Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fighting in front of a Toddler

Living in one roof with your long time partner was one of every girl's dream. You wanted to build a happy family with your love of your life. Great ideas, right? All good things possible, everything that you could think of that would make the relationship work, happy moments, bahay - bahayan.. Masaya lang.

In reality, it's not always happy. There were days that one of you feels down and the other won't understand. Assuming things work the way you wanted it to be then being mad at your husband or partner that it didn't turn out how you expected it. You consistently remind him na put everything back to it's place even the smallest things like toothbrush or toothpaste left everywhere.

Lately, Daryl and I were having a misunderstanding about random things. There was this time that he went home later than me where usually, we go home together. It was someone's birthday and he wants to have small chat with them. What I didn't like about it was, he didn't tell me ahead of time so I can also plan things for myself. Eh magkasama lang naman kami that morning before I went to work. That started the fight.. (very mababaw, I know).

We talked on the phone while he's on his way home and I was talking a little loud (maybe shouting). As soon as I hung up, I saw Jami's face a little worried that I am mad and kinda scared of what he just heard and saw.

Naguilty lang ako mga ateng! =(

I talked to him to minimize the worries he had by playing together. Then a little later, I got mad again since I remembered something that wasn't done yet so I called Daryl again and he said that he's in a nearby place na. When I hung up again, I saw Jami's face looked really, really sad while lying down looking at his car's spinning wheel.

Kinurot alng ang puso ko! =(

I was really sad too knowing that Jami can feel that his parents were fighting. I talked to him though he can't understand me yet. I asked if he doesn't want us fighting. I bet he doesn't want the idea of us shouting and fighting with each other. I remember the times when Daryl and I were joking around, doing wrestling then Jami saw us, shouted very, very loud looking really worried. Then we told him, we weren't fighting. We were just playing..

Looking back, I remember my parents whom I never saw fighting in front of me. I never heard them screaming or throwing things at each other. I never knew how they do things quietly but I can't remember any single moment that they fought. Then here I am, fighting with my partner in front of my toddler. I felt bad whenever I pictured out how Jami's face looked really sad. =(

I told my Mom officemate about what happened and she said that it's a good thing Jami is making himself involve when he see us (joking around looking like we're hurting each other but we weren't). That only means that we (Daryl and I) show a loving and happy environment that whenever Jami thinks we are fighting, he gets in the way. She said that if a toddler or a kid doesn't care if we fight or hurt each other, that means, the child sees us fight and hurt each other like a normal thing.

 Also, there were days that Jami would punch (very lightly) me or Daryl and we would tell him "no, it's bad". Pero minsan, I feel like trying na ipagtanggol din si Daryl for myself like "Don't punch Daddy, it's bad". In that way, I think, he would feel that Daryl and I cover each others ass in things like that, showing that we care, love and is protective of each other. =)

With that thought, I think I grew up a little bit. I told Daryl about what I felt and I know he too realized what I was trying to say. Never fight in front of kids. Practice what we preach and be a good person for Jami.

There were times that I want to make drama but Jami kept on laughing while we're home so I really can't do heavy drama sa bahay. Anyway, I just love it. It feels good that way that I don't have to do dramas before Daryl knew what I want to say. Jami makes my life easier.. I love it.

So there Mommies and Daddies. Never.Ever.Fight in front of your kids. Don't shout at each other when they're around. It affects their developments emotionally. Be careful.. =)

Friday, May 29, 2015

My Toddler's Vocabulary

There were days that Daryl and I can't believe that Jami is already a year and 7 months (19months). He can do a lot of things and everyday we get very surprised.

One of the things that I would like to commend and give emphasize is Jami's speech and vocabulary. He could say a lot of words and even uses one to two words to make it a sentence. He imitates sound, words - basically anything. 

Lately, I could hear him say "yilaw" refers to "Ilaw". Aside from his "Didiya" that refers to his milk, he could also clearly say..

