Thursday, April 30, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : April

Goodbye April and Hello May!!!

It has been 4 months now since I started my own 52 Weeks Money Challenge and I can't believe that I actually survived 4 months with it. I made my own template which I have shown on my previous post. That template as I said made it easy for an employee who's getting their salary twice every month.

I have struggled this month in building my 52WMC due to some confusion in my savings. I am actually trying to keep different savings for different purposes however, I got confused when I got them altogether. There was this time when I have used one savings to start up a small business which made me all confused.

Confusing kasi first time ko nga lang mag ipon diba tapos sabay-sabay pa so mainly, I have not established a good plan on how I'll save them so what I did, I used one of the savings as my capital on my direct selling business and then kept the money of 52WMC as it is so it would be easier for me to track it.

The other saving that I am talking about was now paikot-ikot as my capital including the profit. As much as I can have the profit being saved or used as a capital, ginagawa ko unless dumarating talaga ang petsa de peligro na kailangan kong humiram from it. I'll just make sure that it'll all paid up when my money came so instead of me borrowing money from someone else with or without tubo makes me feel a little secured. Little lang kasi it means, I am not budgeting the money well kaya kailangan ko pang mang hiram sa savings and it's profit. That's one thing that I have to keep an eye on.

Anyhow, I would say that the challenge is still on and that I am on track of it.

Here's the template,

I am more than halfway na from the first part. Yehey!!

Anyhow, I still have 8 months to work on. =)

Honestly, after I took this challenge seriously, It didn't feel so hard for me to allot a specific amount of money every payday. It broke the old habit that I have which really made me happy. Aside form this, I still have money away from this na naiipon and nag e earn ng dividend thru Coop dito sa office. =)

So how's your own version of 52WMC? Let me know!! =)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Reading with my Toddler

Couple of weeks ago, I am itching to buy a book for James. I wanted to establish a bedtime stories since I have read that it is a good bonding between a child and a parent at the same time, it would make them wants books. When I was a kid, I hate books. I don't read one. Kapag sa school kailangan magbasa, I am reading it pero walang pumapasok sa utak ko. It's as if I am reading it for the sake of reading but not comprehending what I was reading. The only time that I read a book was when I was a teenager na at ang binabasa ko pa was Precious Heart Romances na Pocket books. hahahaha! #batang90s.

With that, I wanted to have a different approach sa aking toddler. I want him to want books that way I didn't wanted it. I want him to be familiar with it and comprehend better. I actually don't have any idea kung anong magandang book for James. Gusto ko sana nga talaga yung Dr. Suess na book kaya lang, I can't find any sa Booksale here in Cash & Carry in Makati as well as in SM Southmall. Nauurat na nga ako sa kakahanap eh. I don't know kung wala ba talaga akong mahanap o hindi lang ako marunong maghanap. It's quite frustrating na. =(

One lunch time in the office, I wanted to visit the Makati Cinema Square since I have read online that there was a booksale branch there too. Unfortunately, the way in and out of Makati Cinema Square is traffic, I have to re-route and go to Cash & Carry instead. It's only a walking distance away from the office kaya I can manage the time well. Pwede ko kasing takbuhin lang in case male late na ako from lunch unlike mag jeep pa ako from office to MCS na sobrang traffic ng dadaanan.

I checked again on Booksale there but still, there were quite a few lang na hardbound books. I wanted a hard bound kasi I know James would just tear the page. Sayang naman diba? I can't find a nice book so I went to National bookstore instead. I roamed around and found books for toddlers pero I don't like the story. I mean, parang hindi interesting for James. Good thing, I found a book which was entitled, "The Cat Without A Meow" by Enid Blyton. It costs P100 and the other book was "Fluffy Chick" (bought after 2 weeks from the first book) with a touch feel something in front. The story was very short din. That one naman costs P50 only.

As soon as I show the book to James, he scanned every pages and he looked interested. That night, I was trying to read the book while we were lying down pero ayaw nya. He kept on taking the book away from me. Later on, I gave him a milk so while he's busy, I read the book to him. He was looking at the pictures all the time. I also made sounds like meow para mejo makatotohanan.

