Monday, May 11, 2015

Mommy Jen Finds: Daiso Japan

The Saturday that passed is a busy one.

I woke up around 6:30am which is unusual kasi alam nyo naman na I am not a morning person.

Couple of months ago, I figured out that Jami no longer drinks his milk in the middle of the night. He would stuff himself with his milk before bedtime then would wake up and cry at 6am onwards.

Jami: Huhuhuhu!! Didiya!!! Huhuhuhu

Yes.., that's his version of "Dede" or Milk. I don't know where he learned that but that's how he named his needs of milk. It was funny kasi we often say.. "Dede na?" Pero ang equivalent sa kanya is "Didiya".

Anyhow, I woke up really early because he's asking for Didiya and I have to go out of our room para kunin ang milk. Usually, babalik tulog ako pero that time, I was wide awake, so I decided na mag punta na lang sa wet market to buy food for lunch. I'll be blogging about what I cooked separately. =)

Before sunset, Jami and I headed to Tita Fraulene's house so we can get my new baby! (I'll show it to you soon!!). However, they went to the grocery so we have decided to go home na lang after getting my new stuff.

Ok fine, we didn't really go home agad. I have decided to check out the Daiso Japan in Robinson's Las Pinas. I saw it one time when we had our grocery pero hindi ko na napasok because we were in a hurry. It was on the second level and the grocery is on the ground floor kaya walang chance na makita ko! Hahah.

I went there and was surprised to see na mejo malaki ang store.They have a lot in store for us guys!!! It was heaven going there!! I want to buy more cute stuff pero nagpigil ako! hehehe. =)

From cosmetics, party needs, imported snacks, home decors and kitchen wares, car accessories and may more. I want to go back there to buy some stuff for the house because I need to get serious in organizing our things. It so makalat and the house looked so small na (literally small). I want to create an illusion that our house is a little bigger. Disclamer: I am no expert in interior designing so please bear with me. Haha. :p

Daiso Japan
2nd level, Robinson Place Las Pinas
Alabang - Zapote Road, Las Pinas


  1. I love Daiso! I always go here if I don't know what to give to someone He He He. Plus items are affordable.


    1. I agree.. Balak ko bumalik ulit pag may budget na! Hehe. =)


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