Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shawn Anderson Set to Motivate 20,000 on Philippines Speaking Tour

“Limited Thinking is Not My Thing.”


LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 21, 2015 – Motivational author and speaker Shawn Anderson is taking his empowering “go the extra mile” message to the Philippines. The author of SOAR to the Top!, Amicus 101, and Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose will be traveling to the Philippine Islands from July 18 thru August 2, 2015, speaking to a variety of private and non-profit organizations.

The lifetime entrepreneur and keynoter is not immune to creating big challenges and then seeing them through. Anderson is the Founder of Extra Mile America and the creator of Extra Mile Day…a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change when we go the extra mile. On November 1, 2014, 527 U.S. cities made the unique declaration and recognized those in their local communities who were going the extra mile in volunteerism and service.

The author of six books, Anderson doesn’t just talk about themes such as “go the extra mile” and “live the life you love”…he lives them. Last summer, he hiked 550 miles across Spain in 27 days. This year, he will be hiking nearly 400 miles across Portugal. Additionally, Anderson has biked the U.S. solo twice, run a 100-mile race and created adventures around the world. With 75,000 book copies in print, Anderson says he’s only just begun.

 “Our best days should always be ahead of us. If we can dream about adventures to be lived and opportunities to be created, then why not make them happen?” Anderson asks. “My juice in life is to help other people believe that they can truly live the best version of themselves. No matter what has happened to us in life, we always have a choice to walk passionately and purposefully…or just give up.” #ExtraMile #MotivationalTourPH

Anderson’s 20,000-attendee goal seems large on the surface. “My initial goal was 10,000 people until someone from the Philippines told me that no motivational speaker could attract that number of attendees. Immediately my mind said, ‘Then let’s reach 20,000,’” Anderson shares. “Most limitations exist because we allow them to. Limited thinking is not my thing, and I’m going to do my best to share with 20,000 Filipinos that it shouldn’t be their thing either.

For more information, you may like Extra Mile America or Extra Mile World on Facebook or you may contact:

Chai C. Galapon – Public Relations
Mobile: 0918-9436091 

7 Tips on your Toddler's Annual Physical Exam + Hoagies for Snack

Last Weekend, James had his schedule of Annual Physical Exam. He was required to undergo such because he was my dependent from our company HMO.

I had my APE scheduled here in the office on March 17 after my shift and I finished the whole process for 45 minutes only. It was a breeze given na minimal lang yung employees by that time.#luckyme

When we were asked when would we want to have our dependents scheduled, I chose the very first day which was March 21. I just want to have it done as early as possible kesa nagwoworry ako maghabol. Although I had a problem because we weren't given a letter of authorization/referral by our company, the nurse called the HMO provider and good thing we were accommodated.

We took a bite muna before we continued with APE. Daryl wants to try Hoagies in SM Southmall so off we go. One of our goals this year was to try other restaurants talaga although from time to time, I have to pass kasi I want to save muna. #bagongbuhay

There's no specific step to follow so I decided to take the laboratory first. CBC, Urine and stool sample. James was very brave during the process of taking his blood for CBC. Umiyak nga lang sya nung pinipiga na yung daliri nya para makakuha pa ng more blood. Hehehe. I was holding him, mejo maawain kasi ang Daddy nya at ayaw nakikitang umiiyak ang anak nya which was very kabaliktaran of me. I would rather see him cry na tinuturukan ng karayom kesa mas mahirapan sya with the pain ng hindi nagpapa treat diba?

 After the CBC, we skipped the urine and stool sample because it's already 7pm. I have decided to take this step this coming week, March 28. I know kasi na James won't poo and pee during that time. We took the next step which was the X-Ray. I had Daryl to go inside with James kasi ako na ang humawak during CBC pero after couple of minutes, lumabas ang mag - ama kasi umiiyak daw si James. I have to go with them. We tried it while James is lying down. First shot - good. Second shot is habang nakatagilid sya - not good. he was crying endlessly. Mejo naasar na nga ata ang nag e Xray because we can't get it right. Well, buti hindi sya nagpakita na badtrip sya because una, he should be patient kasi bata ang pasyente nya and pangalawa, I paid the service so he should serve me well. It was a company card pero I am paying the premium monthly against my salary kaya wag sya umarte  sakin. #feelingmataray

