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Review | Cabalen

January 20th marked our first year Anniversary in the company we are working for. I am really grateful that our batch was able to make it this far. We may have lost one along the way but still, all of us remained strong.

Being in this company is different from what I have encountered in other BPO that I worked for. I am happier, I sleep with James at night, I enjoy weekends with my loved ones, I can get a Holiday offs. You know, those are the things that you sacrifice to get a higher pay. I am not saying that’s bad pero there were things in life naman na makapagpapasaya sayo na hindi kayang bilhin ng pera mo. I am not against those who were like me before, I have been there. I know how it feels like and we had the same agenda before – to provide better future for our family. Although I have been lucky being here, I am sure what you are doing are great! I have just chosen a different path. =) Oh, I am not saying na malaki sahod ko ha! Maybe just enough. And I know sooner or later, my expenses would change and would probably look into going back on graveyard. But for now, I’ll enjoy what I have.

Anyhow, my batch were trying to find a different way to celebrate our batch however, we  had trouble with our previous pay leaving a budget for necessities only. So we have decided to eat out na lang. We wanted sana sa Buffet 101 or Vikings pero hindi abot ng budget kaya I suggested to try na lang Cabalen.

Cabalen was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho who won the best Kare – kare amongst other restaurants. Although it is unofficial naman, I still wanted to see what they offer on their buffet set up. So far, our batch or me, personally have only tried Dad’s Kamayan, Saisaki (merienda buffet only). I wanted to try other buffet restaurant too so I suggested the next one that I think was a little cheap. Saka na yang mga Buffet 101 at Vikings. Hehehe.

Well, mejo nagtampo pa nga si Daryl kasi we should try Cabalen together daw along with other restos that I listed down kaya lang nauna na ako. Sorry Bebe.. =(

Anyhow, Cabalen’s All day Buffet costs Php398. Sounds cheap compared to other famous buffet diba?

Since it’s an all-day buffet, their menu changes every now and then. I want to say every hour pero hindi naman consistent.

By the way, I tagged along James on our batch – date because my Yaya went home that day. Travelling with James is getting easier as he gets old kasi hindi na kailangan kargahin ng matagal and hindi na masyadong maarte kasi nalilibang na din sya sa environment.

We arrived at 11:30am and I want to say that there were quite amount of people around. Syempre lunch break na so mejo madami na ang kumakain. I checked the buffet area to see what it has to offer. I left James to my friends (for the sake of the food! I was hungry! Hahaha!) while I get my food. I was a little sad kasi most ng mga ulam, hindi ko gusto. I am not a fan of vegetables kasi along with other type of ulam na meron (I don’t know the names!) but I would say it’s very Filipino. I took those food that I think I’ll eat then had James eat too. Since hindi sya mahilig magkanin, yung Pansit Bihon na lang ang kinain nya. The biko, gelatin and Halo – halo were good. They have Lechon, Tocino, Ensaladang Fish (I think), Sushi etc. 


Those plates above were Franz's choices, not mine, Promise!!! =)




We were quite disappointed to know that the Php398 doesn’t include the drinks. You have to pay Php60 for sodas or teas (I forgot if it was the amount of bottomless drinks or not). My friends had water na lang while I had the Halo – halo’s sabaw. Hehehe! 

Habang nagpapababa ng kinain, Franz took this cute photos of James. =)

He was holding a stick with a Marshmallow dipped in Chocolate Fondue. Big boy na talaga ang baby ko!! =)

*photo credit to Franz Lopez 

3rd Fl Bldg B, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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  1. Kumain din kami dyan dati with drinks pero di ko kasi alam kung naka magkano total kasi mom ko nanlibre samin. Di na kami umulit kasi parang di sulit yung lunch na kinain namin.

    Ang masaya lang talaga dyan bonding with friends habang kumakain! Catching up ba, nakaka miss lalo na pag di palagi nagkikita.

    Ang big mo na baby James a! hehe! =)


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