1. Babuy (Baboy or Pig)
2. Miming (Swimming). You would often hear him say "Wooowwww... Miming!" whenever he sees water in the pail or when we pass by a river along Macapagal or in Coastal Road. 
3. Pay (Tinapay or Bread). 
4. Akay (slang ng Sakay or to ride). 
5. Buk (Book) 
6. Pisuwe (Piso or Coin) When you ask him to sing, he would sing "Pisuwe" with a tune. Hahaha! I don't know where he learned this.
7. Totot or Tot (Utot or Fart) Even dighay or burp, he would say totot.
8.  Yayon (Lion)
9. Yelow (color yellow)
10. Bibi (Baby)
11. Kiki Mamaws (refers to Mickey Mouse)

He could say people's name na madalas nyang nakakasama. From time to time, you could hear him say "bib, bib". That means babe. He could hear us (Daryl and I) call each other as "babe". He would call me "Bib" too.. So adorable! =)

Timely, Momcenter sent me my "Toddler Milestone" since I am subscribed with their news letters. They said that at 31 weeks, my child is at the age of accelerated period of expressive language development and soon expand his sentences to include three, four or even five words.  For some tips on how you can encourage your child to communicate, Click here and just select the appropriate age of your child and/or subscribed to their newsletter to automatically receive their articles. *not a sponsored post

Jami had some kababata over FMIL's community but most of them can't do or say things that Jami can. I am not trying to say that my child is advance and they are late. I know every child have their own personal time to develop on certain things and I am sure that other kids can do so much too than my child can't as of the moment. You can't blame naman siguro a first time parents being so proud of what their child have accomplished. I am.. I am so proud and happy and surprised and amazed. I thank God that he gave me my child, a wonderful, adorable and smart child. We were joking around to make Jami audition for television. Hahaha! :p

I can't contain the feeling of being proud because I thank God that He lets me witness his miracle of life and become a Mom to mold my own child. =)

Dear Jami,

It's been a long time that Mommy was not able to write for you here in the blog. I am so proud of you! Napakadaldal and bibo as your Lola said. I am so surprised that you can do and say things given your age, your Daddy found you really intelligent at sabi ko mana ka sakin. :p I will do all my best so you could be someone that is smart, down to earth and God-fearing. You're so beautiful, Anak and I thank the high heaven for making me your Mom. I love you so much baby and I pray that you would always be a good baby until you grow up. Mommy and Daddy loves you very much. =)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toddler's Outfit of the Day - Behind the scene

It was really funny that I was not thinking of doing #ootd shots for Jami. His clothes aren't that many plus we seldom go out that require a bonggang ootd. When we had the chance to attend a wedding, while Jami is restless and running here and there, I have decided to take an outfit of the day shot for him.


Ang hirap pala.. Hahaha! :p

I was making him look at me and stop for a nano second so it won't be blurry.



I was trying to call his attention.

Me: Jami..
Me: Picture, Jami Picture..
Me : Smile........

Deadma. To the highest level te!!

Anyway, here's some of the photos that I took while making him smile or even look decent in the photo.

Tops and jeans are hand me downs; Shoes from Toughkids
The last photo was the most appropriate photo, I guess? for an #ootd shots. Mejo lungkot lungkutan daw ang peg nya jan. Hihi! =)

Discovered Zomato

I was born a picky - eater. I am not fond of trying out food that I don't know or often see. Believe me, it's a pain in the ass and that I want to have a change of heart. It's a little tricky to be a foodie for someone who has a picky eater in blood pero I want to give it a try. I don't want to miss half of my life without trying out new things, especially food.

Anyway, I recently joined where people get to share their reviews and experiences in every restaurants that they have tried. I loved it as it would give me ideas to expect before trying out new restos. I am super excited to write more reviews moving forward. =)

You may follow me too.. Find me at

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding on a Saturday

Saturday supposed to be a very relax day for us after we visited the #ExpoMom, however, Daryl said he was asked to drive FMIL to a wedding since she'll be a Ninang. I was a bit worried to go because I know some weddings were meant to be intimate for family, relatives and friends. I just don't like the idea of going to a wedding na hindi ko naman kilala ang ikakasal. I don't want to feel that people are asking who am I to be there? Do i belong to any category - Family, Friends or Relatives? Hahaha. :p

Anyway, I decided to go since Daryl insisted din naman. It's weekend so the three of us should be together, wherever. We headed to FMIL's house after our impromptu visit at #ExpoMom2015 to pick her up and change our outfits. 

We arrived 30 minutes early so I still had some time to put make ups on. Seriously, I have to invest on make ups. Wala ako ni isang powder, foundation, or anything. I don't even know how to put eyeshadow on. Gosshhh!!! I don't want to go to the parlor naman kasi guest lang naman ako eh. I mean, there were times that my FMIL is invited to a wedding tapos sabit lang kami ni Daryl. Ayaw ko naman na mas maganda pa ako sa bride or sa mga abay! hahahah :p Charot! 

