Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Toddler is Growing Fast

I have been reading my previous posts and felt happy at some point. Okay din talaga ang may blog no?! You can always back read and you would later on think “ginawa ko pala yun” or “naisip ko pala yun before?” When I was younger, I never had the chance to keep a diary kasi hindi ko alam kung saan ko itatago. I don’t want anyone else reading it syempre. Ang awkward kasi nun if ever nabasa ni Nanay or ng mga kapatid ko, malamang puro pang aasar ang aabutin ko sa mga yun. Hahahaha!  Although blog is different kasi everyone will be able to read it, I find it more helpful. There were some people (or reader if you may) that are generous enough to leave helpful comments and I thank them for it. =) 

I have realized that I have not told you about James’ progress na ano?! So let’s talk about my little man then.

I am so glad to report to you guys that he started walking. At the age of 1 year and 1 month, he walked on his own. I was so surprise to the point that I am always watching him walk. I am amaze with God’s wonders that He allows us Moms to see that great milestone of our kids. Clap! Clap! =)

I went home that afternoon, I am busy changing to my pambahay when I saw James from the other side of the room then in just a matter of seconds, I saw him on the other part naman. I thought namalikmata ako at naisip na baka may multo na pala sa bagong bahay ko. I wondered as to how that happened as I never heard him crawl or I never felt him holding my legs to transfer places. Then I realized later that night that he has been walking on his own. Although he’s still walking tiptoed, he’s able to walk from one place to another. Say from our drawers to our bed which is just 5 foot in distance.

I told my Ate Lenie, my new baby sitter that James is now walking and she said yes. She knows it na pala.

Kaloka si bakla di man lang sinabi sa akin! Aatakihin ako sa puso kala ko may multo, mejo duwag pa naman ako!

Anyway, I posted a video on my facebook account while he’s walking from me to Daryl which is around 10-15 feet in distance and to our delight, he walked ng hindi natutumba! I am so proud of my little boy!!! Woohoooo! 


I was so proud, what I did is to let him walk and walk all day outside of our house, with guidance of course.

Nirampa ko sya sa labas ng bahay para makita sya ng mga kapitbahay that all those days of practice has now paid off. Every day of the month of November, pinapractice ko yan si James outside. I can hear neighbors telling him, “maglakad ka na kasi!” “Bakit ba nakatingkayad yan maglakad?”. I know it’s the smallest thing pero nakakainis lang na they can’t keep their mouth shut. I even blogged about it here.

Hindi ba pwedeng after ilang months matututunan din nya? Kelangan talaga pag ka edad ng isang taon? Pressure lang te?! Kakaloka!

Anyhoo, now that he’s walking, I am so glad to bring him in malls or just everywhere because I know I won’t be that tired kasi there’ll be at least 1-5 minutes that he will be walking on his own. Mejo parang prusisyon nga lang sa bagal pero ok na din. =)

I am trying to upload the video here sa blogger but it’s not playing so I uploaded it on Youtube and here it is!! =)

Click on this link to play. This was actually not the same video I uploaded on Facebook. If you want to see that one, please let me know. I can give you an access. =)

At his age now of 1 year and 2 months, he’s able to do so many things! I am shocked and amazed everyday knowing that he is no longer that little baby that only knows how to drink milk and cry and sleep. I listed down some of the things that he learnt after his first birthday. 

1. He knows “beautiful eyes”by blinking his eyes a little frequent. 
2. He knows where his nose and eyes is.
3. When asked, “how old are you?” he would raise his index finger means, 1.
4. When you say bless, he would vow his head so kelangan mong ilapit yung hands mo to him. Hahah!
5. He understands “NO”. Although there are times that he tests me or his Dad. When he heard “No yan!” He will look at us while his hands still do whatever it is that he’s doing. Minsan iiling – iling na yan which means, he understands that what he’s about to do is a “NO” but still do it anyway.
6. He knows “Bugbog” as he acts punching in the air. That same goes with “Boxing”.
7. He knows Bird by saying “Bu”.
8. When asked, “anong sabi ng Dog?” He would say “ Awaw”
9. He knows Cats as Miming
10. He also knows Langgam (Ants) by saying “Aga” while pointing into it.
11. He keeps on blabbering, it’s as if he’s saying something.
12. He follows hand gestures of whatever he’s watching - Hi-5 during their entry and exit songs, Elsa while singing Let it Go in Frozen or films/movie/cartoon shows that has hand movements.
13. He loves Jollibee soooooo much! He knows Mickey Mouse, and loves watching Pororo songs.
14. He looks up when asked, “san ang Moon?’ 
15. He knows how to play with a ball and can even say “bo” (ball). 
16. Boom boom refers to a toy car. He knows how to play with it. 