When I was finished reading the book, I closed it and said "the end". I kissed him goodnight and said that we will go to sleep na. Lights out and viola, he felt asleep.

Since then, I wanted it to become a routine na talaga. I want to have a bedtime story as our bonding time after I go to work and before I put him to bed. I want this thing to be scared that only me would read the book to him so he can associate the books to me only. Although there were times that his Dad would read his book for him. There was also this time during his afternoon nap na babasahan sya ng Daddy nya ng book then as soon as it finishes, he will face the other side na then will go to sleep. Although there were days na hindi pa talaga sya inaantok after reading the book, I make sure that the lights are off so he would know that we will all go to sleep na.

Weeks have passed and he has fully adjust with our new routine. There were mornings that he will just scan the book and would hear him blabber words as if he's also reading the book himself. There was this time pa when he was sitting down, holding and looking at the book, blabbering words then heard him say Waaaww.. waaaw (Meow.. Meow). I was so happy that he was trying to imitate how I read him his book. I also added how the horse sound and he's improving on it every single day. I can't be any happier about his development. I want to buy more books for him pa for him para may ibang choice. Just so he could live by it, I also bought books for myself. They are practical books so when I am done reading them, I will share my insights and what I have learned from them too. =)

Now let me show you my little bookworm.. =)

Busy reading his book.
Ooooppss.. Baliktad pala.. =)

Minsan, ineexplore din nya like this!
 Do you have any recent finds or any suggestion on which books to get for James next time? =)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Conti's Black Velvet Cheesecake for Babe's Birthday

It's almost the end of the month of April na!! Oh my gosh bakit ang bilis ng panahon. It's as if parang kahapon lang, when I wrote about my 52WMC for March, then now.. I'll be posting for April na?! Where did the time go??

Amyhow.. I forgot to post my birthday greeting to Daryl. His birthday was on April 4. I didn't really plan anything out kasi I know that his Mom would make handa. She's a great cook.

I filed a leave na lang nung April 3 so I can spend some time at home, makapag ligpit and to simply have a family date sa bahay. We had home cooked meals most of the time which saves me some bucks. With that, name make sure ko pa na healthy din ang food na sineserve ko kasi walang preservatives.

Yun nga, when April 4 came, we went to Pasay for our usual sleepover sa bahay ng FMIL ko. When we arrived, may mga pagkain na like pansit and ginataang bilo-bilo. Grabe ang sarap! Just before we went home, kinantyawan ko si Daryl na I will buy him a cake sa Mall of Asia so we went there muna. I was laughing out loud kasi I teased him na bibilhan ko sya ng gift which he doesn't believe kasi wala naman daw akong extra money. Well, we have a kakarampot na savings so I am hoping to get some to buy a nice gift na alam kong gustong - gusto nya. Hindi ko na pinanghinayangan pa, binilhan ko na.. I was thinking about buying the slipper from Adidas that he's eyeing pero out of stock sa Mall of Asia so dun na ako sa second choice na Basketball shorts from Adidas. Daryl plays basketball.. a lot kaya having a new short would make him pabida na magaling sya sa hard court. Hahaha. =)

I also bought him a cake from Conti's. I wanted sana yung Mango Bravo pero naka reserve na daw so went for Black Velvet Cheesecake! We liked it very much but still, I wanted to try the Mango Bravo. Next time kapag may birthday celebration ulit. =)

Can you see it? Nakakahilo ba? Sorry blurry yung photo. Pasmadao kasi ang nag picture.. hehehe.

And here's the birthday celebrant!!! =)

Belated happy birthday babe!!!! I love you to the moon and back! =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jollitown Funtasyland at SMX Convention, Pasay

2 weekends ago, Daryl, Jami and I went to SMX Convention Center for Jollitown Funtasyland.