We were instructed to go out muna so he can see if ok ang result pero malabo daw so we have to go inside ulit for re-take. I have decided to have James standing up na lang para hindi sya matakot. Well, natakot pa din pero mejo nalibang sya sa ilaw from the machine kaya good and first shot. The second was really hard kasi Daryl has to hold both of his arms upwards while I hold the hips and feet. James has to go sideways this time so he was really crying as hard as he can. I just kept on talking to him and encouraging him that what we are doing is okay and it won't hurt. Second shot - Finally good!

Last step was the doctor's check up. His heartbeat, ears and some part of his upper body was checked lang and we're good to go. To follow ko na lang ang pee at poo nya. =)

Several lessons I have learned from this experience:

1. Take the X- Ray first before the laboratory exam. The process of CBC scared James a lot so when we were doing the X-ray, kahit wala ng pain, he's crying.

2. If your kids can't talk yet at hindi kayang magsabi na they're about to pee, you better bring a wee bag na with you. It's cheaper kasi sa labas kesa sa pharmacy inside the clinic.

3. Bring your kids to the clinic as early as you can. Aside form the fact na you will have more time for collecting pee and poo, hindi kayo gagabihin and could still do other things like pasyal in malls or playtime with kids after a stressful APE.

4. Bring something that could catch their attention like toys or ipads. There has been a long line when we arrived in the clinic. 30 people are ahead of us so imagine kung gaano ka bored ang mag- Ama. Good thing, the clinic is inside SM Southmall so hindi masyadong ang stress na nadudulot ng pagka boring.

5. Bring some snacks for your kids.

6. Make sure that they have a good sleep before the APE. Mahirap ang may kasamang bata na irritated because of not having enough rest.

7.  Reward your kids after the APE. It was just a simple recognition of another milestone and a job well done. Ano ba naman ang bigyan ng something that they really like? In my case, I gave him food. =) Your bet on that na Mommies ha?! You know your kids better kung anong makapag papasaya sa kanila.

So there, my baby boy is soooo big na talaga grabe I can't believe it.. =(

Any additional on the tips, Mommies?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Home, New Bike

Hi everyone!!

I missed you all! I have been missing from the past few days because of some changes at work. I am assigned to a different task na kasi that requires 99% of my attention. Kailangan bantayan ko ang system or else, I would miss one. I am working on a BPO pero it wasn't like other businesses so I have to adjust pa sa bagong task. Although madali lang naman talaga sya, I don't want to feel lax about it. Gusto kong ma master ko muna din syempre. =) I'll do my best to blog as often as I can. Anyway, every two weeks lang naman akong naka assign dito, next week, back up na lang ako so mas madaming time to blog na ulit. =)

There were so many things that happened in the past few days. I actually forgot to write down the topics that I want to discuss here in the blog. I lost track of my spending din. There were days that I forgot to write down what I have bought. Parang accounting kasi ang ginagawa ko, dapat may liquidation din. Hahaha. With that, hindi ko maitatanong sa sarili ko as to where all the money went. It was really effective specially when Daryl's working. He resigned weeks ago. Mejo hindi na daw nya feel ang work sobrang demotivated ang lolo nyo which I understand why naman talaga. I knew the story so it's fine. Although it wasn't "that" fine kasi we have lost a source of income so mainly, income ko lang ang napasok ngayon. I am hoping he could find a better work soon.

Couple of weeks ago, I have realized that James is very in love with anything na may gulong. Yun bang anything na parang car or bike. He loves to rotate the wheels. He often see his Dad kasi na nagda drive so gusto nya, sya din hahawak ng manibela. Hehehe! There was a time pa na he was riding on a bike and was asked to leave pero ayaw nya. Sigaw ng sigaw "No no, No no". So I let him be..

Finally, one wekeend. I bought him a...

TADA!!! Welcome home, bike! Happy yan sya.. kala nyo lang mukang sad. hehe!

