Friday, February 27, 2015

Manila Ocean Park Visit Part 2

So here’s the second part of our Manila Ocean Park Tour.

After our Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter, we decided to get inside the Acquatica area for the Sea Lion Show, wala na kasing line going inside the attraction but when we got inside, madami ng tao. Occupied na yung mostly good spot. The show starts at 3:00PM which was still quiet humid so Daryl and I decided na umupo na lang sa pinakataas ng bleacher. I think we had a good spot naman kasi hindi kami madadaanan ng tao. James was asleep by that time and mejo maaliwalas at maghangin kaya mas ok.

When the show started, dun ko na realize na ang pangit ng seats namin, hindi ko kasi maintindihan yung sinasabi ng show master. I don’t know if the quality of their microphone was not good or ako lang talaga yung hindi makaintindi sa sinasabi nya. There were some surprises din within the show and the sea lion were great. I was laughing on some part and I am amazed kasi first time ko makakita ng sea lion eh hehehe!

Before the show ended, James woke up. He was looking at the sea lion, first time din nya kasing nakakita. After the show, there were staff who offers a photograph with their sea lion for P300 ata? I find it a little expensive kaya pass na lang kami. Anyway, hindi naman masyadong ma e enjoy ni James, I think.


1. The sound system is bad. It sounded garbled from our seat kaya hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang part.
2. I haven’t been to any Sea Lion Show, MOP was my very first time kaya di ko sure kung ganon ba talaga during show, madalas inaabutan ng mga trainer ng food. Hehe. Baka nga ganun talaga ano?!
3. Sea Lions were really cute!! Specially kapag lalangoy na sila, they looked like isda. Heheh.  (Sorry, first time talaga!)

The next attraction would start at past 4pm pa so since it’s a little early, we decided to go back inside to see if the Penguin Talk Show is open. Show  is every 30 minutes kasi and I think we had the right timing. I forgot pala to tell you that we tried to see the show before we went to Sharks and Ray pero James pooped eh kaya we skipped it by then. Anyway, we had the best timing for every show naman. Heheh.


1. The room is a little crowded I think. It says parang nasa 100pax daw ang kasya inside pero parang maso suffocate na ako.
2. The sound system was really loud naman.
3. James didn’t enjoy this kasi nga, hindi interesting for kids.
4. Nakakatawa. Baklang – bakla kasi yung voice over. =)

 Anyhow, the Penguin Talk Show is being held in a small like theatre. Very small lang talaga and since 3D ang show, all lights are closed. There’s a voice over of a penguin which talks about the Penguins itself. It was really funny lang, I was laughing out loud. Maybe you have to watch it yourself. I thought kasi it was like National Geographic shows in 3D yun pala, iba. I won’t spoil it so better check it na lang when you go there. I won’t recommend it though sa mejo mga bata pa talaga kasi they might not understand eh. Mostly pang adults and bigger kids. Hindi nga na enojoy ni James this part eh, he felt bored. I took this time na lang to feed him of his milk so he could also rest a bit. =)

After Penguin Talk Show, we headed back to Acquatica Area and fell in line for the All Star Bird Show. We were first in line so when we got in, we decided to sit in front. 

It was cloudy kaya hindi na masyadong mainit sa front row ng bleacher. We waited ng mejo matagal, they let us in din kasi ng maaga. The bird show was normal except ang cute ng mga birds kasi very colorful. It was the same with those bird show na nakita ko sa TV however, I found the “human” interaction a little corny. Hehehe. Obvious kasing scripted yung sinasabi. There were surprises din at the end and I won’t spoil it so you would want to go there too.. =)


1. I had a hard time understanding the show master again. Take note, this time, I am close na ha? As in nasa harap na ako. I really can’t tell kung bakit hindi ko maintindihan. They talk fast and the sound system is bad.

After the All star Bird show, we fell in line again so we could be first to choose the Symphony Musical Fountain Show. We were told by staff that it would be better to sit on top row of the bleacher kasi mababasa kami ng fountain kapag mahangin. Daryl and I sat sa pinakataas. Maalinsangan na din kasi that time because of the sudden change of weather nung hapon. There were a lot of students that time for their field trip and they had the Musical Fountain show for only 8 minutes rather than the usual 30 minutes. Grabe, mababasa ka talaga during the show kapag mahangin eh. Mejo umulan din so grabe yung init when 6pm striked. The show started at 6:30pm which was the schedule given to us when we bought the tickets.

When we entered the Acquatica area for the last time, we were seated na again sa pinakataas para mas makita namin yung lights and sounds. Ang tagal ng hinintay namin before the show started. Nagpapasok din kasi sila ng maaga, they waited for the venue to get full ata. That’s when I realized ang laki siguro talaga ng kita nila thinking of how much each person paid for entrance. Mejo nakapag move on lang ako sa binayaran ko because Daryl said na sa dami ng maintenance nila for everything like food for the animals, nesting area and people na pasu swelduhin, talagang malaki din ang singil nila to people. That makes sense din naman somehow. It wasn’t easy din talaga ang mag maintain ng ganung business diba?


1. The Musical Fountain Show was good. It was my first time din to see one. Someone told me na ginaya daw to sa Singapore ata? I don’t know kasi I haven’t been there pa. I think it was my sister who told me that.
2. The music was great pero parang walang relation yung pinapakitang images hehehe.
3. The show lasted for 30 minutes which I think parang sobrang tagal. May time tuloy na I got bored.

After the show, we were directed to exit the other way which was exit na talaga from the park. Sayang we weren’t able to take pictures dun sa may signage na Manila Ocean park which was on the other side pa. Nagmamadali na din kasi kami to get to the car kasi umaambon.

Overall, I enjoyed naman MOP pero if you’d ask me if I’ll go back, parang hindi na muna in the near future. Maybe if James would need to when he reached his pre-school age na. He would appreciate it more. Anyway, we still had 3 more attractions na hindi namin napuntahan which was the Fish Spa, Trails to Antartica and Yexel’s Museum na pwede naman namin puntahan years from now. =)


  1. Fish Spa and Yexel's Museum look great! I want to visit those attractions. :)

  2. Sana maayos na nila yung sounds para mas malinaw na marinig nung mga nasa likod diba? Great at nag enjoy din kayo, next time mas mage enjoy na si baby james. =)

  3. Plan ko rin dalhin dyan si Rhian eh, ang daming promo sa net and discount treats kaya lang feeling ko hindi parin nya masyadong maaappreciate yun eh. Hehe. Tapos try mo rin dalhin sa James sa Gymboree. Dun kasi namin madalas dalhin si Rhian eh. :)


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