It was my first time to hear about it. Probably because I don't care dati about it kasi wala pa akong baby. But now that I have a son who loves Jollibee so much, I felt I have to bring him there so he could see Jollibee and the gang. It's not everyday that we're invited to a Jollibee party for him to see the mascot kaya nag effort talaga ako. When I read about it, I told Daryl na pupunta kami dun no matter what. (read here)

Our original plan is to go on the afternoon session so we can go straight to Pasay for a sleepover. However, I was invited to attend the opening at 8am in the morning. I was so grateful to be given 4 free tickets to the event. Yun nga lang, we were so lazy to wake up early in the morning. Hindi kasi talaga kami maaga nagigising. Given that I work until 10-11pm, I go to bed at around 1am na.

We arrived in Mall of Asia around 3-4pm due to traffic sa Coastal Road. I chose to go straight to SM Department Store muna kasi I bought a gift on a previous Saturday for Daryl's birthday. Mejo malaki yung waistline kaya we want to see kung ok ang size ng medium on him. What we found out was, tama lang sa kanya ang size na kinuha ko, if there's a tali dun sa short. Basketball shorts kasi yun and Daryl prefers it to be sakto on length kahit maluwag on the waistline basta may tali to support it. Yun pala, the short has a tali pero yung nabili ko doesn't so same size pa din ang kinuha pero pinalitan na lang ng ibang stock. End up, damaged pala yung nakuha namin before. It was a breeze din naman mag change ng size sa SM kaya lang masyadong malayo yung Customer Service Counter nila. Nasa kabilang ibayo pa kung saan ako bumili ng shorts.

 After we waited for an hour, we arrived at SMX around 5pm na. I fell in line and asked if I can still claim my free tickets pero hindi na daw. It seemed that they are not familiar with it. Sinabi na lang nila na it will not be available na kasi afternoon session na nga yun. I end up paying the tickets for P100/each which is definitely fine kasi in exchange, I'll get a Value meal either One piece chicken with rice and coke, Spaghetti with Yum+coke or Cheeseburger with coke. Sulit na sulit diba?

As we came in, we found a huge inflatable slides and play area for the kids. There were other activities around along with a stage where Jollibee and the gang performs. It was also a good thing na merong baggage counter outside because we were able to leave our overnight bags while we were having fun.

We dropped our raffle tickets, claimed the loot bag for Jami and checked on some activities. We didn't allow James to play on inflatables because a lot of bigger kids are playing there and we are worried na baka madaganan sya ng mga bigger kids. We let James run around the huge place. We lined up to have one of the inflatables where Jami will be put on a suit tapos ididikit sa inflatable, pero while waiting, ayun, lumabas si Jollibee and his friends. Daryl brought Jami close to the stage while I was left on the line pero tinawag ako ng mag ama. Sayang ang pila pero I have to see how Jami's reaction while Jollibee and his friends are there on the stage. He was stunned and talagang hindi maalis ang mata sa stage..

Can't take his eyes off the stage.

After sometime, I let him run around some more. Unfortunately, we were so hungry na so we decided to go.

Oh wait, there were raffle pala. Sayang because nabunot nila yung ticket number 1050 tapos we were holding 1052!! Yung tipong konting kembot na lang, number na namin!! Hayy.. You know, I am so malas with raffles kaya hindi talaga ako nag eexpect na mananalo sa mga ganyan. I won once lang sa giveaway for how many years na nag ba blog ako. Anyway, sulit na sulit din ang pagkapanalo kong yun kasi sa blog ni Mommy Fleur naman yun. Heheheh =)

So ayun nga, we were so hungry na kaya we claimed two (2) of our food stub at Jollibee Mall of Asia 2. Sa likod na yun ng MOA. I know the store is very small lang so I am expecting na madaming tao. When I saw the store, di nga ako nagkamali. Sobrang daming tao. Good thing, Daryl was able to find a seat while I order our food. Sayang lang because you can only claim the food from which store you bought your tickets and since sa SMX na kami bumili ng tickets, no choice kami kundi sa Jollibee 2 in MOA. Ang maganda lang jan, you have 60days pa to claim the food from the time you bought the tickets so I can go back next time to claim it. =)

