Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : February

Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you so much! Sorry for not updating you for the past few days. There has been changes at work kasi. I am assigned to a new task which requires my attention for quite some time. Anyhow, what are you guys up to this month? March na, sobrang bilis ng araw ano?! I bet a lot of you have plans na about your summer getaways. Us? Technically wala pa talaga. Besides, mejo nagtitipid kami ngayon  eh. Hehee. Maybe along the way we would have one. I mean, we will surely have one pero dito lang siguro sa malapit. Can’t afford pa ang malalayo. Heheh.

It was really funny kasi I read a financial book last week and I wanted to apply what I have learned pero it makes it hard for me kasi iba ang pattern ng payday namin. Basically, I have to create a customized one like what I did on my 52 weeks money challenge. Speaking of, I would like to give you an update about my 52WMC for February.

Last month went really quick and before I realize it, tapos na ang buwan. Hehehe. I have posted my own 52 weeks money challenge templatehere. For your reference, here’s the template but you could read the post about it too so you would now how I came up with this. 

 I actually finished February nung 3rd week pa pero I opted to post it at the end of the month para mas ok. As of the moment, I have P1,190 pa lang. there were times kasi na instead of paying P530 lang, I add 10-20 pesos depende sa barya na meron ako. Heheh. Honestly, wala pa akong mapaglagyan ng money. Nakatago lang sya somewhere pero I don’t have a lalagyan talaga. Anyway, parang mas ok din naman na ganun na lang para hindi ko mainip na hindi ko sya napupuno. Hehehe. =)

How about you Mommies? Any updates on your monthly goals?


  1. Mommy Jen, nakakatuwa naman at focused ka pa din sa goal mo. Continue mo lang yan, kahit pabarya barya mapupuno din! =)

    1. Thanks joy! Push ko talaga to! hehehe. I have plans kasi for this money at the end of the year eh. =)

  2. Nice. Hindi na namin natuloy yung amin eh. Ang hirap eh. Good Luck Mommy Jen. :)

    1. Kaya mo yan Mommy Rackell, motivation lang talaga. =)

  3. Would love to do this kaya lang medyo hindi pa namin kaya sa ngayon since dami gastos :(
    Good luck Mommy Jen :)

  4. I read about that challenge but I have really no idea how it works. It sounds really interesting.

  5. You may wanna put the money in a jar or something, yung transparent para nakikita at nakaka-inspire. Hehe. Nice, it seems that you're very motivated with this one, Jen. Keep it up! :)


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