Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dr. Seuss and His Friends

It's the time of James' life when I saw that he's interested in books.

Last weekend, we went to SM Mall of Asia to buy some things and just to hang around before we go back home to Las Pinas. We dropped by on a bookstore since I am interested on Financial books as of this moment. While we were inside the bookstore, I checked some hard bound books that I can buy for James. I gave him one book which caught his interest. I wanted to buy the book but I found it really expensive. We roamed around some more but I can't find books that are suitable on his age.

I told myself maybe I can check on some other bookstore.

At home, I realized he definitely needs a book. I noticed that he often gets my planner inside my bag and endlessly turns each page. It gets his interest given that it has his favorite mascott on it. I gave him a book that wasn't really for his age but somehow had drawings and to my surprise, he likes it. He doesn't read it and I don't read it to him yet because the drawings were really not of his interest. Whenever I asks him, where's your book? Get your book. He'll look at the book that I introduced him and would flip pages. That melted my heart and realize, I BADLY NEED TO GET HIM A BOOK!

I read some blogs about parenting and it recommends an early book recognition. This is where you would introduce and read books to your kids as early as possible. Academic success, social and communication skills, healthy expression of emotions, and cognitive development, better memory, concentration, and vocabulary skills later in life are the benefit of early reading. With that, I want to encourage James to find joy in reading books. =)

I have read in one of my favorite blogger that she introduced Dr. Seuss books to his child. He bought her books on one of the bookstores around and found her child really interested on it. She also built a routine of reading books before bedtime which was a great bonding for her and her child.

Good thing, Dr. Seuss and His Friends are on sale for a very cheap price of books. I am thinking of getting one too. Head on to their website by clicking here. This offer is available in U.S only. I hope it is also available here in the Philippines. =)


  1. Meron Dr. Seuss sa fullybooked mommy Jen. Maganda pero parang medyo pricey for me. Pero marami din namang magagandang books nabibili sa mga bookstores na mura lang. Piliin mo yung hard yung pages para safe na hindi masisira ni baby james. Nakakatuwa at nagkaka interest na sya magbasa, Pag nakita mo yan nagbabasa mag-isa at may sounds pa, hay naku! Super matutuwa ka talaga! =)

  2. I want the dr seuss set, too! Yun ba yung nakita mo sa moa? :)

  3. I started reading a Dr. Seuss book (ABC book) to my daughter when she was around 8 months old or so. I'd like to think that is where she learned to recite and even read her alphabet at 18 months. She continues to adore his stories until now (she's already 2) and loves watching the original videos of The Lorax and Cat in the Hat. The latter one has very fun and catchy songs, by the way!

  4. Naku, andami nyang Dr. Seuss books sa Book Sale. Nee dmo lang sipagan ang paghahanap. Hehe. :)


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