Monday, February 9, 2015

A Visit to Daryl's Hometown

Two weekends ago, We went to Pangasinan to attend a Christian wedding. It was a small civil wedding of Daryl’s kinakapatid. It was held at the President’s Hotel Annex in Lingayen, Pangasinan. We arrived late so hindi na namin naabutan yung ceremony. It was on the kissing part na and the food. 

We slept late on Friday and woke up really early in Saturday morning. We hit the road at 5am and arrived in Pangasinan at 10am. Hindi kasi kabisado ng Mom ni Daryl yung easier way kaya mejo natagalan ng slight. Anyhow, we arrived safely.

If there’s one thing that I learned with this travel, that was travelling at night so Jami will be asleep. Mejo nahirapan kasi ako when he woke up while were still on the road. Sumuka sya ng bongga so we have to stop over to clean myself and him. Hindi ko na sya pinalitan ng damit when we left. He was wearing his sleep wear until we changed it nung nagsuka sya. Sobrang nakakaawa lang so I told myself na never ever na kaming mag la land travel during the time na he’s awake lalo na kung more than 5 hours ang travel time. Awang – awa ako sa kanya kasi I know that he’s very tired na din from being carried while sitting down tapos may motion sickness pa.

Anyhow, he didn’t throw tantrums on me naman. When we arrived sa house ng kumare ng Mom ni Daryl, Ninang Chit of Daryl, we changed clothes lang then we did convoy with someone going to where the wedding is being held. James was so makulit pa din so Daryl and I have to alternately take him for a walk.


Soon after, the wedding is done then we went back to Ninang Chit’s house so we can rest for a bit. Their plan was to have a night over to their hometown in San Fabian which was an hour drive from Lingayen. We were trying to take a nap while Daryl’s Mom was having chika but James won’t sleep/ Probably because he slept when we were on our way so I have to wake up kasi ayaw ko naman na he will be far away from me. Separation anxiety lang ang peg ko. Heheh.
 Napa OOTD tuloy ako! Hehehe

After some time, we stayed outside while I practice ng atras abante sa kotse. Automatic naman so madali lang although scary kasi panaka – naka yung pagdaan ng mga sasakyan. We also took the opportunity to have some photo ops in the bukid hehehe. We saw a cow and told James that it was “baka” and he was saying “ka-ka”. I can confirm that he can now follow whatever we do and say. =)

We left Lingayen short after then went home to San Fabian. Daryl’s Mom went to Dagupan pa to buy some goods for pasalubong while we stayed at home, rest for a bit then pinilit na namin si Daryl na magpunta sa beach. 

Their house is close to the beach kasi. Although hindi mo aakalain kasi ang place looks like a subdivision ditto sa Manila dahil sa lawak ng spaces and the houses looks somehow like here in the city but quieter. We rode a pedicab going to the beach. It was a bit cold so I brought a bonnet for James.


I was really glad to smell the ocean talaga. Ngayon na lang kasi ulit since nabuntis ako kay James. I removed his shoes then let him walk in the sand. I like their beach kasi the sand is not white pero pino. Ang lakas ng waves and sobrang cold ng air.. Nakakarelax talaga.. I missed those days na pa travel – travel lang ako.. =(

We stayed on the beach for only 5-10 minutes. We didn’t stay long kasi it was so cold, I don’t want Jami getting sick although I know na maganda ang ocean breeze talaga, it’s better sa morning daw. I only had hjs feet soaked then nabasa na lang ang shorts nya because of the waves. James was quiet watching the ocean as if he was surprised na may ganun pala kalaking balde ng tubig. He was contented kasi with water on timba kapag naliligo yan so he must be surprised to see that amount of water. Hehehe.


We went home before the sunset, took a quick rest then ate our dinner which was inihaw na bangus. Ang sarap ng bangus grabe sobrang sariwa talaga. Later that night, Daryl got sick. He wasn’t feeling well that day and it went straight to fever. 

It was fun and tiring.. i loved the beach pero miss ko na ang white beach with with sand with a nice hotel. hehehe. Part two will be up soon.. =)


  1. Wow. Beach! Mukhang nag enjoy si James ha. You can visit Batangas para sa ibang beach experience and for sure super mag eenjoy ang bagets. :)

  2. Fun beach trip! Mukhang nag-enjoy ng todo ang bagets mo. Swerte ng province ng partner mo, may beach. Samin sa Nueva Ecija kasi wala, pero may ilog kami kaya keri na rin. Hehe. :)

  3. Ang sarap naman talaga magtampisaw sa dagat! Mukhang nag enjoy kayo mag nanay a! And i like your dress dito Jen! =)


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