Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Review | 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

Marriage is a very complex topic. I have seen it thru my parents which gave me an impression that it was a great gift from God. I have been very blessed to have a parents that worked hard for their relationship to last until my Dad died. I have never seen them fight nor throw things at each other. I can’t remember hearing them curse each other too so that gave me an idea that marriage was one beautiful thing.

As I was growing up, I have witnessed marriage that has been broken apart. I have seen this with my brother and I felt sad that they weren’t able to keep it. Well anyway, that was their choice.

When I had a boyfriend and thought of having my own family, I have imagined my life would be as wonderful, stress – free and happy as can be. Now that I am living with Daryl and James, I have realized that a marriage doesn’t come with just love, there should be other components too.

Viviene, the author of this book of 7 Things Every Wife Should Know covered everything that every women should practice every now and then. I would say ‘practice’ because it wasn’t automatic that you would be, for once, a submissive to your husband. Especially to newlyweds, you would often think that your choice and your opinion as a woman is much more important, as you think that it was the greatest choice ever. This book made me realize how to become a wife to Daryl as I have the tendency to be nagmamarunong. I felt I know everything and I make the best decisions for our family not realizing that it was no longer just me. He should be the King and I am the Queen. What does queens do ba? They would follow King’s order too although it doesn’t mean that the Queen doesn’t have the capability to voice out. Diba nga, Every Great Woman is behind every great Man?

This book talked about TRIUMPH which was honestly, very new to me. Upon reading this, tinamaan ako here and there as I admit that I have flaws every now and then but putting God in the center of our relationship, everything goes well.

One thing that I liked about this book was, it has an activity part where you can reflect on the topic that was discussed. I have tried to follow these and believe me, everything went better from our everyday life to how we communicate etc. I recommend this book not just for wives but for every woman, as this book did a great job in tackling every aspects of a happy marriage.

This book is a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day to every woman you care about, A birthday gift, bridal shower gift, and husband’s gift to their wives too.

You can order by sending an email to teacher_viviene@yahoo.com or by clicking here and here.

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What are you waiting for mga muthers!! Buy buy buy na! =)


  1. Aww thanks Jen! You have amazing parents who have been great examples to you =D thank you for the beautiful review =D

  2. Nice review, sana mabasa ko din yan! Very helpful at mukhang ang daming tips para mas maging harmonious ang pagsasama ng mag-asawa. =)


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