Mary Immaculate Church inside Betterliving Subd. Paranaque
 The weather that day was so humid. I can't stay outside dahil sa sobrang alinsangan ng panahon. I stayed inside the church because it's well ventilated naman. I just make sure to stay on the side at the back so I can be reach by the fan . 

I wasn't able to participate in the wedding ceremony since I am so busy chasing Jami. Salitan kami ni Daryl. Grabe it's so tiring I have to run around wearing a maxi dress in heels. Hahaha! :p

Jami getting bored inside the church
We tried our best to make him stay inside the church para mejo mahanginan at hindi pagpawisan ng sobra pero wala, nangungulit lang talaga and would like to run around. We let him stay outside endlessly running pero Daryl and I have to switch places from time to time. hayyy... 

Here's Jami's outfit of the day..

Tops and Jeans are hand me downs ; shoes from Tough Kids

Maxi dress borrowed from my sister :p
Aside from make ups, I guess I have to invest with these kind of dresses din. In cases like this kasi, yung biglaang formal gathering, wala akong maisuot. I don't want naman to wear my usual dresses in the office kasi it won't be memorable na diba? Anyway, I was so glad that my sister decided to lend me this dress. I found it really pretty!

Jami was so restless the whole time.. Pawis na pawis because of the weather and dahil na din sa kakatakbo. When he asked for his "Didiya", we placed him to my sister's stroller that we borrowed too :p

Moment of silence for Me and Daryl.. :p
As soon as the mass finished, we took the opportunity to take pictures of ourselves while waiting for the bride and the groom to go out. The reception is just beside the church so no biggie.

Jami doesn't want to get off the stroller naman..
Since the mass ended, I asked Jami na to get off the stroller so we could carry him inside the reception. However,

Me: Jami baba na. Down..
Jami: Akay.. Akay.. Akay..

Meaning, sasakay daw sya sa stroller. He loves to ride in anything na gumagalaw, I guess.. Hay baby.. you're so kulit! =)

Family photo op
We headed on to the reception after our photoshoot pero the place got crowded. Mejo maliit lang din kasi and the place was not airconditioned so Daryl and I have to go out during the buffet so Jami could run around while I eat, then vice versa. He can't get to sit for a second and he doesn't want to eat din.

Japanese inspired theme for their reception.
I love their table centerpiece.
The food was really great! I loved their fish fillet and the beef was good too. I forgot the name of the caterer, sorry :(

Anyway, that's what we had last weekend. I hope all of you will have a great week. =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Army Navy Glorietta

Just after we had our Impromptu visit to #ExpoMom2015, My sister invited us to eat at Army Navy. My niece immediately agreed since she wants burger instead of rice. I asked Daryl too and he said yes to it so if we go.

However, due to time constraint, Daryl and I decided to have take out na lang.

It wasn't my first time to eat in Army Navy. Back in the time when I was still working in Alabang, we were given the chance to eat out with the clients and they have chosen Army Navy too.

Honestly, I didn't enjoy the first time I tried their burgers but I liked the fries.

When I was told by my sister that we'll eat in Army Navy, I guess I have to give it another chance since it's been years since I last tasted their menu. Daryl likes to try food too, there's no question on that so surely, he would love to try.

Since we planned to take out our food, Jami and Daryl stayed outside while me and my sister ordered our food.

Freedom Fries for P75
Regular Burger for P175
We also ordered their house ice tea (no picture, ang hirap mag picture sa sasakyan. Haha!) and so far, both Daryl and I were happy with our purchase. I was surprise to like their burger this time compared to the first time I tried it. I just have to take the onions and tomato out (not a fan of veggies) and put it on Daryl's burger. :p

The service and location are okay. Food will arrive around 5 minutes from the time you ordered. The ambiance of the place is very simple lang din. Reminds me of burger place abroad. Sobrang simple at walang ka keme keme. =) I just found the dinning not well lighted or baka ganun lang din talaga ang intended.

Anyway, thanks to my sister who paid for our food :p I would love to order quesadilla or burritos din next time. Daryl also said na masarap din ang burger at nakakabusog. That's all he wants eh. Yung tipong mabigat sa tyan.. Alam nyo naman, kain construction worker yan. Hahah :p

Please disregard my malapad na face. :p

Army Navy 
Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Avenue, corner 
Makati Avenue, Metro Manila

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Secret? Bio-Oil

When I was pregnant with James, I wasn't worried about stretch marks. I was very careful not to scratch my tummy and even put a lotion when I was 3 to 4 months pregnant. I was so proud having a very makinis na tummy while my pregnancy is at peak.

