Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome to Our House

As I mentioned here in my blog, Daryl and I started living together. Well, we were planning to have our civil wedding anytime soon, it’s just that, I am too excited to live my life with James on our own little house.

I lived with my Mom and 2 brothers until James reached a year old. Nanay wants to get me a nanny since she’s having a hard time taking care of James. He’s quite handful at sobrang bantayin pa talaga. I don’t want to get a nanny naman ng wala akong sariling house.

This I consider as one of my blessings before year 2014 ended. I had my own house to run and no longer have to consider anyone else’s decision.

I was actually torn in where to get our new house. Whether it would be in Pasay or Las Pinas. Daryl wanted to live in Pasay as it was closer to her mom since she’ll be alone. Well, I wanted in Las Pinas which is closer to my family. I know I can trust James to them in case of emergency and I am at work. Just like what happened when my nanny badly want to get home with lahat ng kinuha nya sa bahay ko. That was the same story I posted here. I’ll update you with that a little later.

Anyhow, Nanay found a house walking distance away from their house which was the same apartment that I am looking at whenever I take James to a walk. There was this one compound apartment na parang ang aliwalas talaga ng labas.

I’ll tour you around inside our house. Mejo maliit lang at walang masyadong gamit pa. There were some appliances na ipinamana naman sakin ni Nanay hehe.

Mejo makalat ang bahay kaya pag pasensyahan nyo na ha?! Hehe..

Pardon the twalya ha? hehehehe
This was the main door. In front of that was a big boring wall.. heheh! Our sala was only one dipa lang. Sobrang sikip kaya walang sofa. The Tv doesn't work pa. Wala pa kasing cable eh. =) 

 This is what you'll see upon entry. Ginawa lang ni Nanay yung wood na patungan as temporary. That is where we put our pingganan, rice cooker and anything na kasya. Hehehe.

Pardon the kalat.
This is what will you  see naman when you walk towards the wood na lalagyan. That door leads to our restroom that I opt not to take pictures of. Heheh. Okay naman ang restroom. Maliit lang but pwede na. =)

This is our room naman. That's our bed. Underneath was James' laundry basket. That was really small, I bought it for 60pesos on Japan home. The a.c was courtesy of Daryl's mom. =)

This was the left part naman of our bed. These are our closets.

The view when your standing inside our room.

The welcome plant that Nanay gave in December 2014.

Currently, there was a vacant house na in front of the apartment. Ours kasi sa dulo pa talaga although maaliwalas at tahimik talaga ang place. I forgot to take picture outside the house and the mismong apartment eh. Anyhow, we were checking kung makakalipat ba kami sa harap. There was only 500pesos difference and mas malaki ang sala kasi nun. Daryl wants to talk about it kasi he doesn't want to move na. I said mag uusap pa kami pag uwi ko from work. Heheh.

Daryl : Be, bakit sabi lilipat daw tayo ng bahay?
Me : Ha? Bakit? Sinong nagsabi?
Daryl : Yung may - ari! Sabi nya lilipat daw tayo kasi may tumingin ng bahay eh, yung bahay natin yung pinakita.

Hahahaha! It was funny talaga. I cant believe it na yung bahay namin yung inooffer sa mga taong naghahanap ng malilipatan. Anyway, I'll let you guys know kung lilipat ba kami oh hindi. =)

Pagpasensyahan nyo na ang makalat at magulong arrangement ng house ko. =) Did you enjoy the virtual tour?!


  1. Wow! Congrats at your new home. Iba talaga pag kayong 2 lang ang magkasama, walang makikielam at lahat pwede nyong gawin. Kaya nung kinasal kami ni Ian, 1 month lang kami sa house nila then lipat na agad. Okay naman yung house nyo, sakto sa inyong pamilya. :)

  2. Wow, ang cuet ng house nyo. Maliit lang din ang house namin kaya relate na relate ako sayo. ANg importante bukod na kayo, ikaw na ang reyna dyan. Masarap kaya maging reyna. Hehe. :)

  3. True, iba kapag sarili nyo yung place, kahit maliit at malaki pa yan, iba yung pagmamahal nyo talaga sa sarili nyong bahay. Yung amin din, isang tambling lang din ang dining sa kitchen.

    Like ko yung cabinet nyo na may hangeran sa taas tapos drawer sa baba, saan nakakabili nyan at magkano kaya? Tsaka yung chair na maliit na pink, like ko din! Inggit lang ako!hahaha! =)


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