Thursday, January 8, 2015

Picadillo Ala Mommy Jen

Before New Year’s Eve, I was in the mood for some cooking.

I suggested to Daryl that I want a  tortang giniling and he agreed naman. I think it was way easier to cook however, when I was in the market to buy the ingredients that I need, I got nervous kasi I didn’t know if Daryl understand the ulam that I want to cook. I thought maybe, he’s expecting the Giniling with Tomato Sauce rather than the tortang giniling that I am thinking about.

So I ended up buying both ingredients needed for those 2 ulam that I mentioned. 

I talked to him when I got home and finally decided that I’ll cook the Giniling with Tomato Sauce para merong konting sabaw for James na din. It was kind of hard for me to think of an ulam na pwede din kay James although his pedia said na pwede na sya ng table food because he’s a toddler na nga. 

I was so happy to share this to you guys kasi the first time na nag marunong akong magluto nito, hindi maganda ang kinalabasan. I put too much tomato sauce and I even added a tomato paste pa ha! Noodles na lang ang kulang, spaghetti na ang dating! Hahahaha! Anyhoo, I learned from that mistake and here I am, trying my luck in cooking again. 

It’s one of those reason why I wanted to make bukod rather than living with relatives. I want to cook kasi. I can’t do that at home kasi ako lang ang hindi marunong magluto among my siblings, even our younger brother can cook. With that, lagi nila akong inaasar when I am planning to cook so mejo nawawala ang self-confidence ko in cooking. Unlike when I am cooking in my ‘own’ house with Daryl, aba! Kung gusto nya ng peaceful na buhay, kainin nya ang mga palpak kong luto.

Hahahahaha! Joke.

So here’s the easy peasy simple recipe of my very own ‘Pork Giniling with Tomato Sauce’ or ‘Picadillo’

Ingerdients :

Ground Pork
Potatos, chopped in cubes
Carrots, chopped in cubes
Cooking oil
Tomato Sauce


1. In a Casserole, Put in the cooking oil to Sautee’ onion and garlic until it garlic turned brown and onion becomes clear.
2. Add the potatoes and carrots. Sautee until the vegetables are slightly cooked – about 3 minutes. 
3. Put in the Ground Pork until it turned slightly brown. 

4. Placed in the tomato sauce and add in a half cup of water. Let it boil for 8-10 minutes. 
5. Salt and Pepper to taste. 

Some people wants to add a bell pepper which is fine but I don’t eat it so I disregard that part. =) 

And the partners’ final say?!.... 

“Marunong ka naman pala magluto eh”

I don’t know what it means but it sounded better than the last one which was a silent one. Hahahaha! Parang napilitan lang kasi syang kainin yung unang luto ko nito. =)

Finally, I cooked something nice before 2014 ended. It felt good talaga so I was trying to check easy recipes online including Kikay MommySha’s blog. =)

How about you guys?! Any recipes I can borrow??! =)


  1. Isa yan sa paborito kong ulam! Try mo lagyan ng mga nilagang itlog minsan mas nakakatakam. Hehe. :)

  2. oo nga tama si Edel, try mo lagyan ng nilagang egg, na try na namin dati yan e pero hindi ako ang nagluto dahil hindi ako marunong magluto, hehe!

    Go, go, go mommy Jen! =)

  3. Wow! Picadillo sounds more sosyal.. haha... Nilalagyan namen yan ng quail eggs :)

  4. Hi Jen,

    Naku ultimate fave yan ng boys ko. Lalo na ung Dadi. Haha. Masarap talaga yan.


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