Thursday, April 30, 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge Monthly Report : April

Goodbye April and Hello May!!!

It has been 4 months now since I started my own 52 Weeks Money Challenge and I can't believe that I actually survived 4 months with it. I made my own template which I have shown on my previous post. That template as I said made it easy for an employee who's getting their salary twice every month.

I have struggled this month in building my 52WMC due to some confusion in my savings. I am actually trying to keep different savings for different purposes however, I got confused when I got them altogether. There was this time when I have used one savings to start up a small business which made me all confused.

Confusing kasi first time ko nga lang mag ipon diba tapos sabay-sabay pa so mainly, I have not established a good plan on how I'll save them so what I did, I used one of the savings as my capital on my direct selling business and then kept the money of 52WMC as it is so it would be easier for me to track it.

The other saving that I am talking about was now paikot-ikot as my capital including the profit. As much as I can have the profit being saved or used as a capital, ginagawa ko unless dumarating talaga ang petsa de peligro na kailangan kong humiram from it. I'll just make sure that it'll all paid up when my money came so instead of me borrowing money from someone else with or without tubo makes me feel a little secured. Little lang kasi it means, I am not budgeting the money well kaya kailangan ko pang mang hiram sa savings and it's profit. That's one thing that I have to keep an eye on.

Anyhow, I would say that the challenge is still on and that I am on track of it.

Here's the template,

I am more than halfway na from the first part. Yehey!!

Anyhow, I still have 8 months to work on. =)

Honestly, after I took this challenge seriously, It didn't feel so hard for me to allot a specific amount of money every payday. It broke the old habit that I have which really made me happy. Aside form this, I still have money away from this na naiipon and nag e earn ng dividend thru Coop dito sa office. =)

So how's your own version of 52WMC? Let me know!! =)

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