Friday, February 27, 2015

Manila Ocean Park Visit Part 2

So here’s the second part of our Manila Ocean Park Tour.

After our Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter, we decided to get inside the Acquatica area for the Sea Lion Show, wala na kasing line going inside the attraction but when we got inside, madami ng tao. Occupied na yung mostly good spot. The show starts at 3:00PM which was still quiet humid so Daryl and I decided na umupo na lang sa pinakataas ng bleacher. I think we had a good spot naman kasi hindi kami madadaanan ng tao. James was asleep by that time and mejo maaliwalas at maghangin kaya mas ok.

When the show started, dun ko na realize na ang pangit ng seats namin, hindi ko kasi maintindihan yung sinasabi ng show master. I don’t know if the quality of their microphone was not good or ako lang talaga yung hindi makaintindi sa sinasabi nya. There were some surprises din within the show and the sea lion were great. I was laughing on some part and I am amazed kasi first time ko makakita ng sea lion eh hehehe!

Before the show ended, James woke up. He was looking at the sea lion, first time din nya kasing nakakita. After the show, there were staff who offers a photograph with their sea lion for P300 ata? I find it a little expensive kaya pass na lang kami. Anyway, hindi naman masyadong ma e enjoy ni James, I think.


1. The sound system is bad. It sounded garbled from our seat kaya hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang part.
2. I haven’t been to any Sea Lion Show, MOP was my very first time kaya di ko sure kung ganon ba talaga during show, madalas inaabutan ng mga trainer ng food. Hehe. Baka nga ganun talaga ano?!
3. Sea Lions were really cute!! Specially kapag lalangoy na sila, they looked like isda. Heheh.  (Sorry, first time talaga!)

The next attraction would start at past 4pm pa so since it’s a little early, we decided to go back inside to see if the Penguin Talk Show is open. Show  is every 30 minutes kasi and I think we had the right timing. I forgot pala to tell you that we tried to see the show before we went to Sharks and Ray pero James pooped eh kaya we skipped it by then. Anyway, we had the best timing for every show naman. Heheh.


1. The room is a little crowded I think. It says parang nasa 100pax daw ang kasya inside pero parang maso suffocate na ako.
2. The sound system was really loud naman.
3. James didn’t enjoy this kasi nga, hindi interesting for kids.
4. Nakakatawa. Baklang – bakla kasi yung voice over. =)

 Anyhow, the Penguin Talk Show is being held in a small like theatre. Very small lang talaga and since 3D ang show, all lights are closed. There’s a voice over of a penguin which talks about the Penguins itself. It was really funny lang, I was laughing out loud. Maybe you have to watch it yourself. I thought kasi it was like National Geographic shows in 3D yun pala, iba. I won’t spoil it so better check it na lang when you go there. I won’t recommend it though sa mejo mga bata pa talaga kasi they might not understand eh. Mostly pang adults and bigger kids. Hindi nga na enojoy ni James this part eh, he felt bored. I took this time na lang to feed him of his milk so he could also rest a bit. =)

After Penguin Talk Show, we headed back to Acquatica Area and fell in line for the All Star Bird Show. We were first in line so when we got in, we decided to sit in front. 

It was cloudy kaya hindi na masyadong mainit sa front row ng bleacher. We waited ng mejo matagal, they let us in din kasi ng maaga. The bird show was normal except ang cute ng mga birds kasi very colorful. It was the same with those bird show na nakita ko sa TV however, I found the “human” interaction a little corny. Hehehe. Obvious kasing scripted yung sinasabi. There were surprises din at the end and I won’t spoil it so you would want to go there too.. =)


1. I had a hard time understanding the show master again. Take note, this time, I am close na ha? As in nasa harap na ako. I really can’t tell kung bakit hindi ko maintindihan. They talk fast and the sound system is bad.

After the All star Bird show, we fell in line again so we could be first to choose the Symphony Musical Fountain Show. We were told by staff that it would be better to sit on top row of the bleacher kasi mababasa kami ng fountain kapag mahangin. Daryl and I sat sa pinakataas. Maalinsangan na din kasi that time because of the sudden change of weather nung hapon. There were a lot of students that time for their field trip and they had the Musical Fountain show for only 8 minutes rather than the usual 30 minutes. Grabe, mababasa ka talaga during the show kapag mahangin eh. Mejo umulan din so grabe yung init when 6pm striked. The show started at 6:30pm which was the schedule given to us when we bought the tickets.