After we ate, we went na toFMIL's house so we can have a good rest na after making habol on Jami in Jollitown. Hopefully next year, there will be another Jollitown Funtasyland so we can join again and have Jami to play on the inflatables. Maybe with that, we could stay a little longer. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Press Release : Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 #AdMe

Press Release

Viber joins Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 #AdMe. Kristian Melquiades, the General Manager of Viber will be one of the panelist/speakers to the upcoming Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 #AdMe on July 26, 2015 at SMX Convention Center at BGC Taguig, Philippines.

Kristian will be sharing latest insights as to how Viber transformed the call and messaging landscape in the Philippines. He will also discuss how fun and creative stickers have become the new form of messaging.  At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, different top executives will join together to share the future of Online Marketing in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific region with the following points:

•       The digital economy of the Philippines

•       Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from East to West and West to East

•       Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?

•       Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation

•       Technology and Entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth

•       Micro - multinationals E-commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond

Partial list of speakers are as follows;

Constantin Roberts - Managing Director, Zalora Philippines
Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber Philippines
Richard Upton- President, John Robert Powers Asia
Donald Lim- Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN
Janette Toral- E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino
Robert Yupangco- President, Yupangco Group of Companies
Chinkee Tan- Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Wealth & Wellness Coach Rebecca Bustamante Mills- CEO, Chalre Associates & President, Asia CEO Awards
Mikel Yaw- CEO, Elabram Systems Group
Carlos Celdran- Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide
Maria Camille Montejo- CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure Inc.
Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creative Voices Productions
Tanya Llana- Marketing & Sales Director, Victoria Court & General Manager, Hotel La
Corona De Lipa
James Jimenez- Director, Commission On Elections
Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation

For more information, you may visit For partnership and sponsorship, you may contact TAG Media & PR at 09166299381 or at

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reminiscing our First Ever Family Outing at Club Manila East

It's been a while na pala since my last post. Busy - busyhan lang talaga ang peg kahit wala naman dapat ika busy. Hehehe. I dunno, it's as if pagod akong mag type. My fingers are tired ng kaka type and copy paste eh. Ooopss! Hindi po ako nag ko complain with the type of job that I have, I absolutely love it, Promise!

Anyhow, since it's summer and a lot of people are enjoying the heat of the sun (and I don't kasi sobrang init, nakakasunog), inggit na inggit ako sa mga may mga out of town gala. Previously, these are the months na sobrang saya ko kasi for sure, may flight na akong naka ready to go somewhere or may plan ng nakalatag. However, I am so motivated to improve on financial status (because I have been reading financial books which I will share with you in a matter of days), hindi ko namalayan na miss ko na pala ang mag travel and that my baby boy is big enough na to explore the beach, the sand, the sun.. Yung mga ganyang bagay. Little did I know, mahal na ang mga fares ng airlines for summer destinations. hayyy..

Good thing, my side of the family decided to have another getaway near the city kaya sobrang excited na ako dun. The last time we had one was in 2009. =)

Family Outing at Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal - (From L- R ) Nanay, Tita Fraulene (eldest sis), Lalai (eldest niece), Me, Tita Grace (middle sis) and Alex (niece)
See? Kapayatan at neneng days ko pa yan. Hahaha!

I won't spoil the details pa kasi hindi pa masyadong plantsado yung upcoming swimming namin pero hopefully matuloy na talaga kasi this will be the only time na makakapag family outing kami since 2009. That was actually our first ever tapos hindi na nasundan na complete kami so I am crossing my fingers na this will be the best time na ituloy ang naudlot. 

That's it for now. I hope you guys are having a wonderful mid week.. =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Emergency Room Visit

Two - three weeks ago, James was sent to San Juan De Dios Hospital in Pasay.. It was really annoying!! =(

Here's the story:

James and Daryl went to Pasay to spend their day while I was at work. I didn't worry much because I know that the two would be fine.

