Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7 Tips on your Toddler's Annual Physical Exam + Hoagies for Snack

Last Weekend, James had his schedule of Annual Physical Exam. He was required to undergo such because he was my dependent from our company HMO.

I had my APE scheduled here in the office on March 17 after my shift and I finished the whole process for 45 minutes only. It was a breeze given na minimal lang yung employees by that time.#luckyme

When we were asked when would we want to have our dependents scheduled, I chose the very first day which was March 21. I just want to have it done as early as possible kesa nagwoworry ako maghabol. Although I had a problem because we weren't given a letter of authorization/referral by our company, the nurse called the HMO provider and good thing we were accommodated.

We took a bite muna before we continued with APE. Daryl wants to try Hoagies in SM Southmall so off we go. One of our goals this year was to try other restaurants talaga although from time to time, I have to pass kasi I want to save muna. #bagongbuhay

There's no specific step to follow so I decided to take the laboratory first. CBC, Urine and stool sample. James was very brave during the process of taking his blood for CBC. Umiyak nga lang sya nung pinipiga na yung daliri nya para makakuha pa ng more blood. Hehehe. I was holding him, mejo maawain kasi ang Daddy nya at ayaw nakikitang umiiyak ang anak nya which was very kabaliktaran of me. I would rather see him cry na tinuturukan ng karayom kesa mas mahirapan sya with the pain ng hindi nagpapa treat diba?

 After the CBC, we skipped the urine and stool sample because it's already 7pm. I have decided to take this step this coming week, March 28. I know kasi na James won't poo and pee during that time. We took the next step which was the X-Ray. I had Daryl to go inside with James kasi ako na ang humawak during CBC pero after couple of minutes, lumabas ang mag - ama kasi umiiyak daw si James. I have to go with them. We tried it while James is lying down. First shot - good. Second shot is habang nakatagilid sya - not good. he was crying endlessly. Mejo naasar na nga ata ang nag e Xray because we can't get it right. Well, buti hindi sya nagpakita na badtrip sya because una, he should be patient kasi bata ang pasyente nya and pangalawa, I paid the service so he should serve me well. It was a company card pero I am paying the premium monthly against my salary kaya wag sya umarte  sakin. #feelingmataray

We were instructed to go out muna so he can see if ok ang result pero malabo daw so we have to go inside ulit for re-take. I have decided to have James standing up na lang para hindi sya matakot. Well, natakot pa din pero mejo nalibang sya sa ilaw from the machine kaya good and first shot. The second was really hard kasi Daryl has to hold both of his arms upwards while I hold the hips and feet. James has to go sideways this time so he was really crying as hard as he can. I just kept on talking to him and encouraging him that what we are doing is okay and it won't hurt. Second shot - Finally good!

Last step was the doctor's check up. His heartbeat, ears and some part of his upper body was checked lang and we're good to go. To follow ko na lang ang pee at poo nya. =)

Several lessons I have learned from this experience:

1. Take the X- Ray first before the laboratory exam. The process of CBC scared James a lot so when we were doing the X-ray, kahit wala ng pain, he's crying.

2. If your kids can't talk yet at hindi kayang magsabi na they're about to pee, you better bring a wee bag na with you. It's cheaper kasi sa labas kesa sa pharmacy inside the clinic.

3. Bring your kids to the clinic as early as you can. Aside form the fact na you will have more time for collecting pee and poo, hindi kayo gagabihin and could still do other things like pasyal in malls or playtime with kids after a stressful APE.

4. Bring something that could catch their attention like toys or ipads. There has been a long line when we arrived in the clinic. 30 people are ahead of us so imagine kung gaano ka bored ang mag- Ama. Good thing, the clinic is inside SM Southmall so hindi masyadong ang stress na nadudulot ng pagka boring.

5. Bring some snacks for your kids.

6. Make sure that they have a good sleep before the APE. Mahirap ang may kasamang bata na irritated because of not having enough rest.

7.  Reward your kids after the APE. It was just a simple recognition of another milestone and a job well done. Ano ba naman ang bigyan ng something that they really like? In my case, I gave him food. =) Your bet on that na Mommies ha?! You know your kids better kung anong makapag papasaya sa kanila.

So there, my baby boy is soooo big na talaga grabe I can't believe it.. =(

Any additional on the tips, Mommies?

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