When we entered the Acquatica area for the last time, we were seated na again sa pinakataas para mas makita namin yung lights and sounds. Ang tagal ng hinintay namin before the show started. Nagpapasok din kasi sila ng maaga, they waited for the venue to get full ata. That’s when I realized ang laki siguro talaga ng kita nila thinking of how much each person paid for entrance. Mejo nakapag move on lang ako sa binayaran ko because Daryl said na sa dami ng maintenance nila for everything like food for the animals, nesting area and people na pasu swelduhin, talagang malaki din ang singil nila to people. That makes sense din naman somehow. It wasn’t easy din talaga ang mag maintain ng ganung business diba?


1. The Musical Fountain Show was good. It was my first time din to see one. Someone told me na ginaya daw to sa Singapore ata? I don’t know kasi I haven’t been there pa. I think it was my sister who told me that.
2. The music was great pero parang walang relation yung pinapakitang images hehehe.
3. The show lasted for 30 minutes which I think parang sobrang tagal. May time tuloy na I got bored.

After the show, we were directed to exit the other way which was exit na talaga from the park. Sayang we weren’t able to take pictures dun sa may signage na Manila Ocean park which was on the other side pa. Nagmamadali na din kasi kami to get to the car kasi umaambon.

Overall, I enjoyed naman MOP pero if you’d ask me if I’ll go back, parang hindi na muna in the near future. Maybe if James would need to when he reached his pre-school age na. He would appreciate it more. Anyway, we still had 3 more attractions na hindi namin napuntahan which was the Fish Spa, Trails to Antartica and Yexel’s Museum na pwede naman namin puntahan years from now. =)

Monday, February 23, 2015

My Toddler and The Tantrums?

Just before I continue our Manila Ocean Park Trip, I would like to discuss about James’ attitude nowadays.

I can’t believe that he’s growing up really fast. He’s being responsive every day and that he does more things than before.

For example, He can now fluently say “CAR”. Last time, he learned “DOWN” and “Daddy”. I can also hear him say “Dede” either pointing on his milk bottle or my or anyone else’s boobs or even navel. I don’t know why he call the pusod as dede too..

James is a year and four months and his vocabulary is growing every day. I am surprised myself to hear my baby boy saying things out loud. Akala ko yan, magsasalita pa lang when he reached 2 years old but I am dead wrong. He can now say single – words with a minimal repetition for him to learn.

One of the things that I noticed too is that, he’s singing. Although it’s as if he’s saying something na hindi talaga maintindihan but you’ll know because there’s sort of a tune. Whenever we watch frozen, he duets with Elsa singing “Let it go’ with matching hand gestures. He also dances with upbeat tones. In short, pa bibo na ang bagets. =)

Pero eto talaga ang hindi ako makapag move on eh. Last night, we went to Mall of Asia to have dinner and to unwind for a bit. Yung tipong makalabas lang ba sa lunga at nakakainip naman ang laging nasa opisina lang. When we got to the mall, we decided to eat na lang sa Max’s Restaurant. Under renovation ang place and Max’s was not relocated elsewhere daw. I don’t know if it was relocated or tinanggal na talaga. We decided to eat na lang sa Congo Grill courtesy of Daryl’s Mom. While we order, nakakinis lang na masikip ang place and there’s no room para sa stroller so kelangan ko pang tupiin. 

 While we were waiting, I have decided to bring James to Timezone. Malapit lang kasi sa Congo Grill eh. I bought another card because my officemates didn’t return my old one. Anyway, sulit naman because for P100, It comes with P120 load that you can use right away. I let James do one ride while I sang on one of their cubicles for videoke. Grabe! Winner dun ang videoke nila, ang gaganda ng equipment.

Daryl and I decided to go back to Congo Grill kasi baka ready na ang food. We were telling James “Bye” so he would follow us out pero hindi, deadma lang sya sige pa din ang kalikot sa mga ibat-ibang gadgets. When I hold him and sapilitang inilibas sya. Ayun, lumuhod at naglulupasay sa labas ng Timezone. I carried him right away pero as in nagpapabigat sya at kumakawala dahil gustong bumalik sa Timezone. Until we got inside Congo Grill, nagwawala pa din. I have to make him sit sa high chair then gave my spoon and fork para manahimik na. I don’t want any commotion. That’s when I realized na marunong ng mag tantrums ang Anak ko!.

A tantrum or temper tantrum is an emotional outbreak, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, hitting.