Couple of minutes before I went home, I received a text message from Daryl,

Daryl : Be, nasugat si Jami sa lata.
Me: ha? bakit pa kasi binigyan ng lata?!

The convo was something like that. I thougt it was just a simple scratch from tin can. When we ate kasi in Gerry's Grill at Mall of Asia one time, pinaglaruan nya yung tin can ng Sprite, sinuot ang kamay sa butas then got scratch. I panicked a little pero since mababaw lang ang sugat, as in sa balat lang, hindi naman naging big deal.

When they picked me up that night, Jami was sitting on his Lola's lap. When I checked his finger, I thought mababaw lang ang sugat until Daryl's Mom said na dalhin daw namin sa emergency room so we can make sure na hindi sya ma tetano. I found it a little exagge pero when we got in the hospital and saw the wound, Ay grabe! Gusto kong mag super saiyan sa inis ko. Yung pinaka puno ng forefinger nya at the back has a scratch pero when you looked on the part while the palm is facing you, it seemed na mejo malalim yung sugat. The blood from the wound got dried up so hindi ko na makita kung gaano kalaki ang mismong sugat. We were interviewed by the nurse and I don't know what to say for a second kasi I wasn't in the moment. I relied mostly on what they have told me sa kung anong nangyari.

They said that James had his finger inserted on the tin can's holes (designs nung tin can). Since mataba yung fingers ni James, they can't remove the tin can na. That resulted them putting oils and anything na pwedeng magpadulas sa tin can pero it was unsuccessful. Their last resort was to cut the tin can so they can remove James' finger. They even said na nilagyan daw ng alcohol yung sugat which for me, was really painful. I can't imagine how painful it is for James, I know he's crying so much at that moment. Open wound + Alcohol diba? Edi wow. They said hindi naman daw umiyak which somehow I don't believe kasi I know it is really really painful..I can also see from his finger na hindi pantay - pantay yung sugat meaning they have tried their best na hugutin yung finger nya from the tin can. You know naman the kids have a very manipis na balat, I can't imagine kung gaano karaming blood ang lumabas. =(

While in the car pala, Future MIL said na nag panick sya ng bongga when she received a call from her niece about what's going on so she suggested to call his brother na lang to help the niece remove the tin can. Then I thought, Asan si Daryl during the time? Bakit hindi ako ang tinawagan?..

Daryl: Naglaro kasi ako ng basketball..
Me: Saan ka naglaro? bakit hindi ka ba tinawag na lang nung nangyayari yun?
Daryl: Sa FTI pa kasi ako nagbasket ball eh.

Bingo number 1.

I got pissed knowing na sya ang pinagbabantay ko ng anak nya pero iniwan nya sa pinsan nya while he's playing basketball.

James pooped pa while waiting to be checked by the doctor so I asked, asan ang diaper nito?

Daryl: Wala na eh, hindi ko nadalhan.

Bingo number 2.

The doctor asked what are James last vaccines pero for goodness sake, hindi ko maalala ang last na vaccine nya. I was asked kung may DPT na daw, I said I don't know. So they have to give him anti-tetano shot, twice.. which was fine for me. James cried his heart out nung binakunahan sya. I have to hold him myself kasi masyadong maawain ang Daddy nya. It doesn't mean naman na I don't pity him kapag tinutusukan ng needle pero mas nakakaawa yung na tetano sya at hindi naagapan ng vaccine dahil sa naawa ako at ayaw ko syang umiyak sa bakuna, diba? They cleaned off his wound na lang then the vaccine.

When we were heading home, I asked him if he remembered his assignment about James' milk.

Daryl: Yun nga eh, nakalimutan ko.

Bingo number 3.

Then when I asked kung nasaan ang savings namin (yung 52weeks money challenge) ..

Daryl : Nasa akin, nagastos ko yung 200 kasi pinamasahe ko eh.

Bingo number 4.

