Monday, April 6, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : March

Today is Easter Monday daw sa Europe so mejo wala kaming trabaho here in the office. Kaya lang mejo tinatamad pa rin ako to start a decent blogpost because the place I am sitting on is soo cold. Grabe, nakatapat ba naman sakin ang AC here sa office. hayyy.. Someone wants my old seat kasi, binigay ko na lang.. Hayyy..

Hahahah! I suddenly felt isip-bata for a second dahil pati yan, sinusumbong ko pa. Pero kasi diba? You know that feeling na may mga selfish na tao.

Anyhow, enough of the bad vibes. I would like to let you know that my 52 Weeks Money Challenge is still on! I am so happy kasi 3 months have passed and still, nakakaya ko pa din pigilan ang sarili ko to spend the money. Believe me, hindi ko talaga alam kung san ko ilalagay ang money. Up to now, nakalagay lang sya sa wallet ko, separated from our daily money pero sobrang daling hugutin kung gugustuhin.

Here's my 52 Weeks Money Challenge - Customized Version. Read my journey from months of January and February.

So far, I supposed to have P2,750 but I only have P2,640 at hand. Daryl borrowed P250 here so supposedly I have P2,890. What I did kasi was to add all of my extra money like yung profit ko sa panaka - nakang bumibili sa online shop pero since there are times na mejo naso short ang budget namin, nahihiram yung money pero I make sure na napapalitan naman. That was something I have to work on nga lang kasi mejo nakakawalang gana to continue the savings kapag nakikita mong nababawasan diba? I am planning to put it on my atm na lang kasi it is important din na madaling ma liquidize ang money in cases of emergency. (Tama ba yung liquidize?). This was the purpose naman ng money na ito eh, to save up for our emergency fund, although naka specify naman talaga kung anong mga emergency cases that I'll consider like, Sickness, Calamity and Unemployment.

For me, this challenge was a huge step forward from what I am capable of. Believe me, ubod ng gastadora talaga ako before so now that I am a Mom, I have changed for the better especially in saving money. I know it was small pero mas ok na din rather than starting really big tapos nganga naman in the end like what I had last year. Diba?!

Standby for further updates of 52WMC in the coming months =).

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  1. We didn't follow the 52 week money challenge and have our own money challenge instead. Mahirap talaga lalo na if your a mom. Sa min it's been a struggle but I am still glad kasi wala kameng utang kahit papano nakakasurvive. He He He



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