Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ways To Track Ovulation

Since my baby is now a toddler, it reminded myself of what I was feeling before I had him. Awkward as it may sound, I have been checking videos and articles about ovulation and conceiving weeks before I found out that I was pregnant. I am amazed about the process, from ovulation to conception then the start of fetus development.

Although ovulation and conceiving has never been a problem to me, I have friends who encountered a situation where having a baby wasn’t that easy. One of my co-blogger, Rackell of shared her story for being diagnosed having  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This was a common endocrine disorder among reproductive age women that causes infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods etc. Having that said, she has to undergo medical intervention to correct her menstrual cycle and help her conceive. I am so glad for her as she made it with now a beautiful bouncy baby girl, Rhian.

I, myself have a regular menstrual cycle so I am able to track my fertility period most of the time. With the kind of technology that we have as the moment, I am sure there were tons of help left and right for you track your ovulation and conceive successfully.

There are several ways to track ovulation. One of these is by checking the cervical mucus, according to Cervical mucus is the fluid released by the cervix to help the sperm get to the egg. If you check your cervical mucus timely, you’ll notice that the cervical mucus changes from the color to the texture. Some cervical mucus is colored light pink, light brown, very white and clear white. When you are ovulating, you will notice an increase in your cervical mucus. It will resemble that of an egg white. Not only that, the egg white type of cervical mucus is very stretchy that when you check and separate it through your fingers, it stretches without breaking. If you notice that as you check one day, that means you just had your fertile cervical mucus. A cervical mucus is designed to be that way during ovulation so the sperm can flow fast going to the egg.

I remembered a friend who’s been telling me about cervical mucus and how would you know if you’re on your fertility stage or not. To some women who needs a little more of medical help, there were several medications that you can get over the counter or you may set up an appointment with your Ob-Gyne.

Getting pregnant is one of a kind experience for every women as it was a wonderful gift entrusted to us by God. Whether you can conceive easily or may need medical attention, it will be a huge responsibility bearing a new life to this world and surely, it would bring a wonderful life ahead. I surely miss my pregnant self but nah, maybe another 5 years will do. =)

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  1. Very well said Mommy Jen. I agree with you that "Getting pregnant is one of a kind experience for every women". I'm so thankful na hindi kami pinahirapan masyado ni God and binigay nya agad si Rhian after 2 sessions. :)

  2. I had to use an app to track my period. Kaya lang napreggy parin lol.. We wanted to wait another year before having a baby. Well, I guess God thinks 4 years of being married is enough. Sabi siguro nya, "Tama na yan! Mag-baby na kayo!" Haha

  3. Very informative post, Jen. Saktong sakto sa mga mommies at yung mga nagpaplano na lakihan na ang pamilya. Akala ko susundan nyo na si baby James, e! Hehe! =)


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