Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Reading with my Toddler

Couple of weeks ago, I am itching to buy a book for James. I wanted to establish a bedtime stories since I have read that it is a good bonding between a child and a parent at the same time, it would make them wants books. When I was a kid, I hate books. I don't read one. Kapag sa school kailangan magbasa, I am reading it pero walang pumapasok sa utak ko. It's as if I am reading it for the sake of reading but not comprehending what I was reading. The only time that I read a book was when I was a teenager na at ang binabasa ko pa was Precious Heart Romances na Pocket books. hahahaha! #batang90s.

With that, I wanted to have a different approach sa aking toddler. I want him to want books that way I didn't wanted it. I want him to be familiar with it and comprehend better. I actually don't have any idea kung anong magandang book for James. Gusto ko sana nga talaga yung Dr. Suess na book kaya lang, I can't find any sa Booksale here in Cash & Carry in Makati as well as in SM Southmall. Nauurat na nga ako sa kakahanap eh. I don't know kung wala ba talaga akong mahanap o hindi lang ako marunong maghanap. It's quite frustrating na. =(

One lunch time in the office, I wanted to visit the Makati Cinema Square since I have read online that there was a booksale branch there too. Unfortunately, the way in and out of Makati Cinema Square is traffic, I have to re-route and go to Cash & Carry instead. It's only a walking distance away from the office kaya I can manage the time well. Pwede ko kasing takbuhin lang in case male late na ako from lunch unlike mag jeep pa ako from office to MCS na sobrang traffic ng dadaanan.

I checked again on Booksale there but still, there were quite a few lang na hardbound books. I wanted a hard bound kasi I know James would just tear the page. Sayang naman diba? I can't find a nice book so I went to National bookstore instead. I roamed around and found books for toddlers pero I don't like the story. I mean, parang hindi interesting for James. Good thing, I found a book which was entitled, "The Cat Without A Meow" by Enid Blyton. It costs P100 and the other book was "Fluffy Chick" (bought after 2 weeks from the first book) with a touch feel something in front. The story was very short din. That one naman costs P50 only.

As soon as I show the book to James, he scanned every pages and he looked interested. That night, I was trying to read the book while we were lying down pero ayaw nya. He kept on taking the book away from me. Later on, I gave him a milk so while he's busy, I read the book to him. He was looking at the pictures all the time. I also made sounds like meow para mejo makatotohanan.

When I was finished reading the book, I closed it and said "the end". I kissed him goodnight and said that we will go to sleep na. Lights out and viola, he felt asleep.

Since then, I wanted it to become a routine na talaga. I want to have a bedtime story as our bonding time after I go to work and before I put him to bed. I want this thing to be scared that only me would read the book to him so he can associate the books to me only. Although there were times that his Dad would read his book for him. There was also this time during his afternoon nap na babasahan sya ng Daddy nya ng book then as soon as it finishes, he will face the other side na then will go to sleep. Although there were days na hindi pa talaga sya inaantok after reading the book, I make sure that the lights are off so he would know that we will all go to sleep na.

Weeks have passed and he has fully adjust with our new routine. There were mornings that he will just scan the book and would hear him blabber words as if he's also reading the book himself. There was this time pa when he was sitting down, holding and looking at the book, blabbering words then heard him say Waaaww.. waaaw (Meow.. Meow). I was so happy that he was trying to imitate how I read him his book. I also added how the horse sound and he's improving on it every single day. I can't be any happier about his development. I want to buy more books for him pa for him para may ibang choice. Just so he could live by it, I also bought books for myself. They are practical books so when I am done reading them, I will share my insights and what I have learned from them too. =)

Now let me show you my little bookworm.. =)

Busy reading his book.
Ooooppss.. Baliktad pala.. =)

Minsan, ineexplore din nya like this!
 Do you have any recent finds or any suggestion on which books to get for James next time? =)

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