After some thinking, I realized na madalas na nga syang umaarte kapag hindi nakukuha ang gusto nya. When his Daddy and I are eating, he wants to have a spoon and fork for himself and would scoop our food. Since di pa sya marunong, it sometimes ends up na kumakalat. There were times din na he gets something na hindi pwede sa kanya, as much as possible, I would tell him to “bigay kay mama” so he would give it to me peacefully which often than not works but for some other time, I would need to grab it from him para di na mag cause ng anything that would hurt him the he would start crying with paawa face. There were also times na sisigaw at magtitili yan ng matinis nyang boses na nakakabingi. I don’t know kung san nya natutunan ang pagtili – tili.

Not just that, whenever he sees me going out of his sight, hahabol na yan while crying. Kapag alam nyang he can’t get close to me, mag lulupasay na yan sa sahig at iiyak na akala mo wala ng bukas. 

I don’t know what has changed. Previously, when I still had the old househelp (sumalangit nawa sya!), he won’t cry kapag aalis kami going to work. Alam kasi ng yaya kung paano sya lilibangin while doing some activity like, when he sees me going out, instead na humabol, the yaya would get him and would carry him then would make him lock the door which makes him forget that I am leaving. I don’t know if it would still work if we would get a new Nanny. As of the moment, yayaless pa din kami. My aunt found one from Masbate daw and she’s a relative of them kaya lang their asking for an advance payment that I can’t produce yet kasi biglaan naman. You know, walang savings. Hehehe.

Anyhow, I don’t know kung paano ang approach na gagawin ko with James whenever he throws tantrums. Should I give in ba to avoid his crying or should I make tiis. Naisip ko naman kasi maybe he’s too baby pa para mapagsabihan although I know that starting to teach your kids the correct manners early would surely pay off, diba? I’m torn..

How about you Mommies? Any suggestions?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Manila Ocean Park Visit

How was your Valentine’s Day Muthers?

Wow! Ngayon lang? Heheh. Matagal na kasi dapat tong post na to eh ngayon ko lang natapos. Pasensya naman. =)

Grabe! Some of my friends in facebook posted their photos that they received flowers and chocolates last weekend. Mejo nakakainggit pero it wasn’t a big deal naman for me. I don’t want flowers that much talaga. The last time Daryl gave me a bouquet was back in 2011 or 2012, I think? Yun ay winarla ko kasi sya na wala syang gift ng Valentine’s Day. Hahahaha! I remember I was so childish back then..

Alam nyo kasi, yan si Daryl, he wasn’t really showy kung anong feelings nya. Huhuluaan ko pa talaga yan! Feeling ko dapat naging close kami ni madam Auring eh para at least alam ko ang nararamdaman nya pero waley te.. wala akong super powers na ganyan so minsan, nagkakaron talaga ng misunderstanding.

Anyhow, I received a gift from him naman. He gave it to me 1-2 weeks before Valentine’s Day. We had a misunderstanding kasi back then so he gave it to me in advance para di na ako magalit. Hindi rin kasi yan mapakali if he has a surprise eh, masasabi at masasabi nya talaga yan sakin. The night before the V-day, I was expecting ng sobrang slight na may dala syang surprise pero loss ang beauty ko. When I told him, “wala kang dalang flowers?” he said, bukas pa naman ang V-day so ok, nakalusot sya.

The next day, Feb 14, he has to go to work so I did household chores while taking care of James. Mantakin nyo, nilabhan ko ang mga damit namin na worth of 2 weeks habang nag aalaga ng bata. Jeske Lerd!! Ayun, hindi ako nakatapos. Hehehe. Naiwan yung mga white clothes kasi inuna ko yung mga colored clothes while I manually washed James’ clothes.

When Daryl went home, wala na naman flowers! Hay.. I said, “walang flowers?” He said naman na naiwanan daw nya ang lahat ng money nya so wala syang extra pangbili.

Anak ng tipaklong talaga, loss na naman ang beauty ko!

Pero I didn’t make it a big deal. I just told him na I am too tired na kasi naglaba ako. He was nice enough naman para lambingin ako ng slight. We left our house which we do every Saturday night. Pumupunta kami sa Mom nya to spend a night.