I hit my 5th month and still proud. Whenever I go to sleep, I'll tuck my shirt into my shorts so in case that I'll unconsciously scratch my tummy, I would still have a cloth barrier to avoid the scratch. It seemed very effective..
no scratches/stretch marks until 5th month
 ...until my sister noticed that I am having an unnoticeable stretch marks in the puson part. I immediately checked it in the mirror and saw lines that are not visible. I was really sad knowing that I won't be able to wear bikinis anymore (I never got to wear one anyway, I always wear shorts :p).

While my tummy is getting bigger everyday, the stretch marks were getting darker, it even went red. Look at the photo below..

Hindi nyo nakita? I asked Daryl kasi to cover it with his hand eh hehehe. :p That part as to where his hand is placed is where the stretch marks are. I had the chance to put lotion on only until 4 months. I stopped it because I felt my tummy is so malagkit given that summer is at peak too during those days.

I have read online that stretch marks are also genetics so if your Mom had stretch marks, you are most likely to have too. Sadly, my mom had some pero hindi naman worse. There were certain parts lang. I too had the battle scar as I gave birth thru c-section so that completes the puson part to have stretchmarks and a scar. On the first few months of my post-partum body, I was really sad and I can't accept the fact that my beautiful and makinis na tummy is gone. I missed it so much, I want it back.

As time goes by, I learned to accept the fact that the battle scar and the stretch marks are all part of being a parent, being a mom to a very beautiful son. It's all worth it.. As of the moment., 19 months after I gave birth, the skin looked a little bit crumpled but stretchmarks turned white but visible. Although I am not able to wear two piece in the beach anymore, I am still glad that it wasn't the full tummy that was affected. I still have some part of it to flaunt :p

While searching for the best solution to lessen the visibility of my stretch marks, I went to some stores in the mall to check what's in store for me. There were a lot of them however, they're all expensive. I can't afford a lotion/cream for P700-900, way over my budget.

One time in the office, I was checking online and found a review about Bio-Oil. What caught my attention is the price, it was below P500 which I think I can spare for myself. My eldest sister bought one and used it. I asked her if it was effective and she said yes. 

How? She just gave birth less than 6 months ago to her fourth baby. Her tummy is a lot bigger compared to the three previous pregnancy she had. She said that she didn't acquire anymore stretch marks on her fourth pregnancy. She even let her eldest daughter to use it as she had some stretch marks on her butt area. 

Had I known this before, I should have given it a try which could have lessen the chance of my fully grown stretch marks. Anyway, I know it wasn't really late to use one since it can still can help improve the appearance of my existing stretch marks. 

I am so glad to give it a try and I think it would be a staple on my beauty regimen. =)

The Impromptu visit at the #ExpoMom2015

The Saturday that passed was a very busy one. It was really funny that some of the errand were not planned. As in it was a last minute decision. Anyway, it was fun naman so no biggie. =)

My sister and I talked about going to ExpoMom that was held in Glorietta Activity Center on May 22-24, 2015. It's honestly my first time to go there as I have not been much interested before. I am glad I went though I have not bought anything at all. We were supposed to be there when the mall opens at 10am however, I arrived at their house at 11am na since Jami and Daddy woke up late and I ate breakfast slowly that day as per Daddy! hahah. :p It also rained so it pushed back our time of going to Makati. Along the way, there has been a traffic along Edsa which made it a little worst leaving us a little time to roam around.

The entrance is free which was a plus making all Moms go in and chance upon some good finds. My sister said that her sister-in-law will be there too since they will be checking out some nursing tops. With that, I chance upon good dresses and tops that are very much trendy and useful for breastfeeding Moms. =)

We also chance upon Rica Peralejo. We were startruck since my sister and I are following her in instagram while my sister has been reading her blog. I was about to ask her for a photo pero na choke ako ng hiya eh hahaha!:p

Anyway, I saw so many beautiful things for infants below one year old that when I am given a chance to go back time, I'll get Jami some. I also found some new stores to stalk for Jami. I specifically like Tots N Toddlers. It wasn't my first time to see their website since my sister introduced me to them last year when I was looking for cute costumes for Jami.

