Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Home, New Bike

Hi everyone!!

I missed you all! I have been missing from the past few days because of some changes at work. I am assigned to a different task na kasi that requires 99% of my attention. Kailangan bantayan ko ang system or else, I would miss one. I am working on a BPO pero it wasn't like other businesses so I have to adjust pa sa bagong task. Although madali lang naman talaga sya, I don't want to feel lax about it. Gusto kong ma master ko muna din syempre. =) I'll do my best to blog as often as I can. Anyway, every two weeks lang naman akong naka assign dito, next week, back up na lang ako so mas madaming time to blog na ulit. =)

There were so many things that happened in the past few days. I actually forgot to write down the topics that I want to discuss here in the blog. I lost track of my spending din. There were days that I forgot to write down what I have bought. Parang accounting kasi ang ginagawa ko, dapat may liquidation din. Hahaha. With that, hindi ko maitatanong sa sarili ko as to where all the money went. It was really effective specially when Daryl's working. He resigned weeks ago. Mejo hindi na daw nya feel ang work sobrang demotivated ang lolo nyo which I understand why naman talaga. I knew the story so it's fine. Although it wasn't "that" fine kasi we have lost a source of income so mainly, income ko lang ang napasok ngayon. I am hoping he could find a better work soon.

Couple of weeks ago, I have realized that James is very in love with anything na may gulong. Yun bang anything na parang car or bike. He loves to rotate the wheels. He often see his Dad kasi na nagda drive so gusto nya, sya din hahawak ng manibela. Hehehe! There was a time pa na he was riding on a bike and was asked to leave pero ayaw nya. Sigaw ng sigaw "No no, No no". So I let him be..

Finally, one wekeend. I bought him a...

TADA!!! Welcome home, bike! Happy yan sya.. kala nyo lang mukang sad. hehe!

The money used was supposed to be for me so I can re-shape my hair pero mas nanaig ang kagustuhan kong bilhan sya ng bike. Hehe. I was really happy with the result naman. Whenever I look at him, I know he likes it. When he wakes up, sasakay na yan sa bike nya. Pag lalabas kami ng bahay, dala din namin ang bike nya instead yung stroller na mejo bulky. He likes it very much kaya I am one happy Mama. Mejo out of budget nga lang pero I felt contented. Actually, against yan sa mga binabasa kong financial books pero I know James deserves this. =)

More pictures with the bike.
Although, 3 times na syang nahulog sa bike na yan (yung tipong nakasakay pa sya tapos matutumba silang dalawa ng bike nya) love na love pa din nya yan. Pano ba naman kasi hindi matutumba, mag le lean ng bonggang - bongga pa sideways eh mas mabigat pa sya sa bike na yan. Hehehe. Buti na lang talaga, walang injury ang makulit na bata. =)

I want to buy him books naman. I have been looking for a Dr. Seuss books sa Booksale at National bookstore pero bakit wala akong mahanap? Yung totoo?! Hindi ko alam kung hindi ba ako marunong mag hanap o dahil sa tuwing maghahanap ako, parang sumasakit yung tyan ko at nababanyo ako? Hahahahaha! Next time sisipagan ko na talaga maghanap muthers!!

San ba ako sure na makakahanap? Any ideas please? Or kahit hindi Dr. Seuss, anything na maganda saka hard bound. =)


  1. wow naman may new bike na si baby James! Thank you daw mommy Jen! I'm sure tuwang-tuwa sya, ingat lang palagi.

    May nakita akong Dr. Seuss na book dati sa Fullybooked try mo din check tska yung hard pages na books meron sa national bookstore dun kami bumibili e. =)

  2. Very nice bike! Sure he loves riding it.

  3. Naks naman, big boy na si baby James, nagba-bike na! Kakatuwa yung mga facial expressions nya sa pictures, halatang enjoy na enjoy sa bago nyang laruan. :)


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