We also talked about our weekend getaway din. We have been planning to go to Tagaytay so we could spend some time for our own family. I have made an itinerary na sana kaya lang we would have to commute daw kasi her Mom will be using their car to go somewhere else. It made me really sad na lahat na lang ba ng plan ko? Hindi natutuloy? I told Daryl that we could just go to Manila Ocean Park kasi mas malapit and we could call a taxi na lang. It was our plan din sana kasi to go there back in January kaya lang it was rescheduled because we went to Pangasinan. When Daryl later on asked his Mom if gagamitin ang sasakyan, sinabi na we could use it na lang daw. Thank God!!! Hehehe. Ang hirap ng walang sariling sasakyan ha? Well, if it was just me, sanay naman akong mag commute although hindi ko nga lang naprepare ang itinerary ng naka commute going to tagaytay. I assumed kasi that we can use the car eh. Buti na lang, his Mom gave way. =)

When I checked on line about Tagaytay’s weather, ang forecast was 20 degrees with rainshowers so that made me decide na sa Manila Ocean Park na lang talaga kami. Aside from that, we woke up around 8am na which was very late sa itinerary going to Tagaytay. My plan kasi is to leave Manila at 6am.

We left their house at 11am already since we have to wait for Rufert who would drive for us. Wala pa kasing license si Daryl so hindi pa kami pwede na kami lang.

From Pasay, we took the Roxas Blvd to go to Manila Ocean Park. I have been checking online deals for Manila Ocean Park and the night before kaya lang sobrang bagal ng internet so hindi na ako nakatingin ng maayos. I have to hope na nasa 700 pesos pa rin ang isa sa mga packages nila. We arrived and saw some of their deals before we reached the mismong entry. I asked Daryl to line up dun sa mahabang pila while I checked kung para saan ang line. We both found out that the long line was for online purchased. Sobrang haba talaga ng pila. From their ticketing booth until sa baba ng stairs nila. We lined up on the other ticketing booth as we decide kung anong deal ang kukunin namin although I already have one in mind. Daryl and I agreed that we would take the Sea Breeze Package for P700 if James is not free of charge while we’ll get the higher deal for P900 if he’s free. When we got to the Kuya who’s pre-taking the deal you want, sinukat namin si James and was told na may bayad na sya. FULL PAYMENT pa mga ‘te!! Wala man lang kids rate?! 2 feet and below are free so basically yung mga 0-1year old lang ang libre or kung minalas ka pa na malaking bulas ang anak mo, like James, full payment talaga.

I was so devastated because I don’t think my payment for James’ part was sulit. My child was only 1 year old and 3 months. I don’t think na maappreciate nya ng bongga ang mga bagay na makikita nya sa loob. Yes, he knows birds and I introduced him sa fishes sa wet market pero he doesn’t appreciate it like those who are aged 4years old and above. You see what I mean? They could have a different rate na lang sana sa mga toddler 1-3 years old then adult rate for 4yo and beyond. I would feel great if James would say “Wow, may fish!!” “Wow ang laki ng bird!!” Yung mga tipong ganyan, matatanggap ko pang nagbayad ako ng P700 for him but for a reaction na so-so lang, not worth it. I also asked kung may special rate si James since he has a Junior Savers account at BDO pero wala daw. Hindi daw nila alam yun at discounted na daw ang mga rates nila. To MOP, sana mabasa nyo po ito. Salamat! =)

Anyway, We were given our tickets which was a total of P2100 (700x3). We took pictures in front of the entrance before we came in. I didn’t know during that time that food is allowed inside pala. If I should have known, nagdala ako ng mga biscuits for James and some snacks for Daryl and I. 

As you enter, the every first attraction you’ll see is the Birds of Prey Kingdom.

We agreed on coming in since James is very familiar with birds. Yung mga birds kasi na alam nya are those na nakikita sa mga paligid. Yung mga maliliit na ibon? It was around 12pm when we came in there kaya mejo mainit talaga. There were number of birds inside na ang lalaki talaga ng wing span. Yung mga tipong nandadagit na ibon? We took some pictures then we saw that kuya who offers free photo shoot while you hold their food tapos when the bird is about to pick it up, they’ll take a picture of you pero the picture would be for P200 ata? I am not that sure though. I want sana kaya lang takot ako pag lalapit na yung ibon eh. Baka dagitin ako hehehe.

Don't touch the bird daw, Anak!
Titigan with the bird!!
Verdict :

1. The place is big so basically birds can fly freely.
2. There were landscapes that the bird uses to take a rest.
3. I like the entrance and the walkway bridge.
4. There are trashes on the water below. Maybe because nasa Manila Bay talaga ito located pero when you check the trash? Parang mga binato or pinabayaang kalat lang while they are inside the attraction. Lack of discipline talaga ng mga visitors.. Tssk.
5. Ang konti ng birds. Mas maganda siguro kung mas madami pa. Although parang endangered na ata kasi yung mga birds na yun kay konti lang.

