Monday, May 4, 2015

First Sunday of the Month

After I had the Realization on Living together that I posted a while ago, we decided to pack things up and go to our scheduled vaccine for Jami. We left our house by 5:30pm so we can catch the doctor before it's out at 6pm. I received a call na din that the doctor is about to leave na because her son is crying non-stop. Good thing, malapit lang kami sa clinic so the doctor waited for us na lang. =)

When we got there, Jami who just woke up, felt na it's time for his vaccine so when I was carrying him near the doctor, pumapalag na. I was planning to take pictures sana during his time for vaccine pero we have to make him lie down. From there I saw his face very scared sa mga susunod na mangyayari. Hahaha. I know he can tell kung anong gagawin sa kanya so we have to hold him down, Daryl on his upper body and I on the thighs. James was so strong he could still move eh.

Poor baby.. Iyak ng iyak but as soon as I carried him, ok na sya and he stopped crying. I get so worried na tuloy since we have more vaccine session to follow pa.. Yay!

Anyway, as soon as we were finished in the clinic, we have decided to walk our way to SM Southmall. It was very near lang naman although Daddy got tired and had an aching biceps from carrying Jami all along. Hehehe. We didn't bring his stroller because it's very bulky and it would be very hard for us to commute back and forth.

We decided to eat first in Greenwich since Daddy wants to eat something heavy. Construction worker levelz kasi ang kain ni Daryl kaya we have to eat somewhere na may rice. We were very lucky to find a seat since the store was very small lang with the amount of people na gustong kumain.

While waiting for our food. Jami can't sit still for a second.

Can't take a decent photo. He wants to be all over the place.

I soo love this photos of us. Jami was so game in taking pictures at this moment. I also love the sofa. =)
Looks like he wants to stab Mommy with the fork! =)
After the photo op, the food arrived!!

Jami loved the Beefy Baked Mac of Greenwich along with the Garlic Bread. I was surprised he ate the bread. I thought he won't like it. Anyway, it tastes good naman talaga malasa kasi kaya na enjoy nya. He also ate the pizza. Jami loves pasta more than rice. I don't panic naman kasi the doctor said as long as he eats other carbs, like pastas and bread.. there's nothing to worry about naman. Although it would be great din kung malakas sya mag rice. Any recommendations, Mommies?

He likes his rice with sabaw ng nilaga. He calls rice as "Baw" probably because we often tell him, "Sabaw oh, sabaw" na may rice.. hehe. =)

One proud Mommy! The baby boy can eat (messily) on his own. =)
After our merienda/dinner over at Greenwich, we went to the grocery to buy him milk and a toothbrush. Sira na kasi yung brushes ng toothbrush nya kakakagat nya. I bought the same one that he had before which I'll show you next time. =)

Before we go home, we went to Amber since I am craving with their spaghetti and Pichi-pichi with cheese. Amber is in front of SM Southmall, Las Pinas. We were the only ones sa store probably because it's near their closing time so Jami had all the place to run around.

As soon as we got home, we watched a movie in DVD while we eat our dinner (which Jami ate a lot of spaghetti). For our desserts, I had the Pichi-pichi and these..

It was a red velvet and a chocolate crinkles from Sabbie's Jar. Each tub costs P75 which is kind of expensive pero masarap naman talaga. Daddy wants the chocolate crinkles better and finished almost the whole tab that night. While I, loved the red velvet since I am a sucker for one. =)

I hope I could make those crinkles din on my own since Jami loves them too.. I think it would be a lot cheaper if I'll make one. Hmmm.. Soon, when I have the chance to buy an oven. =)

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