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Laiya Coco Grove Day Tour 2015

Last weekend, My side of the family planned for a weekend day tour in Batangas. The last time we had this was on 2009 pa. They had another outing in 2010 pero hindi ako nakasama kasi kasabay naman ng outing nila Daryl with his friends.

It was my eldest sis who planned the itinerary. After some deliberations thru facebook, we have decided to push through with Laiya Coco Grove. Days before the outing, I have searched online about the resort and found na okay ang mga reviews. I got excited kasi after 2 years, ngayon na lang ulit ako makakatungtong sa white sand with white beach.. Wooohoooo!! =)

We were leaving at around 5 in the morning since day tour lang so we can maximize the time in the resort. It would take at least 3 hours to get to Laiya, San Juan so exact lang ang depart namin from Las Pinas to Batangas.

I have to wait for Jami to sleep before I could pack our things.

Kung hindi, malamang kung saan saan ko na hahagilapin yang mga gamit na yan.

I arranged our things on an overnight bag, Jami's baby bag and another shoulder bag for me.

Since we will be using my sister's van, hindi na mahirap kung mejo madami kaming bag compared kapag nag commute diba? I didn't had trouble waking Jami up even it's not his usual gising pa kasi I carried him then he woke up on his own when he heard his cousins around.

We left our house at 5am. We went straight to my sister's in-laws house to pick them up then we hit the road. Mejo hassle lang kasi the driver went on different friendship route pa na paliko - liko which lead to one of my niece's to throw up agad - agad. hahaha! Aside from that, we took the long road instead na mag short cut. We took a wrong exit in SLEX instead na sa Lipa sana which could have save us some time.

My sister, BIL and his sister and hubby arrived an hour early on our meeting place than us, thinking that they left an hour later. We had our first stop after a very long drive at Jollibee Lipa for a breakfast.

One thing I have realized is that Jami doesn't want to be seated anywhere or with anyone else but me.

Grabe sobrang sakit ng pwet ko sa pagkakaupo. Parang lahat na ng muscles sa tumbong ko ay nagamit.

We had troubles ordering with Jollibee din kasi nagkalituhan na sa orders which wasn't a big deal naman na. It took us an hour and a half siguro before we reached Laiya Coco Grove.

Mejo mabagal din kasi mag drive ang driver ng van. Hehehe.

We arrived around 10am na which we felt na sayang ang oras because we are only until 5pm to roam and have fun so while waiting for our reservations to be confirmed, panay na ang tanaw namin ng dagat at pool. Hehe #excited

My sister managed everything - reservations, checking in and all. Kudos to her it was a breeze for everybody. We were given a welcome drink which tasted like guava juice and I think somehow cooled us down after the long road trip.

After approximately 5-10 minutes, we were ushered to the room that my sister reserved for her 5 month old baby. Sobrang init kasi so it would be very convenient for her to have a room with AC where her baby can stay. Since we are all 17 adults I think, not including the kids, we have decided to stay na lang sa free cabana. Mostly my side of the family stayed out since kami yung mas marami while my sister's in - laws stayed sa room.

We were given a spot super near to their pool and to the beach. What I liked about it is that nature na nature ang dating ng spot namin. The trees became our shield to the super duper hot rays of the sun.

Our spot for the duration of our stay
The view of the beach from our spot unfortunately, hindi daw maganda kasi muddy ang seabed.
View of the pool from our spot
 I was kind of happy with our place in the resort kasi hindi mainit dahil sa mga natural shed from those tall trees. It gets kind of windy din somehow. If I don't have a little tot to worry about, I am sure aantukin ako sa lugar na ito. Ang sarap maglagay ng duyan between trees. =)

Going back, when we were settled down, we immediately dipped into the pool. Wala ng pa kyeme, ligo kung ligo. Given that we felt really tired and jabar na jabar sa byahe, iniligo na lang namin ang lahat. Besides, we were thinking na ilang oras na lang kami sa escape na ito.

Honestly, from this point on, wala kaming pictures of us having fun in the pool. No one bothered to take photos of us talaga. Hahaha! Everyone is busy enjoying the water during that very hot day.

James loved the pool. I had him stay on the kiddie part of the pool which is around his chest. He loves it so much, nakatayo at nakakapit lang on the side pero sobrang happy nya. We brought him sa malalim and tried putting in a vest pero he doesn't like it. Sobrang laki kasi ng vest for him so he cries whenever we put the vest on. Daryl and I opted to carry him all along. Anyway, hindi naman ramdam ang 13kilos weight nya in the water. We also tried to teach him how to kick and he knows it pero hindi kayang lumutang. Hehehe.

I was thinking to enroll him on a swimming course pag mejo kaya na ng budget. I looked around kasi and it costs P5,000 depende sa kung saan ihe held ang course eh.

When lunch time came, we were called na to go to resort's dinning area as their buffet is now open. They served 2 course of ulam, 1 assorted veggie, fish fillet, plain rice and Buko Juice. They also have a gelatin with fruit cocktail for dessert (I don't know what it's called. Heheh). The food was good naman. I enjoyed the buko juice as well but not the dessert parang ang asim kasi due to the fruit cocktail.

We took a rest for a while then we decided to visit the white beach daw. That's where people go swimming on the beach kasi mas ok ang water and all. I just thought na white beach ang harap ng resort and that we can swim there all day. Yun kasi ang naimagine ko. You can also swim din naman sa beach nila however brown ang sand and my siblings said na mejo malambot daw yung ilalim ng dagat. I don't know exactly because I didn't bother swimming in there. Maybe they were trying to tell na muddy sya? You figure it out na lang ha?! =)

White beach tour will be on a different post na lang mga bakla ha? My sister has not uploaded any photos pa kasi during our stay there.

Anyway, the resort stands for its name talaga.. There are a lot of Coconut Trees around which I really loved. =)

They have a mini playground for the kids at the back of that trampoline.

After our short stay sa "white beach", I and James took a shower na. It's around 4pm na din kasi and I want to be ready to leave before it's time. Alam mo naman pag may kids, I have to think about my tots too unlike when I was a single pa. I can swim all day without worry.

We headed again to their dine area for our merienda. They served turon which was really yummy and a pancit bihon which was ok din. In fairness naman sa food, hindi ka na din naman talo. =)

There was this time pa when James fell sa stairs ng isa sa mga tree house dun. He wants to climb up there kaya lang may mga naka occupy that time so pinababa ko. I let him go down on his own and on his last step, he thought na mababa lang ang step, ayun.. nag cross ang feet nya and natumba. Too late for me and Daryl to catch. =( Buti na lang, hindi naman nasugatan ng bongga.

It might be a very short trip for our family but it was so sulit. I hope we could spend a night somewhere next summer. =) We are actually planning for more trips moving forward. =)

By the way, We took advantage of their day tour offer which costs P1,250/head which includes buffet breakfast and snack. P660/head for child and free for infants and tots.

Laiya Coco Grove
San Juan-Laiya Rd., San Juan, Batangas, Philippines


  1. I miss the beach too! Kelan kaya kami makakapunta ng mga kiddos?


  2. You should hit the beach soon!! Very worth it seeing your twins.. =)

  3. magkano po rates nila sa day tour?

    1. Hi Rinaja, 1,250/head including buffet breakfast and snack. P660/head for child and free for infants and toddlers. Wala pong room yan. Anyway this post was back in 2015 so baka may changes on their rate na.


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