We only stayed there for about 10 minutes. Ang init kasi talaga, maalinsangan yung weather.

Our next stop was the Jellies Exhibit.

As we reach the attraction, I thought it was closed kasi walang pila and walang tao. It was dark din and it doesn’t look like na merong attraction there. When we got in, kelangan pala talaga madilim so we could see different Jelly fishes. OMG. Ang gaganda nila talaga. I didn’t know na may iba’t ibang type pala nun? Hehehe. I haven’t seen one sa mga beach kasi halos transparent sila diba? But with different light colors, ayun, nakita ko yung details ng body nila. Scary kasi I imagine myself sa beach tapos kakapit yung jellyfish. Hehehe.


Verdict :

1. I was really amazed with the Jellyfish kasi hindi ko nga alam na may iba’t ibang itsura pala sila.
2. Different lights complements the Jellyfishes given that they were transparent kasi.
3. I liked the parang tube glasses before the exit.
4. There were some kinds of Jellyfish there na parang ang konti. Siguro kasi mahirap kumuha ng ganong specie? Hehe.
5. Nakakahilo yung mga glass. Sobrang dark kasi ng paligid tapos iba – iba ang color ng lights so when I looked sa ibang glasses, parang mejo nahihilo na ako. I don’t know if it was just me ha? I forgot to ask Daryl eh.
6. The place was very big so may mga part na walang laman. Or maybe it’s under renovation.

After we visit the Jellies Exhibit, we were supposed to eat lunch pero sabi ko later na pag nap time ni Jami kasi he looked sleepy na pero ang dami pang energy eh.

Our next stop was Oceanarium

I want to let James see the fishes kasi before he goes to sleep so we went there na agad. I saw a lot of big fishes talaga. Nakakatakot! Naimagine ko kasi back then how it feels na nasa gitna ako ng dagat then I can’t see what’s underneath. Baka may sharks or big fishes, mga ganyan. Heheheh! I saw some sharks din. Mejo hindi ko na ma enjoy kasi nagsasalitan lang kami ng pagkarga kay James. Given that I wasn’t prepare at all, hindi din namin nadala ang stroller nya. Booooo!!! Mejo nahihilo na din ako kakatingin sa glasses along the way. There was 2 crocodiles din in one spot na as in parang statue kasi di nagalaw. That was my first time na makakita ng crocodile ng mejo malapit.



1. Madaming fishes especially yung sting Ray.
2. I think mejo kulang yung accessories like mga corals. Or maybe kinontian lang talaga so we could see the fishes better. Dun lang sa underwater parang hindi ako masyadong nakakita ng small fishes. Kasi diba if it really resembles the usual underwater, halo – halo yun?
3. There were small fishes naman on a different aquarium kaya lang nakakahilo tingnan sa daming aquarium. Heheh. I don’t know if I am just nahihilo kasi wala pa akong kain or Malabo yung glass.
4. The crocodiles place was a bit small.
5. Mejo masikip yung walkway dun sa may underwater aquarium. Siguro dapat mejo nilawakan lang ng slight.

There was a kids activity area din pala inside oceanarium but I opted not to bring James there kasi sleepy na talaga sya. Besides, pang mas older kids kasi eh. Activities are coloring books na hindi pa naman naiintindihan ni James. We went out na after, mejo nakakalito nga lang yung exit kasi it brought us to the second floor na where we saw the Fish Spa and the Trails to Antartica. Unfortunately, our tickets doesn’t include them so we skipped that. Pwede naman mag avail ng tickets but that was P200 each for Trails to Antartica and P150 for Fish Spa.

Nadaanan din namin yung parang al fresco area ng Hotel H20 pero it was tanghaling tapat kaya walang tao dun. That’s where the exit is located din so if I will be staying at that hotel, parang awkward naman na may mga dumadaang galling sa Oceanarium. Hehe.

We bought Dunkin Donuts which was surprisingly P10 higher than the normal rate. If I would have known, bumili na lang sana ako sa labas. We saw din the entrance of Yexel’s Museum which was not included on our package so we skipped that too.

We went down the elevator and looked for a place to eat our lunch. We took the Quix store kasi meron silang parang budget meal. There were other restos din like Gerry’s Grill and Pancake House etc but since di nga ako makapag move on sa amount ng tickets eh, we opted to settle na lang with Quix. I ordered Chicken BBQ, Pinakbet and Rice for P109 while Daryl had the Pork (forgot the name), Laing and Rice for P109 too. We bought mineral water na lang for P40 for 500ml while I unintentionally brought C2 ice tea sa bag ko. Ok naman ang food, hindi na masama pero quite expensive pa din. Parang Karinderya type kasi and dito sa office, I would only spend less than P80 for that pero since Manila Ocean Park nga, mejo mahal.

