Monday, February 16, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report: January

Ola Muthers!!

How was your V-day? Did you spend it on a fancy dinner? Or in a movie house? Ako? We spent it together, all three of us (Daryl, James and I) in Manila Ocean Park last Sunday. It deserves a separate post kaya watch out for it na lang.

For the meantime, I would like to give you an update on how my 52 Weeks Money Challenge went.

As I have said, I made a customized template for my 52 weeks money challenge. Here it is. 

So as you see, relax lang for January. I have a very minimal amount pa lang to save. At the end of the month, I only have a total of P100.

The reason I am actually sharing this? Para lang may challenge. At least mejo may pressure ako na alam nyong may 52 weeks money challenge pala ako diba? Hehe. Sorry if the update was kind of  late na and we are in the middle of February.

I’ll try my best to post the update on a timely manner next time. Heheh.

Although, I don’t have a place to put the money in. I mean wala akong jar or coin bank. Sabi kasi ni Nanay mejo panget daw ang may coin banks sa bahay #oldwivestale. Kapag nilalagay ko naman inside my wallet, nagagastos ko kasi minsan I would mistakenly get money from it eh. Hayyy… Inooffer ko nga sa friend ko na utangin muna nya. Hahaha. Ayaw din naman.

I better have somewhere to put it in. I’ll let you know =)


  1. Congrats, Jen! Tuluy-tuloy mo lang, di mo mapapansin mabilis ang araw then December na, tapos ka na. Hehe. I think malaking bagay din kapag nakapublish sa blog, mas nakakainspire sayo at sa ibang tao din. :)

  2. Agree ako kay Edel. Mas inspiring pag nakikita sa blog natin at reminder din na may goal pala tayo na kailangan natin ma accomplish. Di para dagdag isipin ,pero bilang motivation at sarap ng feeling kapag may na accomplish tayo something diba? =)

  3. Oo nga Edel and joy!! Sana mag tuloy tuloy na to!! =)


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