Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunshine and Citrus - Your Choice of Summer Bags

Back in the day when I was single, I often choose bags that have a boho feel on it. Yung tipong, cute ang prints that can go either I am wearing jeans or on a dress. I am not particular on brands as long as the bag can serve me better.

I remember bringing a small black bag handed by sister when I was in college. Believe me, yung mga classmates ko nagtataka kung paano ko naipagkakasya ang mga notebooks and things ko inside along with my P.E uniform. It was really funny pero I made it. The bag was branded mind you, and that bag served me so much better. Buhay pa nga yon until now. Hehehe. =)

Anyhow, The Sunshine and Citrus Bags reminded me of how kikay I was before I gave birth to James.

Sunshine & Citrus bags is owned by student-entrepreneur, Gabby Suzara, and manufactured by Donna Mendiola-Gaddi.

Sunshine & Citrus bags are both stylish and functionable, offering a wide variety of styles that suit women in different stages in life: From young, carefree teenagers, young professionals, to mothers like you.

Ang cute diba?!! I liked these 3 pwedeng pwede sa school or office or day in/out with friends.

But... since most of the time, kasama ko si James going out on weekends, I have to have a bag that can accommodate my things, his things and milks and extra clothes etc ng hindi naman nako compromise ang fashion somehow. Yung tipong hindi nila aakalain na may laman pa lang dede yung bag mo?! Hehe..

I like these two especially yung floral. The extra pocket outside can be used on coin purse or anything na kailangan mong hilahin while nag co commute diba? Hassle naman kung hahalungkatin mo pa sa loob ng bag while carrying your toddler.

Pero amongst all of them, these two are my types. 

Very sassy diba? I can see myself carrying this bag on malls, weddings, in the office, beach etc. Perfect ang space and the prints were so me. Hehehe.

Hindi lang yan Muthers! Sunshine & Citrus is now offering an opportunity to start your own bag business. For only Php 5,000, you can get 15 pieces of bags (Choose among Ady, Martha, Milaflor, and Andrea bags) that you can use to start your own business. Oh diba? Kumikitang kabuhayan na din?! These bags are perfect lalo na summer ngayon and prints are back! =)

For interested parties, get in touch with Sunshine & Citrus at 0916 7730171 or email sunshine.citrus_est2014@yahoo.com.ph

Sunshine and Citrus Bags
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