My sister and her youngest, Sab! with a free sample for an exchange of registration. =)
 Anyway, I wasn't really able to check every booth since we have another errand to do. We were attending a wedding at 3pm so we only had a chance to be there for only 1 hour. Hayy.. I actually wanted to go back pa the next day, Sunday but Daryl was not around because FMIL asked him to drive for her somewhere.

I am sure a lot of Moms were very happy with the #ExpoMom2015 and their finds. Share your finds mothers! =)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Favorite Photo of the Week

I would like to make this thing weekly, yun bang pipili ako ng favorite bonding photo naming tatlo ni Jami, Daryl and I. I want to see how we spend each time every week and that would be like a flashback when I read this (or Jami would) in the future diba? =)

Anyway, I would like to start this..

How to massage Mommy's foot ba, Daddy?
Like this Daddy?
Oh!! ok, ganyan pala dapat! =)

The Monday that passed was really tiring for me. I don't know why pero parang pagod ako so I asked Daryl to massage my feet. Anyway, nag promise naman sya nung Sunday na ima massage daw nya ang feet ko ng 20 minutes pag pinayagan ko syang magbasketball. Eh nakalimutan ko ng i - claim after nyang mag laro ng basketball. I was so tired kasi after our little shopping sa SM Kids Fashion Sale in Mall of Asia.

I guess that Monday was the very best time to claim the "Mommy Prize" for letting him play. I was sooo happy!! I have a thing kasi with feet massage and sa mga reflexology eh. Hahahaah! :p I just figured it out when I was making this post honestly. =)

When Daryl was massaging me, he asked Jami to massage the other foot at sobrang game naman ng bagets!! I am so proud of my baby parang napaka advance ng pag iisip! =)

This post wasn't suppose to be this long pero pagpasensyahan nyo na kasi I have a thing with feet massage kaya I became happy seeing this photo! hahaha :p

Kayo? What's your favorite photo of the week?!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

SM Kids Fashion Sale Loot

I found out that SM Malls are having their SM Kids Fashion Sale in Mall of Asia two weekends ago.

From then on, I wanted to check SM Department store for a possible buy for James. I never bought him any clothes since his first birthday last year because most of his gifts were clothes (pang-bahay and pang-alis). That saved me a lot for not buying any stuff for him for a while. However, I noticed na paulit - ulit na ang shirts and shorts na sinusuot nya although it's a good thing kasi he can use everything while it fits him. you know naman that kids outgrow their clothes pretty fast. I just came up to the idea of buying him new clothes so he could wear something new naman. At the same time, whenever he attends a birthday party, he's only wearing shirts and shorts. I want to try different styles and designs of clothes while he's young. Alam ko kasi pagtanda nyan, wala na akong chance. :p

Anyhow, last Sunday, Daryl said we'll go to Mall of Asia before going back home to Las Pinas. We went to FMIL's house and stayed there for awhile.

7pm came pero we weren't leaving the house yet. Daryl was so busy, going out of the house and doing some basketball business with friends.

Me: (Pagalit) Aalis na kami ni Jami! Uuwi na kami kasi baka gabihin pa kami!
Daryl : Sorry na.. Tara punta na tayong mall..
Me: (Smiles secretly) Ok.. =)

Hahahahah! Ang dali lang talagang i bribe?!

When we had the chance, we went na to SM Department Store. I immediately went sa 3rd floor where their children's clothes are located. It's heaven there!! Daming magagandang stuff for little girls and boys!

Some items were 10%-50% off so mejo ninenerbyos ako ng slight knowing that they're on sale. Lumabas ang shoppingerang froglet na matagal - tagal ko ding tinago sa baul. I was going here and there, kung pwede lang i clone ko ang sarili ko para mas madami akong mapuntahan, ginawa ko na! Hahahaha! =)

My initial plan was to get Jami some shirts/polo, shorts/pants then shoes. I saw a cute rubber shoes kasi in Robinson's Las Pinas last Saturday for P300 and I like it for James kasi wala pa syang ganong style ng shoes pero sobrang pagod na daw ang mag -ama! Imagine? Wala pa kaming 1 hour sa mall, pagod na daw!!

Hayyy.... Men!

Anyway, here's what I got him.

