Friday, January 16, 2015

First Blessing of 2015 : Domain Name


It was actually a long weekend for the most Filipinos because of the Papal Visit 2015. Pope Francis arrived in the country yesterday, January 15, 2015. The Filipino people felt really blessed with that and I can see how badly they want to see the Pope. You see, I was not a Roman Catholic kaya hindi ko masyadong makita ang importance ng pag visit ni Pope Francis. Nevertheless, I can see that everyone is happy and blessed to be able to see him.

Anyway, what I want to share with you guys today is that…


Hahahaha… I feel so happy, I am actually doing the happy dance right know. I am so excited to see my blog with .com on it. I am still trying to get used to it. Whenever I comment kasi on the blogs that I follow, there’s a form asking for your website and most often, nilalagay ko pa dun yung old URL ko. Hehehe. Thank you all very much my dear friends/readers for visiting my blog! I know there were only quite a few who really goes to my blog to read thru my new posts and I am trying my very best to reciprocate through blog hopping too. I want you to also feel loved by reading your posts because that’s what you also make me feel. With that, I wanted to write more, to explore more and to share more of my family escapades along with James’milestones and our everyday musings in life as a corporate slave/Mom/partner. Nape pressure na nga ako knowing that I only use my phone for pictures. Wala kasi akong camera, the last one got broke so I have to get a new one pero since hindi pa kaya ng budget eh, cellphone lang muna. Pagtyagaan nyo na lang guys ok?! Heheheh.. What’s important naman siguro was the content?! Diba? Diba?? Heheh.. 

 Thank you guys!! I’m sure I don’t have this blog kung wala kayo na laging nag I spend ng precious time nyo para lang magbasa ng mga ka kornihan at kadramahan ko! Hehehe. =) I LOVE YOU ALL!!! =)This is my very first blessing of the year 2015!!

I’ll try my best to at least post a tutorial of how I managed to get a domain on my blog. Techie ito guys at nosebleed galore ako pero thank God I did it. =)

Love, Love, Love!! =)


  1. Hahaha! Congrats, sis! Mas nakakainspire magblog kapag may own domain lalo na kapag may total make-over na ang blog mo. I'm still saving money for it. Ang hirap din kasi kumupit kay M lalo na pag walang kukupitin. Hahaha! Yung first domain ko alam mo wala pang one month blog ko bumili na ako pero kaso hindi ako techy that's why it took me two months before I figured out how to link it on my blogsite! Waaaaaa!!! :D

  2. Congrats Jen! I'm so happy for you, alam mo yan! We're always here to support you at walang sawang nagbabasa ng iyong blog. Salamat din at isa ka sa kauna unahang nakabasa ng blog ko and you inspire me too na magsulat.

    More blessings to come! =)

  3. Wow! Buti ka pa, will wait fo your post about that.


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