebrated his 7th birthday in 2013. I was 2 months pregnant so even they had free unlimited play for the kids and kids at heart, I wasn’t able to go inside their Playdium or even on the outside rides.

Anyway, our encounter with Jollibee play area was fine. There were quite a few people on their dine are specially on the play place.

Perfect timing for my little boy!

No pictures, battery low kasi ang phone ko.. (Boooo!)

After my meal, I accompanied James on the play area. I didn’t take his slippers at all because wala syang socks. I let him play on a spot where it has a wheel. You see James loves anything with wheels. Pati yung gulong ng cart nya or ng bike, paiikutin nyan! I can see from him that he’s enjoying our stay. May plus factor pa kasi Jollibee’s statue outside was kitang – kita from the inside dun sa play place kaya panay ang ngiti ng bagets.

I want him to try the slide sana kaya lang hindi ako kasya sa tunnels eh! Hahahaha!

I took him on the second level so he can climb on the tunnels too and get to slide pero he’s not familiar with it kaya dedma lolo nyo.

I put him back to the wheel kasi yun lang ang na appreciate nya but then, there was this bigger kid, around 4 years old na who went immediately to where James was standing. He was trying to grab the wheel from James! Binabalya nya and he was trying to remove James’ hand from the wheel. Alam nyo naman si James, hindi pa stable and pagtayo at paglalakad as he has just learned how to walk alone so konting bangga lang, natutumba agad.

Everything happened in a quick second so to my surprise, all I have uttered was “Ay! Ay! Ay!” while rushing to James.

IN fairness to the Mom, she was alert din in grabbing her son away from James. She said “wag ka dun sa baby!” then instructed her son to play elsewhere.

Good thing hindi naman nasaktan or natumba si James.

So I came thinking, What if the Mom doesn’t care on her son’s behavior? How would I react if James got out – balanced? What would I do?

Warla na ito!!.. Mapagpatol pa naman ako sa mga bata!

Hahahahaha! Joke lang.

Thankfully, James wasn’t hurt. We went out right after as I asked Daryl to get James na. Ayaw na kasing umalis sa play area. With that, I am so bringing him to Fun Ranch na talaga! I want to let him explore more and improve his motor, social, intellectual skills etc..

Do you Mommies know any child – friendly and affordable play area? Let me know!! =)


  1. Good thing walang nangyaring masama kay James. Naku, di ko maimagine mangyari kay Rhian yun. buti nalang sa Gymboree malaki yung play area nila and okay yung ibang kids so far na naeencounter ni Rhian.

  2. Haven't tried pa yung mga playgrounds e, kasi ayaw ni daddy J ng nilalapit sa ibang tao si baby A dahil sa mga sakit tulad ng sipon, mas protective sya kesa sakin e.

    Dapat lang guide din ng ibang mga parents ang mga anak nila kapag nakikipag interact sa ibang kids lalo na kung nakakasakit. Good thing ok naman si baby James, baby pa kaya yan.

  3. Sa tingin ko hindi naman bully yung bata. Kids do not know the concept of sharing and are very possessive especially of the things they own (although hindi nga lang sa kanya yung wheel). Same din yata siguro yung tinutukso nating yung mga bata na "sakin nalang 'tong toy" or "sakin na yung mommy/daddy mo", I think same din naman yung reaction nila. Sasabihin "No!" tsaka kukunin din nila yung kamay mo pag nakakapit ka for example sa mom/dad.

    In my opinion, kids should be exposed to these kinds of situations although not to the point na sinasaktan na sila. Parents can be very protective of their children but the kids should be the ones to actually experience those things. Although...maliit pa si baby James so dapat may guardian talaga around. I am totally ok with my daughter experiencing the same thing parang ganun din yata pag naglalaro sila nung older cousin nya, but I will make sure na it doesn't reach the point that she's being hit. Yun yung two cents ko.

    I'd like to recommend a few articles, too, based on Respectful Parenting concepts:


    1. Thanks Mommy Pam. I think that would be a right word. The boy might be possessive and doesnt know how to share yet. I'll have this post updated. =)
      Thanks too for the link. =)

  4. Buti ok lang si baby James. I'm more into outdoor playgrounds. Check this link.

  5. Mommy, mukhang ganyan din si D, db bully siya? Haha our pedia explained na its a phase ng mga bata. Medyo ayaw pa nila magshare ng toy or play area since they are still learning how to miggle with other kids, pero ngaun medyo hndi na siya bully.


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