The money used was supposed to be for me so I can re-shape my hair pero mas nanaig ang kagustuhan kong bilhan sya ng bike. Hehe. I was really happy with the result naman. Whenever I look at him, I know he likes it. When he wakes up, sasakay na yan sa bike nya. Pag lalabas kami ng bahay, dala din namin ang bike nya instead yung stroller na mejo bulky. He likes it very much kaya I am one happy Mama. Mejo out of budget nga lang pero I felt contented. Actually, against yan sa mga binabasa kong financial books pero I know James deserves this. =)

More pictures with the bike.
Although, 3 times na syang nahulog sa bike na yan (yung tipong nakasakay pa sya tapos matutumba silang dalawa ng bike nya) love na love pa din nya yan. Pano ba naman kasi hindi matutumba, mag le lean ng bonggang - bongga pa sideways eh mas mabigat pa sya sa bike na yan. Hehehe. Buti na lang talaga, walang injury ang makulit na bata. =)

I want to buy him books naman. I have been looking for a Dr. Seuss books sa Booksale at National bookstore pero bakit wala akong mahanap? Yung totoo?! Hindi ko alam kung hindi ba ako marunong mag hanap o dahil sa tuwing maghahanap ako, parang sumasakit yung tyan ko at nababanyo ako? Hahahahaha! Next time sisipagan ko na talaga maghanap muthers!!

San ba ako sure na makakahanap? Any ideas please? Or kahit hindi Dr. Seuss, anything na maganda saka hard bound. =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dr. Seuss and His Friends

It's the time of James' life when I saw that he's interested in books.

Last weekend, we went to SM Mall of Asia to buy some things and just to hang around before we go back home to Las Pinas. We dropped by on a bookstore since I am interested on Financial books as of this moment. While we were inside the bookstore, I checked some hard bound books that I can buy for James. I gave him one book which caught his interest. I wanted to buy the book but I found it really expensive. We roamed around some more but I can't find books that are suitable on his age.

I told myself maybe I can check on some other bookstore.

At home, I realized he definitely needs a book. I noticed that he often gets my planner inside my bag and endlessly turns each page. It gets his interest given that it has his favorite mascott on it. I gave him a book that wasn't really for his age but somehow had drawings and to my surprise, he likes it. He doesn't read it and I don't read it to him yet because the drawings were really not of his interest. Whenever I asks him, where's your book? Get your book. He'll look at the book that I introduced him and would flip pages. That melted my heart and realize, I BADLY NEED TO GET HIM A BOOK!

I read some blogs about parenting and it recommends an early book recognition. This is where you would introduce and read books to your kids as early as possible. Academic success, social and communication skills, healthy expression of emotions, and cognitive development, better memory, concentration, and vocabulary skills later in life are the benefit of early reading. With that, I want to encourage James to find joy in reading books. =)

I have read in one of my favorite blogger that she introduced Dr. Seuss books to his child. He bought her books on one of the bookstores around and found her child really interested on it. She also built a routine of reading books before bedtime which was a great bonding for her and her child.

Good thing, Dr. Seuss and His Friends are on sale for a very cheap price of books. I am thinking of getting one too. Head on to their website by clicking here. This offer is available in U.S only. I hope it is also available here in the Philippines. =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunshine and Citrus - Your Choice of Summer Bags

Back in the day when I was single, I often choose bags that have a boho feel on it. Yung tipong, cute ang prints that can go either I am wearing jeans or on a dress. I am not particular on brands as long as the bag can serve me better.

I remember bringing a small black bag handed by sister when I was in college. Believe me, yung mga classmates ko nagtataka kung paano ko naipagkakasya ang mga notebooks and things ko inside along with my P.E uniform. It was really funny pero I made it. The bag was branded mind you, and that bag served me so much better. Buhay pa nga yon until now. Hehehe. =)

Anyhow, The Sunshine and Citrus Bags reminded me of how kikay I was before I gave birth to James.

Sunshine & Citrus bags is owned by student-entrepreneur, Gabby Suzara, and manufactured by Donna Mendiola-Gaddi.