Boom!! Ayun na, and I was so mad na talaga sa kanya hindi ko na kinaya. I told him na ang savings namin is for emergency purposes lang at hindi pamasahe papunta sa basketball game nya na nag cause para maiwan ang anak nya sa pangangalaga ng iba at lalong lalong nag cause ng pagkakasugat ng anak nya,. Hayyy..

I was really mad kasi I felt na hindi nya sinunod ang mga pinagbilin ko. Anyhow, pinagsabihan ko sya that night then we were ok na the next day. I know he knows naman na somehow, he has a fault. I am trying my best not to blame him about the situation because I know that it's bad pero kapag sabay - sabay kasi yung bingo eh aba, nakakabaliw din ng slight.

On the lighter note, we didn't spend a single penny with what happen, thanks to our HMO. At the same time, FMIL will help us with his vaccine cost moving forward daw. =)

Monday, April 6, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : March

Today is Easter Monday daw sa Europe so mejo wala kaming trabaho here in the office. Kaya lang mejo tinatamad pa rin ako to start a decent blogpost because the place I am sitting on is soo cold. Grabe, nakatapat ba naman sakin ang AC here sa office. hayyy.. Someone wants my old seat kasi, binigay ko na lang.. Hayyy..

Hahahah! I suddenly felt isip-bata for a second dahil pati yan, sinusumbong ko pa. Pero kasi diba? You know that feeling na may mga selfish na tao.

Anyhow, enough of the bad vibes. I would like to let you know that my 52 Weeks Money Challenge is still on! I am so happy kasi 3 months have passed and still, nakakaya ko pa din pigilan ang sarili ko to spend the money. Believe me, hindi ko talaga alam kung san ko ilalagay ang money. Up to now, nakalagay lang sya sa wallet ko, separated from our daily money pero sobrang daling hugutin kung gugustuhin.

Here's my 52 Weeks Money Challenge - Customized Version. Read my journey from months of January and February.

So far, I supposed to have P2,750 but I only have P2,640 at hand. Daryl borrowed P250 here so supposedly I have P2,890. What I did kasi was to add all of my extra money like yung profit ko sa panaka - nakang bumibili sa online shop pero since there are times na mejo naso short ang budget namin, nahihiram yung money pero I make sure na napapalitan naman. That was something I have to work on nga lang kasi mejo nakakawalang gana to continue the savings kapag nakikita mong nababawasan diba? I am planning to put it on my atm na lang kasi it is important din na madaling ma liquidize ang money in cases of emergency. (Tama ba yung liquidize?). This was the purpose naman ng money na ito eh, to save up for our emergency fund, although naka specify naman talaga kung anong mga emergency cases that I'll consider like, Sickness, Calamity and Unemployment.

For me, this challenge was a huge step forward from what I am capable of. Believe me, ubod ng gastadora talaga ako before so now that I am a Mom, I have changed for the better especially in saving money. I know it was small pero mas ok na din rather than starting really big tapos nganga naman in the end like what I had last year. Diba?!

Standby for further updates of 52WMC in the coming months =).

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jollitown Funtasy Land

James loves Jollibee so much!! Whenever he sees the statue or his face anywhere, he would say "Babi" - his own way of saying Jollibee. Even when we are inside the car and passes by a store branch, he would say "Hi" or "Babye" with matching flying kiss pa yan. He really really likes him.

So when I found out from Mommy Bloggers Philippines that Jollibee Kids Club is having a Jollitown Fantasy Land, I told Daryl na sasali kami. I want James to see Jollibee and the gang again. I'm sure tahimik na naman yan while looking sa mascot. =)

Jollibee Kids Club is the biggest membership club for kids and this summer, all members will be in for a treat with more exciting party games, interactive activities and kiddie workshops. But the most awaited of all is the return of Jollitown Funtasy Land, a play paradise where JKC members gets to see and play with the whole Jollitown characters including Jollibee, Twirlie, Popo, Hetty.