While having lunch, James pooped, eh wala pa naman akong dalang extra diaper. Hahaha! We called Rufert to get us an extra one and the mineral water we bought on our way to MOP. Naisip ko kasi, rather than bibili pa ulit ng P40 na water, ipapasok ko na lang yung binili kong malaking water to save some bucks.

After a while, we decided to proceed to Sharks and Ray Dry Exhibit since it opens at 1pm. It’s past 1pm already and the line wasn’t that long yet. The MOP has been courteous enough to give a schedule of each attraction. The Oceanarium, Jellies Exhibit, Birds of Prey Kingdom, Shark and Rays Dry Encounter are the attractions that has no schedule, meaning as soon as the gate’s open, you can come in anytime. However, Sea Lion Show, All Star Bird Show, Symphony Evening Show and 3D Penguin Talkshow has a specific time as to when the each attraction would start.

Going back to Sharks and Ray Dry Encounter, it was along the Aquatica Area where Sea Lion Show, All Star Bird Show and Symphony Evening Show are being held. We also see where the Buffet type resto is. As we lined up near the pool like area, there were total of 3 Sting Rays being held by 3 trainers. Private Photography is not allowed. 3 different types of sting rays are introduced to us. I was really scared to touch them talaga. Tinanong ko pa yung kuya if he’s not scared holding them. Sabi nya “ Ang takot daw ang nasa isip lang.” heheh. As I touched them, napapasigaw ako kasi iba – iba yung textures nila, may makinis, may magaspang. It’s as if I touched a live big fish na din. Mejo malansa din ang amoy nila like fishes. After the line, meron namang faucet na pwedeng paghugasan ng kamay. Our visit there lasted only for about 5 minutes din. It was a good decision to go in minutes after it opened kasi when we went out na of the attraction, OA na sa haba ng pila!

Verdict :

1. There were a very minimal line lang when we got in although mejo magulo nga yung line kasi wala naman instructions kung paano kami pipila.
2. I thought there was also a Shark pero Sting Ray lang ang nakita ko. I was waiting for the shark pa naman sana.
3. There were enough trainers to guide the people on how to touch the Sting Ray. Dapat daw open ang hand pag hinipo sila.
4. Sa dami ng nakapila, parang I got tired for the Sting Ray kasi hawak sila ng trainers although from time to time naman talaga, they’re being freed so makapag pahinga sila.

So that’s the first part of our Manila Ocean Park Tour. Abangan po ang Part 2 for the other 4 attractions na pinuntahan naming ha?! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Laughable Conversations

I just would like to share some of the funny moments I have with Daryl. I have realized that it was one of the million reasons that I am loving him – he makes me laugh. =)

Here are some of our conversations that made me laugh and still makes me smile kapag naaalala ko.

The Medyas

One night after work, he arrived with a smelly socks. He was annoyed, siguro nahihiya sya sakin or whatnot. The next morning, he checked his leather shoes if it’s smelly.

Me : O ano? Maasim ba?
Daryl : Hindi, yung medyas lang talaga.
Me: Yug medyas o yung paa mo? Kasi hindi naman pwedeng bumaho yung medyas ng mag isa diba?



We were in Manila Ocean Park waiting for the next attraction to start.

Daryl : Gusto mo bang popcorn?
Me: Ikaw? Gusto mo ba?
Daryl : Wag na, hihingi na lang ako sa katabi ko.


He was sitted with a little boy. He kept on whispering

Daryl : Tropa, pahingi.. (while looking the other way) mauubos mo na yan di mo pa rin ako binibigyan! Wow naman may hotdog pa sya!

Hahahaha. I was really laughing.

Angel’s Burger

While on our way home, Daryl wants a burger daw.
He said we would look for a stall along the way para sa  Angel’s burger.

Daryl : Pare (talking to Rufert, the driver) gusto mo ba burger? Yung Angel’s burger? Yung binilhan natin ng footlong?
Me : Listening.
Daryl : Grabe eh, masarap yung burger dun no? Puro tinapay.
Me: Hahahahahah!

There were so many jokes that we shared together already and some of it, nakalimutan ko na lang. With all the changes that happened to our life, mejo nakalimutan na namin tumawa. Hayyy.. I am looking forward for more of these.. =)