Sunshine & Citrus bags are both stylish and functionable, offering a wide variety of styles that suit women in different stages in life: From young, carefree teenagers, young professionals, to mothers like you.

Ang cute diba?!! I liked these 3 pwedeng pwede sa school or office or day in/out with friends.

But... since most of the time, kasama ko si James going out on weekends, I have to have a bag that can accommodate my things, his things and milks and extra clothes etc ng hindi naman nako compromise ang fashion somehow. Yung tipong hindi nila aakalain na may laman pa lang dede yung bag mo?! Hehe..

I like these two especially yung floral. The extra pocket outside can be used on coin purse or anything na kailangan mong hilahin while nag co commute diba? Hassle naman kung hahalungkatin mo pa sa loob ng bag while carrying your toddler.

Pero amongst all of them, these two are my types. 

Very sassy diba? I can see myself carrying this bag on malls, weddings, in the office, beach etc. Perfect ang space and the prints were so me. Hehehe.

Hindi lang yan Muthers! Sunshine & Citrus is now offering an opportunity to start your own bag business. For only Php 5,000, you can get 15 pieces of bags (Choose among Ady, Martha, Milaflor, and Andrea bags) that you can use to start your own business. Oh diba? Kumikitang kabuhayan na din?! These bags are perfect lalo na summer ngayon and prints are back! =)

For interested parties, get in touch with Sunshine & Citrus at 0916 7730171 or email

Sunshine and Citrus Bags
Facebook :
Instagram : @iamsunshineandcitrus
Twitter :

Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's get Financially Knowledgeable

Hi Mothers!!

Sorry for being absent for the last couple of days. I have blogger open waiting for your posts and leaving comments on some blog posts pero I can't seem to create my own entry kasi.

Nowadays, I am really busy reading books (on PDF), checking blog posts and researching about financial matters. You see, it has just been now that I got somehow, financially manageable. I remember my 20-ish self celebrating life to the fullest. I started working at the age of 18 after my Nanay said that she can no longer send me to college. I felt bad somehow pero I got excited din that I will then work and start to earn my own money. I found my first job 3 months after I stopped going to college.

I had my first salary, I even asked Daryl to go with me on one of the banks in Pasay to check if my pay check has been deposited. I was really shock seeing P4,000+ on my ATM. Hahaha! I don't know what to do. Nagtampo pa si Daryl na di ko man lang daw sya nilibre ng Jollibee. Hahahaha!

Fast forward to today, I have James who fully depend on me in terms of everything so I have to become financially capable. I feel weird talking about finances talaga because it wasn't me as far as I remember pero being a mother changed a lot in me. Isa na to dun. Daryl and I are living on our own now. Although we sometimes get help financially by his Mom, and somewhat Nanay too, I wanted to think differently. It was really funny talking finances to Daryl because he knows me well with money.

One night, I was talking to him about being financially free, being a millionaire and retiring a millionaire too. All he did was to nod then said "Ang tanda mo na mag isip, Be." hahahaha. I just "oh yes, I am.". I have too.. I mean "we have to" diba?

Well, kaya ako nagkakaganito nowadays kasi, I saw my officemates' book entitled "Kasusweldo pa lang, Ubos na" by Vic & Avelyn Garcia. It teaches how you could minimize your spending which was for me was really informative. It teaches you on how you could live below your means.

I also borrowed the book (from the same officemate) "Kuntento ka na ba sa Kaperahan mo?" from the same author discussing how you could track your finances and how you could manage to save. There were some example forms provided too which I find really interesting. I am excited to have it applied on my life..

Pero olats.. waley..

Hahaha! Hindi ko na handle ng maayos because Daryl and My paychecks fall a week apart so mejo alangananin ako. When the time came na alam ko na ang diskarteng gagawin ko, Daryl decided to resign. Yes, you read it right. Wala sya work now and in search pa. After some reminders, mas tumimbang sa kanya ang mga reason to leave so I respect it. Currently, mejo relax pa kasi kakaalis lang nya so hopefully, makabawi din sya before the month ends. First of all, aasikasuhin muna nya ang mga lisensyang kelangan nya so he could apply sa airport. Bless us, Lord!