Just Tees P125
BGS (Boys Got Style) P150
Tough Kids 199 each but 2 for P349
I looked for shorts/pants but it's out of the budget I have set for that item so I skipped that and decided to wait for a garage sale. Hahaha! :p If I can't find one there, I'll sure be back in SM to get that Mossimo shorts I am eyeing for. =)

Look at that! The little boy is enjoying his new kicks! Whenever I say, "get your shoes na!".. Kukunin na nya agad yan! Hahaha :p

The SM Kids Fashion Sale is until May 31, 2015. We still have plenty of time to go back! =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Road Accident in Coastal Road

Yesterday, we were on our way going to office running really, really late for work! We were about to make it na sana until we were stuck in traffic for more likely around 20 minutes!!

I was so mad!!


Maiyak - iyak ako kasi I was late the other day kaya I don't want to incur another late on 2 consecutive days!!!

Anyway, I thought it was because of the traffic in Coastal Mall. There has been an ongoing construction of Naia Expressway there and most often than not, it causes traffic everywhere in that area including coastal road. I was about to cry na talaga when we passed this..


I can't believe my eyes! It looked terrible and I wonder what happened to those na nakasakay sa jeep! Sobrang durog talaga ang sasakyan and the bubong was removed din!!

There pasahero were no longer in the area probably this happened ahead of us. We were there aroung 12:45noon and I think this happened around 12 noon or earlier. I was really scared talaga thinking that I ride the same jeep and bus going the same route everyday and yet I am here, alive and kicking!

I can't help but be thankful to God for keeping me safe and away from road accidents. I am so blessed to still wake up healthy and with my family. I hope everyone who got involve in the accident were all doing good. I haven't heard the news yet but I was told that it was broadcasted nationwide.

Let's all be thankful for our everyday blessings that we often forget - that's waking up and having a wonderful day ahead..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ExpoMom 2015 on May 22-24, 2015

Hi guys!!

Just sharing with you the Expo Mom 2015 happening this weekend at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive Makati on May 22-24, 2015.

They have more than 50 booths at #ExpoMom2015.. Here are the list of the participating stores and media partners :

For those Moms who are free this coming weekend, go to #ExpoMom2015 as they have a lot in store for you!!

You can get this Limited Edition ExpoMom #MomManifesto canvas tote for free for Mommy Mundo Passport Holders at ExpoMom or for those who donate a minimum of P100 to their #MomShare which will go to their beneficiary, Childhope Asia.

For more info, visit

Mommy Jen Finds: My First Ever Garage Sale Loot

Couple of weeks ago, one of the apartment has been vacated. There has been major renovation on that unit including adding tiles. I was thinking if the owner of the house would like to have tiles on other units as well once vacated but then found out that it was the new people who rent the unit that wants the house to have tiles. They have paid for the renovation and have it deducted on their monthly dues.

I then figured out that new family has two little kids, both boys so Jami has a new playmate.

Later on, I saw them having a garage sale near our compound's gate. I didn't really like to check on their clothes thinking that it wasn't that pretty tapos the Mommy pa was smaller than me, although we have the same figure - Mommy sexy. :p Back in my dalaga days, takbuhan ko talaga ang malls sa mga clothes. I want brand new beautiful clothes. My mom would get me clothes from ukay-ukay from time to time pero I don't wear them too often depende na lang kung in talaga ang style.

Oo na, ako na ang maarte! Hahaha. But that was back in the day. =)

Anyway, last weekend, they still have their garage sale on a hot sunny day so before we went to the mall, I have decided to check their stuff. Moving on, I finally got hook with garage sale.. Nakakaadik sobra, I was checking our gate kung may garage sale pa. Hahah! =)

Here's what I got.

burberry (original daw) P20
Top for P20
Tube top P10
Sando P10
 I like these tops!! The fabric is still nice and are in good condition. I can't resist paying the price for these, I guess I saved some few bucks with these. :p The Burberry is perfect for dress down days here in the office. The fabric looks a little used na pero ok pa naman. The sheer top was a good find, sakto lang sakin and I like these kind of tops in some days, perfect for summer. The tube top and the sando have purpose too. I like to wear those kinds of tops during lazy days. =)

I also got some stuff for Jami..

Tops for P20
All socks for P15, pillow cover P5
Shoes P50 ; Caps P10 buy one take one
Book for P10
I spent only P190 for all these good finds and I can't believe it! Sobrang addicting lang knowing na these stuff as as good as brand new pa. :p

I loved the shirts that I got for Jami. They are in a very good condition na parang once or twice lang nagamit. The Mom said na once mahanap nya yung shorts ng sporty top, bibigay nya sakin :p The shoes is a lot bigger for Jami pero I bought it kasi it looks brand new pa. I know sooner or later his feet will be that big na so better prepared than not. =) The book was a good find too, nakapila na yan sa mga babasahin ko. I got those socks din so I won't have to buy him new socks and briefs for so many months. I have been wanting to buy him one pero laging nakakalimutan kong isama sa budget so it's a good thing that I saw those socks so he has something to use for the meantime.

