Monday, January 5, 2015

Cheers to 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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Back to reality it is. First day of work for 2015 and I have heard na OA ang tao sa bank. I have been back to work and eto, windang agad because I had things to accomplish ng sabay – sabay. I want to take it slow lang. I have officially re-open my mini business. Starting today, January 5, I am accepting new inquiries and orders ulit. Hoping we’ll have a bountiful year. =)

I am sure you all have been very hopeful this 2015. I am too. I am looking forward to change a bit – in a better way.

I am so thankful with 2014 for giving me so much opportunities to grow as a person, as a mom and as a future wife.

It has been a year when I had ups and downs in terms of money and in some life situations.

I have been very busy thinking about James’ birthday and fulfilling my duty as a Mom.

I have been introduced to some blogging events though I was not able to keep up with it due to another opportunity that came my way.

I opened my business The Jeimis Shop in Facebook.

I gained new friends thru blogging, Mommy Joy of Happiness of Joy Blog ; Edel of Life In Manila Blog ; Mommy Rackell of blog.

I have so much to be thankful for and this post would be longer than it’s supposed to be. Although I know there’s always be room for improvement, this 2015, I am open for growth, learning, activities and blessings of course.

I am not fond of new year’s resolution talaga though I have been making this when I was young, I don’t think I made a change anyway. So this year, to make it official, I’ll be happy to post this on my blog so that you guys can also remind me if I am going off track on my goals. Game?

1.      Time Management -  I really would like to be able to manage my time efficiently. I am very thankful with my friend for giving me a planner. I actually don’t know how to use it kasi I didn’t have one before. I am taking it as it is. Planner means, planning ahead of time. I wrote down some of the things that I want to do on a specific day and before my day start, I am looking at it so I can keep up with the schedule. I will do my best to do things on the time they are supposed to be done so that I won’t have to reschedule them. It usually happens in my business kasi. I want to set a cut off date as to when they can order and when will I go to my supplier to get their stuff. With that, I can do more and would be able to accomplish things effectively.

2.   Family Bonding – I want to be able to establish more family bonding for the three of us. I wrote down 12 things that we can do every month as a family like travelling near or far. It won’t get so hard naman kasi we can always borrow Daryl’s Mom’s car. Daryl is learning how to drive so hoping that we can later on travel without a need of a driver. I have been travelling before I had James and it was really fun. I want James to experience beach, oceans, different kinds of places, people and the experience. It was a great bonding experience for the family and I am looking forward for more travel this year!

3.     Savings – I have been reading Kuripot Pinay’s Blog since last year and found how important it is to save. Although I wasn’t able to keep up with her posts lately due to my new business ventures, I am coping up to see how successful she has become especially with her 52 week money challenge. I actually tried this last year, around May, I made a 40 week money challenge but I failed. I was planning to have the money saved as James’ fund but I was not able to finish it at all due to some expenses along the way. I am looking forward to start the year right financially. This time, I have copied one of Kuripot Pinay’s template on her 52 week money challenge. You just have to choose on which increment you prefer and what you can think you are capable of. The money will be used as our emergency fund.

4.     Pay/Avoid Debts – My 2014 has been really a pain in the ass in terms of financial. I have been on debts left and right so this year, I am looking forward to wisely manage my money and to lessen or clear out those debts. I would need to improve my cash flow to cover those debts.

5.      Get Fit – Last year, I gave myself ample time to recover from the Csection I had when I delivered James. I was told kasi with all those pamahiin na “magpa isang taon ka muna”. Have you heard of that? Binat it is. I kind of afraid to get binat so I think there’s no harm naman to follow. Besides, it’s like taking care of myself too. I don’t want to force my body on the things that I can do before I got pregnant and had the operation although some celebrities like Jolina Magdangal who underwent the same operation were able to work out after months of giving birth naman. Baka masyado lang akong mapag paniwala sa mga kasabihan. Hahaha. When I showed Daryl that this is one of my goal, he said he won’t believe it daw. Hahahah! Grabe sya sa kin ayaw nyang maniwalang magda diet at mag eexercise ako! Pag ako lang talaga pumayat, “Who you” sya sakin! At dahil jan, isa ito sa top 5 ko =).

I still have a lot of things that I want to accomplish but this is the first 5 that I want to focus on. Yung iba kasi mejo minor details lang naman. Kung baga, these 5 are the huge chunk of what I want to achieve this 2015.

How about you guys? Did you establish your New Year’s Resolution? Let me know!!



  1. It' nice na meron kang ganitong list mommy Jen. Mas organized talaga kapag may plan kang sinusunod at lalong nakakatulong para sa tulad mo ding mommy na. Pinaka importante sa lahat dyan ang family bonding.

    Yung sa diet naman... well... i'm trying din...kaya natin yan mommy Jen! hehe! =)

    1. Yes Joy, At least I can look back anytime on this post diba? hehe. Yang diet? Ang hirap nyan eh hahahah!

  2. Hi Jen! Happy New Year! Your list is very nice and hopefully 2015 brings blessings to all of us!

    1. Thanks Gladys! A bountiful new year for you and your family! =)

  3. Happy New Year Mommy Jen. I hope to see you soon. Sana maging active ka na ulit sa MBP, for sure magkakasama tayo sa mga events na na organize ni MBP. :)


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