Monday, January 12, 2015

On Teaching Body Parts + 2nd Weekend of 2015

When I found out that I was pregnant, I subscribed to for me to monitor my baby’s growth inside my tummy. I am excited every week to read a new milestone of him inside. The website also has a 3d videos where it showcase how your baby’s look inside and what are the things he’s doing. I am amazed! Really amazed on how a woman’s body can take care of a new life inside her body.

Now that James is a toddler, I have subscribed to another website which was I found this website through KikayMommySha. I back read her posts din kasi like Mommy Fleur. I have never realized that the website has been sending emails on how my baby’s development and so far, nakikita ko naman na on average ang growth ni James.

As of the moment, he is 11 week old toddler, based on, this is the best time to introduce their body parts. Starting with those usual one like nose, eyes, ears etc. 

What Mom Jen does:

James is growing really fast. I am shocked myself to see him na marami ng alam sa mga bagay sa paligid. It was hilarious din sometimes kasi he is trying to imitate me on whatever that I am doing.

Weeks ago, I have introduced his eyes and nose to him. I am starting to get him familiarized to his face however, I realized that he is getting confused when I introduced things ng sabay – sabay. Since it was his nose that he got used to immediately, I skipped the eyes muna. I make sure to ask him from time to time ng “San ang nose?” for him to get familiar. I sometimes use Mickey Mouse stuff toy to point out the nose so he can see as to which part of the face it is located. Daryl also asks him the same question paminsan – minsan and with that, James mastered the question “San ang nose?”.

Early part of last week, I started introducing his eyes again. I’ll ask “San ang eyes?” then he would point out to one eye pero para di sya matusok, he will close that eye. After couple of days, he’s getting used to it and I am happy pero somehow, nakakalimutan nya yung “san ang nose?” question ko. I don’t know if he wasn’t paying attention lang or he forgot na talaga. Anyway, I am not in a hurry naman. I believe kasi na practice makes perfect just like what we did before he can walk on his own.

Oh wait, I have a kwento. There was this time where Ate Lenie is dressing him up. She said, “san ang titi?” Yes!! She asked that and found it a little offending. It’s either hindi ako sanay na naririnig yun, or ang dumi lang talaga ng isip ko. Hehe.  Anyway, James didn’t react on what she asked instead,

Ate Lenie: Ay, hindi nya alam.
Me: Oo hindi nya alam yan! Jami (as we call James at home), san ang lali?
James: (pointing, touching and holding his putoytoy)

I had this nephew who started to call his putoytoy as Lali. We don’t know where he got that but since then, we call the private parts as lali.. hehehe.. Mind you, James knows it at his age. =)

So there, I would use the same method until he can recite all of his body parts including those that weren’t that noticeable like ankle, shoulder, elbow etc.

How about you Mommies? How do you teach your kids their body parts? 

Also, this weekend, there’s nothing much that we did.

Since Daryl has to work on a Saturday, James and I went to his Tita Fraulene instead (my eldest sister). Eto na lang kasi ulit yung chance na magkikita sila ng sister ko after she gave birth to Saab, the youngest member of our family. She’ll be turning 1 month this 15th.

Anyhoo, I was so happy to see him playing with his boy cousins. Time flew really fast, the last time I can remember, pagapang – gapang lang yan. Hayyy.. I also borrowed a long sleeve polo from my nephews. Good thing meron silang napagliitan na. Nung sinukat naming kay James, ang liit na! Ang laking bulas din kasi ni James. We can’t put the tie kasi mejo masikip na sa leeg nya if we close the neck button. Mejo body fit din sa kanya. Hoping that it would still fit him by the end of January! We are attending a wedding kasi and I am looking na mejo formal naman ang attire ni James. Last time we attended a wedding kasi, he’s only wearing a tshirt and a maong short. =(

On Sunday afternoon, we attended Evoh’s first birthday party. Evoh is James’ cousin. 2 months lang ang pagitan nila. It was my and James’ first time to have a face/body paint and it was cool. Messy nga lang yung kay James because he was so malikot after the paint has been applied so it didn’t get the chance to dry up.

Weekends are for family! 2ondof52weeks


  1. Chloe calls her private part "vajayjay".

    Uso na kasi ngayon ang nickname ng mga genital organs, haha :)

  2. I started teaching our girls body parts at their early age too.And the hardest one is to teach them the private part.But now they know.

  3. Galing naman ni baby James! nakakatuwa ang mga kids kapag tinuturuan ng body parts anoh? Ituro mo sa kanya yung song na head and shoulders,knees and toes, siguradong mage- enjoy sya. =)


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