I told the Mom pala na if she has old nice shorts or pants from his two kids, let me know so I can have a look din. Gosh! I am telling you, it's so addicting. She has some nice wedge and shoes din pero the size doesn't fit me. She's size 6 and I am 8. =(

So that's what I have for my first garage sale experience. =)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jami was sick: Acute Tonsilopharingitis

Jami had fever last Wednesday. =(

I was so surprise to receive a text message and some calls from Daryl that he was sick. He was totally fine before I go to work. What I can't understand was, he doesn't have a cough nor colds that might trigger his fever so it doubled my worry. I wished it wasn't dengue.

His Dad had a hard time making him drink paracetamol. Maawain kasi yun si Daryl and he doesn't want to see Jami crying which I totally disagree. I mean, He's more kawawa kapag hindi sya nakainom ng gamot at lumala ang sakit diba? That's what I have been telling Daryl.

Anyhow, when we came home that night, he was fine naman. Until he had fever again before the medicine lapse. I had to be awake that night since he's having a hard time sleeping. He's very hot, around 38.5 degrees Celsius. I had to wipe him with wet towel from time to time so to release the heat, although he doesn't like it, I have to do it so he'll feel better. He's crying from time to time for a reason I can't understand. I don't know kung may masakit ba sa kanya or what. I don't have an idea. He's fever will go down for a bit then would spike up again before the medicine lapse.

Grumpy little baby!
The next day, I took him to Nanay to look after him while I go to work. When I got home, I was told that his fever was the same, going down after his meds took effect then will spike back up. He had loss his appetite already. I could tell kasi his milk intake has been lessen from 7oz to 5oz or less. He doesn't eat a lot of table food so he relies on his milk most of the time. Showing no signs of anything that causes the fever, I have decided na to bring him to his pedia.

I took a day off work on Friday payday. Mejo na stress ako ng slight because I was told that his HMO enrollment has expired. I somewhat expected that since the company who provides the HMO had a change of their entity name. The staff was good enough to call the HMO hotline as I explained the situation. However, I was told naman na hindi na nai enroll ng company ang dependent ko which got me a little upset since I am paying a full premium for Jami's HMO consistently (salary deduction). Kung hindi ko lang hinahabol ang schedule ng doctor, I would have talked to the HMO representative on the phone.

Jami was so hard to convince to sit down. Somehow, na trauma din sya seeing his doctor. Akala nya kasi vaccine day lagi. Hahaha! :p

I was told that Jami had an Acute Tonsilopharingitis. As per his pedia, he has a lot of nana on his lalamunan when she checked it. It was a really long term and I can't read the findings anymore if it's correct due to doctors hand writing. Hahah! He was given an antibiotic since it's bacteria ang nag cause ng tonsilitis nya. We just have to give him paracetamol when he still get fever then go back to his clinic by Tuesday if the fever didn't go away. there could be another cause aside from Tonsilopharingitis.

He was so tamlay during the time that he's sick and sobra kung makakapit. The last time he had a fever was 1am on Friday and when we brought him to doctor's clinc, 37.6 celcius his temp. Though wala ng mataas na lagnat, Ayaw pa rin magpababa and maya't maya ang iyak. Pedia's advice was to make sure he drinks a lot of water. Good thing lang na he's asking for water kapag nauuhaw sya. The doctor said that we could give him cold water as it helps to numb the throat making it less painful to swallow. In fairness naman talaga kay Jami, he drinks water very well. "

Jami: Ater, Ater, Ater.

That means, water daw! So I have to give him water na. He also drinks on a cup like a pro. He also recognize kapag water or juice/softdrinks ang laman ng baso. He would still say "Ater" kahit pointing on a juice or softdrink. I am just making sure that his cold drinks are being monitored and that he's only given sweet drinks for only 6-8oz a day, as his pedia's advice.

Since after his visit to his doctor, he didn't have fever na although his milk intake is slowly decreasing pa including his appetite for table food. Until today, he's definitely feeling well, nakapag mall na nga yan after his check up :p