Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Army Navy Glorietta

Just after we had our Impromptu visit to #ExpoMom2015, My sister invited us to eat at Army Navy. My niece immediately agreed since she wants burger instead of rice. I asked Daryl too and he said yes to it so if we go.

However, due to time constraint, Daryl and I decided to have take out na lang.

It wasn't my first time to eat in Army Navy. Back in the time when I was still working in Alabang, we were given the chance to eat out with the clients and they have chosen Army Navy too.

Honestly, I didn't enjoy the first time I tried their burgers but I liked the fries.

When I was told by my sister that we'll eat in Army Navy, I guess I have to give it another chance since it's been years since I last tasted their menu. Daryl likes to try food too, there's no question on that so surely, he would love to try.

Since we planned to take out our food, Jami and Daryl stayed outside while me and my sister ordered our food.

Freedom Fries for P75
Regular Burger for P175
We also ordered their house ice tea (no picture, ang hirap mag picture sa sasakyan. Haha!) and so far, both Daryl and I were happy with our purchase. I was surprise to like their burger this time compared to the first time I tried it. I just have to take the onions and tomato out (not a fan of veggies) and put it on Daryl's burger. :p

The service and location are okay. Food will arrive around 5 minutes from the time you ordered. The ambiance of the place is very simple lang din. Reminds me of burger place abroad. Sobrang simple at walang ka keme keme. =) I just found the dinning not well lighted or baka ganun lang din talaga ang intended.

Anyway, thanks to my sister who paid for our food :p I would love to order quesadilla or burritos din next time. Daryl also said na masarap din ang burger at nakakabusog. That's all he wants eh. Yung tipong mabigat sa tyan.. Alam nyo naman, kain construction worker yan. Hahah :p

Please disregard my malapad na face. :p

Army Navy 
Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Avenue, corner 
Makati Avenue, Metro Manila


  1. Malapit ng mag open ung new army navy dito sa Eastwood!



    1. Wow, for sure it will be added sa mga ita try mong restos hehe


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