I also read Bo Sanchez' "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" which was a very nice book if you're going to talk about finances. I have read his "My maid invests in the stock market" last year naman which I forgot and was not applied sa aking everyday life so hopefully, this time, I'll be able to make it. I am really motivated so push ko na talaga 'to.

Now, here's my plan.

I want to build an emergency fund first kasi this is what mostly the books and blogs are telling me. I have to have one for emergency situations such as: 1.) unemployment 2.) Calamity 3.) Sickness. Based on what I read, ideally 6 months of your monthly salary. Mejo malaki for me so to make it more realistic, I wrote down 3 months lang muna. After that, I can continue with the other 3 months pa. I even checked kung saang bank ko ito ilalagay and I choose BDO for it. It was just funny kasi when I went there earlier, the teller discussed that it would be good kung sa savings account na lang muna. What she's trying to tell me is that, I can easily withdraw money kung gagamitin ko which was ideally what emergency fund should be. I was thinking about it still kasi I have a savings account na walang laman sa BPI already. I think I would just have to keep that don't you think?

Next, Pay off debts. It was surprising pero true. If I want to be able to invest later on and be ready for my own retirement, I should be debt free. Honestly, I don't know how I do it pero I am sure there'll be a way. I just have to figure it out. As much as possible now, I am trying to avoid debts and gladly, hindi ko na nadagdagan ang dati. I just have to find a way to pay off my credit card debt and I should be okay.

Then, Invest. The earlier, the better. Investment is a matter of time and money. I have plenty of time before retirement then I will give my money a plenty of time too to compound. I am really looking forward to that. I am trying to study more about it and surely, after kong ma fulfill yung emergency fund then I can proceed with investment. It was funny kanina sa BDo nga when I inquired of their service, the teller asked me, how old am I. I said I'm 24 turning 25. The teller replied "Ay, sobrang bata." Napasagot tuloy ako na "Ilang taon po ba dapat? (to avail of their service). Tapos sabi ng teller, "Hindi, mas bata, mas ok." Hahaha. Muntik na akong matawa kasi akala ko she's trying to tell me na hindi pa ako pwede kasi ang bata ko pa. Anyhow, I was thinking of which service to get. For the mean time, my focus was to reach my emergency fund's goal/ My 52 Weeks Money Challenge, Coop Money and Other surprise Money will go there. Sana by the end of this year or early next year, ma reach ko na ang goal! =)

Have you read their books too mother? Any tips on savings and investments?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : February

Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you so much! Sorry for not updating you for the past few days. There has been changes at work kasi. I am assigned to a new task which requires my attention for quite some time. Anyhow, what are you guys up to this month? March na, sobrang bilis ng araw ano?! I bet a lot of you have plans na about your summer getaways. Us? Technically wala pa talaga. Besides, mejo nagtitipid kami ngayon  eh. Hehee. Maybe along the way we would have one. I mean, we will surely have one pero dito lang siguro sa malapit. Can’t afford pa ang malalayo. Heheh.

It was really funny kasi I read a financial book last week and I wanted to apply what I have learned pero it makes it hard for me kasi iba ang pattern ng payday namin. Basically, I have to create a customized one like what I did on my 52 weeks money challenge. Speaking of, I would like to give you an update about my 52WMC for February.

Last month went really quick and before I realize it, tapos na ang buwan. Hehehe. I have posted my own 52 weeks money challenge templatehere. For your reference, here’s the template but you could read the post about it too so you would now how I came up with this. 

 I actually finished February nung 3rd week pa pero I opted to post it at the end of the month para mas ok. As of the moment, I have P1,190 pa lang. there were times kasi na instead of paying P530 lang, I add 10-20 pesos depende sa barya na meron ako. Heheh. Honestly, wala pa akong mapaglagyan ng money. Nakatago lang sya somewhere pero I don’t have a lalagyan talaga. Anyway, parang mas ok din naman na ganun na lang para hindi ko mainip na hindi ko sya napupuno. Hehehe. =)

How about you Mommies? Any updates on your monthly goals?