All of these happened in a flash. I thought it would take a long time before he would be as responsive as he is now. I am starting to think that he is getting older really fast and I am having a hard time coping up. He’s walking here and there at home sometimes nagugulat na lang ako kasi may naglalakad na maliit na bata everywhere.

Thank God for all the blessings and to making my dear little boy a healthy one. May He continue blessing us and guide us to become a better parent to our boy. =) Here’s a love letter for you my precious boy..

Dear James,

You are growing faster than I can imagine! I can’t believe you are doing all those stuffs already where in fact, my memory still recognizes you as a little boy that just came out of my tummy! 
You are a wonderful person and your attitudes and personality is now showing up little by little. I am praying that I will have enough knowledge and patience to mold you as a better person, a smart, loving and responsible man. You enlighten my mind and heart everyday James. 
I might have been a good person before to deserve you and everyday I wish that you would be safe while I am not around. I am thankful that you are in a good shape and growing up as a happy cutie boy.

I know we still have a long way to go James. We can do it altogether. Mama and Daddy love you to the moon and back! =)



  1. Ang galing naman ni baby James! Very good a! Kudos mommy Jen for teaching baby James. May sarili talaga silang version ng mga names anoh? Like Ant as Aga! hehe, nakakatuwa! Ang sarap na din kasama sa mall nyang, masakit lang talaga sa likod kasi aalalayan mo sya. At ang pogi din! =)

    1. Oo nga Joy, may sarili silang dictionary talaga! hehehe.

  2. Sa pic nya na yan, talagang ang laki ng inilaki ni Baby James mo ha. Nakakatuwa naman, gusto ko na rin magka-baby ulit nakakainggit magbasa ng mommy blogs nyo grabe. :)

  3. They really grow up so fast. Babies are amazing!

  4. Naku they grow up so fast. Before when my baby was 1 di pa gaano nagsasalita today super daldal na talaga. Hayaan mo gagaling din yan mag lakad ; ) At after a few months daldal naman


  5. I am also amazed with my daughter's milestones... nakaka twang isipin an nairaraos natin sila in the sense na growing healthy and strong sila... time flies kaya seize the moment

  6. Good job si mommy for taking down those milestones, galing heheh. Our kids never really stopped amazing us with their developments and before you know it, they will be taller than you already ;)

  7. me din, super napressure ako sa mga things like dapat pag ganitong age nakaka ganito something na... like sa pag stand, medyo late sya pati sa speech, lagi ko kinukulit yung pedia kasi i thought may mali na, yun pala iba iba ang pagdevelop ng kids, in short late bloomer daw, ngayon ng natutong mag walk di na mahabol, nung natutong magsalita daldalera na :P hay thank you lord.

  8. I had the same thoughts when Jacob, my eldest, was in his toddler years. I felt like months passed by so quickly. Suddenly he's running around, babbling about constantly. I promised the next time I had a baby (which is now), I'll be watching more closely. :)

  9. Super fast talaga! My daughter's turning 4 next month and I am freaking out kasi ang bilis bilis ng mga pangyayari!!!

  10. This is one of the reasons why I still maintain my blog, though there are times na tinatamad ko magpost. I want to document my son's milestones and I love backreading too, how I wish nung preggy pa lang ko nagblog na ko para mas marami ko mabackread. Time flies so fast talaga. :)

  11. Nakakaproud talaga to see our kids' development. If we can fast forward everything, why not? But as much as possible, we want to let our kids learn one skill at a time :)

  12. Enjoy each milestone. Nakakatuwa talaga. Before you know it, tatakbo na yan :) -edel

  13. If I can only blog each day what my children are learning to, naku mapupuno feed ko :) Good job baby James. Babies these days are so smart :)


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