Happening on April 11, 2015 at SMX Convention Center Halls 3 & 4 with two schedules that you can choose from - 9AM-2PM and 3PM-8PM. Your kids will get to enjoy at Jollibee House, Dingdangdong Clingers, Rainbow Slide and Pipoy Puno. There will be lots of interactive spots like the Wishing Well, Twirlie’s Music Studio, Jolliphone Booth, and the Maze of Enchanted Trees.

How To Get Jollitown Funtasy Land Tickets

Moms and dads have to show their Jollibee Happyplus card to buy tickets for their Jollibee Kids Club member kids. If the kids are not JKC members, they can register the kids for P100.

The Jollitown Funtasy Land ticket costs P100 each and this includes Jollibee value meals of your choice (Chicken Joy Value Meal, Yum w/Cheese Value Meal, Jolly Spaghetti w/ Yum Value Meal) PLUS:
1. Entrance at the venue with access to all attractions during the full AM or PM session
2. Raffle
3. Loot bag (for child ticket only)
So if you decide to dine in this week, it will be a win-win to purchase the Jollitown Funtasy Land tickets.
Weekend Freebie

If you buy at least 3 tickets this coming April 4, 5 and 11, you will be able to get 1 ticket free.

Win Free Tickets To Jollitown Funtasy Land!

Grab this chance to get 4 tickets for your family by following these simple mechanics:
1. Post a photo of your child/children enjoying their Jollibee Langhap Sarap treats on Instagram.
2. Put this caption with your photo : “My family would love to go to the Jollitown Funtasy Land because (your answer). #mommybloggersph #JollitownFuntasyLand @mommybloggersphilippines @jollibee”

Make sure to follow @mommybloggersphilippines @jollibee on Instagram so you’d easily know if you won the promo. There will be 3 winners of 4 tickets each. Promo ends April 8. Tickets to be claimed at the registration area on event day, April 11.

See you all there!! =)


Helloooo!! Everyone... I.AM.PREGNANT!!

soooo exciting!! =)

Anyway, sorry guys kung ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag blog. I felt busy and adjusting sa bagong task assigned to me. It's every 2 weeks lang naman so mainly, hindi talaga ako makapag blog that much kapag I am into that task pero it has been 3 days na back to normal work so keri na ulit ang pagbaba blog. I was supposed to write an entry yesterday just before March end pero hindi ko natapos ang entry.. Booo! Anyhow, I just realize na April na pala ano?! Happy April fools Day!!!! hehehe. Napaniwala ko ba kayo sa first statement ko?!

Since na mention ko naman, ma ishare ko lang sa inyo guys na a few weeks back, hindi ko talaga maalala kung kelan ako nagkaroon ng period nung March. Kahit anong isip ko, hindi ko talaga maalala. The Doctor who did my Physical Exam for APE (Annual Physical Exam in the office) asked me kung kelan daw ang last menstruation ko.

Me: Nung katapusan po ng February.
Doc: Give me a date.
Me: Ahhhmm... Uhmmmm... Nung ano po yun eh, nunggggg.... _____.

Wala talaga mga ateng. I really don't know. As in, hindi ko maalala. I was asked to sign pa tuloy na I am willing to undergo X-ray. Bakit kaya ganun? So eto ako last time, I was cramming na baka I'm pregnant kasi I am expecting na darating ang period ko ng end of March. Antay ako ng antay walang dumating so I checked na. Negative naman, so naisip ko baka this week na nga so sabi ko, kapag wala pa din this week, I'll have another pregnancy test. Ayun, today dumating na ang most awaited menstruation. Hehehe. I was happy. I don't want to get pregnant pa kasi. I know I am not yet ready physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Basta hindi pa.

Anyhow, nakakainggit talaga yung mga may summer getaway. Hindi kasi ako nakapag prepare ng ganyan eh. One income lang kasi ang pumapasok ngayon so mejo alanganin. Ayaw ko naman pilitin na mag maglagalag tapos nganga diba? Mahaba pa naman ang summer so wait wait lang, malay mo may biglaan diba? hehe.

Yun lang, I am just giving you some updates kasi baka isipin nyo ng nagkalimutan na tayo diba? hehehe.

See you all soon... =)