Monday, May 18, 2015

Jami was sick: Acute Tonsilopharingitis

Jami had fever last Wednesday. =(

I was so surprise to receive a text message and some calls from Daryl that he was sick. He was totally fine before I go to work. What I can't understand was, he doesn't have a cough nor colds that might trigger his fever so it doubled my worry. I wished it wasn't dengue.

His Dad had a hard time making him drink paracetamol. Maawain kasi yun si Daryl and he doesn't want to see Jami crying which I totally disagree. I mean, He's more kawawa kapag hindi sya nakainom ng gamot at lumala ang sakit diba? That's what I have been telling Daryl.

Anyhow, when we came home that night, he was fine naman. Until he had fever again before the medicine lapse. I had to be awake that night since he's having a hard time sleeping. He's very hot, around 38.5 degrees Celsius. I had to wipe him with wet towel from time to time so to release the heat, although he doesn't like it, I have to do it so he'll feel better. He's crying from time to time for a reason I can't understand. I don't know kung may masakit ba sa kanya or what. I don't have an idea. He's fever will go down for a bit then would spike up again before the medicine lapse.

Grumpy little baby!
The next day, I took him to Nanay to look after him while I go to work. When I got home, I was told that his fever was the same, going down after his meds took effect then will spike back up. He had loss his appetite already. I could tell kasi his milk intake has been lessen from 7oz to 5oz or less. He doesn't eat a lot of table food so he relies on his milk most of the time. Showing no signs of anything that causes the fever, I have decided na to bring him to his pedia.

I took a day off work on Friday payday. Mejo na stress ako ng slight because I was told that his HMO enrollment has expired. I somewhat expected that since the company who provides the HMO had a change of their entity name. The staff was good enough to call the HMO hotline as I explained the situation. However, I was told naman na hindi na nai enroll ng company ang dependent ko which got me a little upset since I am paying a full premium for Jami's HMO consistently (salary deduction). Kung hindi ko lang hinahabol ang schedule ng doctor, I would have talked to the HMO representative on the phone.

Jami was so hard to convince to sit down. Somehow, na trauma din sya seeing his doctor. Akala nya kasi vaccine day lagi. Hahaha! :p

I was told that Jami had an Acute Tonsilopharingitis. As per his pedia, he has a lot of nana on his lalamunan when she checked it. It was a really long term and I can't read the findings anymore if it's correct due to doctors hand writing. Hahah! He was given an antibiotic since it's bacteria ang nag cause ng tonsilitis nya. We just have to give him paracetamol when he still get fever then go back to his clinic by Tuesday if the fever didn't go away. there could be another cause aside from Tonsilopharingitis.

He was so tamlay during the time that he's sick and sobra kung makakapit. The last time he had a fever was 1am on Friday and when we brought him to doctor's clinc, 37.6 celcius his temp. Though wala ng mataas na lagnat, Ayaw pa rin magpababa and maya't maya ang iyak. Pedia's advice was to make sure he drinks a lot of water. Good thing lang na he's asking for water kapag nauuhaw sya. The doctor said that we could give him cold water as it helps to numb the throat making it less painful to swallow. In fairness naman talaga kay Jami, he drinks water very well. "

Jami: Ater, Ater, Ater.

That means, water daw! So I have to give him water na. He also drinks on a cup like a pro. He also recognize kapag water or juice/softdrinks ang laman ng baso. He would still say "Ater" kahit pointing on a juice or softdrink. I am just making sure that his cold drinks are being monitored and that he's only given sweet drinks for only 6-8oz a day, as his pedia's advice.

Since after his visit to his doctor, he didn't have fever na although his milk intake is slowly decreasing pa including his appetite for table food. Until today, he's definitely feeling well, nakapag mall na nga yan after his check up :p


  1. What is your HMO card sis? I am still planning to enroll my twins kasi malaking tulong yan although sometimes hassle sa paghihintay ng pag approve lalo na kapag hndi madaling tawagan ung hotline nila. At mahirap humanap ng accredited na dentist depends on the card. I hope your boy is feeling well. Ako kapag nagkakasakit isang kambal ko for sure sunod na yung isa so mahirap talaga.


    1. Gosh! I can't imagine how you feel kapag nagkakasakit ang twins mo! Ako nga lang na mag isa eh ngarag na.. yung dalawa pa kaya!

      I enrolled my son sa HMO ng company where I work. I just have to pay the premium every payday (around 1,500 a month). i just don;t know kung may corporate discount ba yun kaya 1,500 lang pero I checked before and found na halos same lang din naman ang price kapag nag enroll ka without a company. Check mo sis, madaming HMO jan.. I have cocolife anyway.


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